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The second grooming product made in collaboration between the famous manufacturer of grooming accessories Baxter of California and Canadian-based lifestyle brand Base Camp X, the Cut-Throat Razor features a handsome Appalachian Hickory wood handle that draws on the design of the renowned Base Camp X Axe. Horror: The collection of 100 artworks was created byA Jewish prisoners from various concentration camps, labour camps and ghettos.
The 100 artworks going on display were made Jewish prisoners from different concentration camps, labour camps and ghettos.
Past: Exactly 71 years ago on January 27 1945, the Soviet Red Army reached the main human slaughterhouse of the Third Reich. Wartime: The ink drawing 'Festival Prayer' by artist Felix Bloch, which he painted in the Theresienstadt ghetto during World War II, is displayedA in the exhibition in the museum on Berlin's Unter den Linden'In an uncompromising act of defiance, these artists drew and painted at the risk of their lives.
Bleak: All 100 of the paintings and sketches on display were loaned by Yad Vashem, Israel's memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe. Escape: When the Soviet Red Army arrived at the camp, they discovered the skeletal forced labour prisoners being kept alive on starvation rations by their Nazi masters to assist in the mass murder process.
Savage: The exhibition will be open to the general public on Tuesday - one day before World Holocaust Day.

Nightmare: The curators of the exhibition praised the works as demonstrating the strength of the human spirit against adversity.
Hidden: The exhibition not only explains how the art was made, but how it survived the Nazis to speak to new generations.
Soul: One of the most famous Holocaust artworks on display is the painting 'Camp Synagogue In Saint-Cyprien' (pictured) by Felix Nussbaum, which he painted in Brussels in 1941. Once cut and shaped by hand in the BCX Toronto studio, the handle of the Baxter Base Camp X Cut-Throat Razor is carefully sanded to achieve supreme smoothness and then covered with multiple finishing coats to produce a moisture-resistant deep black surface with silky polish. With Baxter Base Camp X Cut-Throat Razor, your shaving routines will become a child’s play, painless and sore-free. He died in Auschwitz on August 9 1944Felix Nussbaum's haunting 'The Refugee,' painted in 1939, is one of the more famous Holocaust artworks on display. Well, then, you’ll be glad to know that you no longer need to put yourself through that agonizing scraping routine, using run-off-the-mill blade sets that leave your skin sore and blood-speckled: when it comes to shaving, there’s nothing like a straight shave with a high-quality cut-throat razor. The works are divided into exhibition themes, ranging from portraits through the everyday cruelty in the camps.

He was moved to the Lodz Ghetto then in 1944 transported to Auschwitz.Kowner belonged to small group of Jewish artists from Lodz who survived the German occupation. He died on August 9 1944 in Auschwitz.That the exhibition came about is largely due to the efforts of the Foundation for Art and Culture in Bonn. And now, with Baxter Base Camp X Cut-Throat Razor fresh on the grooming product market, your morning shave is bound to become a genuine pleasure instead of an obnoxious have-to. After the World War II he travelled to Sweden when after a period of convalescence he became a teacher of fine arts and died there in 1967. On the initiative of its management board, the editor of Germany's best selling Bild newspaper, Kai Diekmann, travelled with Walter Smerling, the chairman of the association board, last year to Israel to negotiate the release of the pictures.'I was very moved,' recalled Smerling. This is the soul we are portraying.'Other works on display are Ben Schmidt's 'Evacuation of the Ghetto of Kovno' and Josef Schlesinger's 'Nahum Mecks Execution'.

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