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The 1988 sequel is an unusual movie in that its production was halted about two thirds into the shooting schedule of the film. Seen briefly, some of the Soviet Soldiers carry the milled receiver AKS-47 underfolder rifle, the predecessor to the AKMS. Mousa (Sasson Gabai) fires his Type 56-1 rifle to save Rambo from a charging Soviet soldier.
Soviet tanker crews getting mowed down by Rambo, all wielding AMD-65s with the Israeli BFAs.
AKS-74s were seen used in the film, mocked up from AKMS underfolder rifles - The real AKS-74 assault rifle (5.45x39mm) is a side folding rifle.
Colonel Zaysen (Marc de Jonge) gets ready to grab a fake AKS-74 (mocked up from an AKMS) to fire at a fleeing helicopter. Spetsnaz commandos ride back towards the camp on armored vehicles, all carrying the fake AKS-74 rifles.
In actuality there are no clear examples of the SMLE (No 1 Mk III) in the movie, however it is very possible that they were used in the mass scenes of horsemen. It is possible that some horsemen carry the Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk III*, which would be historically accurate. A man is seen with a No.4 Mk 1 rifle slung over his right shoulder in the Arms bazaar in Peshawar, Pakistan. In a deleted scene, Rambo takes aim with the SVD rifle as Trautman (Richard Crenna) spots for him. Colonel Zaysen's PM-63 is cocked back, ready to fire, evident by the cocking shroud being level with the barrel tip. Rambo ducks past another FN MAG (with a fake barrel extension) mounted to the turret of the faked T-72 tank. Rambo runs past another FN MAG-58 (with a fake barrel extension) mounted to fake Hind Helicopter gunship.
In the final battle, Rambo is also seen using a Browning M2HB mounted to a 'light blue pickup truck' and modified with another fake barrel shroud to disguise the weapon's origins. An authentic and accurate DShK 12.7mm Soviet Heavy Machine Gun is used by Rambo to down a Soviet attack helicopter. In stand by mode, one can see the 'pilot light' still burning, waiting to ignite the bursts of flammable gas when the gun starts 'firing' again.
The Oerlikon 20mm gun is seen again, mounted to a jeep with Masoud (Spiros Focas) riding in front, this time with the AA sights attached. A fake mockup of a M134-style Minigun is mounted (with a very lightweight mount) to the front nose of the fake Soviet Hind Helicopter Gunship.
Lacking the Soviet 40mm BG-15 grenade launcher, which was mounted to the real AK-74 rifles in the Russo-Afghan war, the movie armorers merely attached a U.S.
According to armorer Steve Karnes, the AK was Soviet-made with a Colt M203 and a Galil folding stock that was supplied to the production by an Israeli company.
Rambo holds the RPG-7, judging by its appearance, it could be the same RPG-7 prop used in Rambo: First Blood Part II. Afghan guard, dressed in all black clothing, but wearing Soviet tanker's insignia wields an improvised flamethrower, which Rambo takes and uses against him.
Outside the base, trip wires are made using WWII vintage Soviet F-1 hand grenades, the arming wire wrapped around the pin. One of the Soviet F-1 grenades almost goes off before Rambo stops the booby trap from exploding.
Seen mounted on the fake Hind Helicopter and other attack helicopters, these are completely built props to fire acetylene gas bursts and pyrotechnic charges. The "Mi-24 Hind" gunships seen in the film are in fact Aerospatiale Puma helicopters, first modified for the 1984 film Red Dawn and subsequently seen in the preceding Rambo movie, Rambo: First Blood Part II. Sylvester Stallone returns in the 1988 sequel as John Rambo, the former Green Beret, who drops into Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation after his mentor Colonel Trautman (Richard Crenna) goes missing following a mission.

Rambo III was originally scheduled to film almost entirely in Israel (with parts of the opening filmed in Thailand), and many scenes were filmed in Eilat (the southern most tip of Israel between Jordan and Egypt), using Israeli armorers. These are Israeli movie guns, evident by the extra long screw on blank adapters on the end of the barrels.
These are noticeably thinner than any of the military screw on blank adapters and are a different shape than any military BFA issued for the AK or any of its variants. Since this sequence was filmed in Israel, one can assume these are authentic Soviet AK-47 Milled receiver weapons. John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) and Colonel Trautman (Richard Crenna) also use AKMs on numerous occasions throughout the film. He is wearing the 'faux' copy of the KLMK pattern camo suit made for the movie Red Dawn and is wearing the plastic Soviet style helmet shell used by OPFOR (U.S. What appears to be a continuity error is actually an error by the editor - Rambo discards the AMD-65 he is originally using and picks up an AKM from a dead Soviet soldier, but the action was cut down to a reaction shot where the AKM just 'appears' in his hands.
In a historical context, this is not an anachronism, since China supplied many Type 56 rifles to the Mujahideen fighters (by way of Pakistan) during the 1980s. The traditional muzzle brake of the AMD-65 was replaced with an Israeli Blank fire adapter (also seen on the other AK variants).
This one has an American copy of an Israeli blank fire adapter (which is slightly longer and thinner than most commonly seen external BFAs. The ones in the film, however featured obvious underfolder stocks as well as 7.62x39mm-style magazines.
These examples clearly have the underfolding stock and the more curved 7.62x39mm magazines. He is likely an Afghan expat, having crossed over the border of Afghanistan, but many remote Pakistani tribals, especially those on the Afghan border, are so armed as well. Considering the time frame, it is likely that the rifle is a Norinco NDM-86, the Chinese clone of the SVD rifle, since the NDM-86 was readily available for commercial sale during the late 1980s.
The PM63 must be cocked back in such a manner to fire, and also makes it very obvious that is is locked and loaded. This is one of the very rare instances (for a film of the era) that a real DShK (rather than a fake one made out of an American gun like a Browning M2 .50 cal) is used in an American Motion Picture. Rather than do the obvious thing and grab the AKMS with folding stock on the sandbags, the sentry tries to rotate the large heavy machine gun around to kill Rambo, but he is too slow and Rambo ends up killing him. Trautman (Richard Crenna), however it is mysteriously missing a rear sight and (most importantly) the drum magazine - This is an auto cannon with no ammunition. In reality, one direct hit in a vital area from a 20mm shell at that range would down the helicopter immediately. Note: It is highly unlikely that a 20mm auto cannon would be mounted to a lightweight vehicle like a jeep. In reality the nose gun would be the much larger 12.7 mm YakB machine gun, but that gun is only seen on the real Mil MI-24 Hind helicopters. The mating of an M203 to an AK has been done more recently by militias in Africa and there are some Communist (or former Communist) bloc 'clones' of the M203, but none of these were available in the 1980s. Since these two weapons were never designed to work together, note the bizarre way Stallone has to grab the weapon (by the magazine) in order to fire the M203 launcher. Instead, it is a design by a fantasy knife artist, made more for looks than for practicality.
The bow used in Rambo III differs slightly in that the flashlight is removed (which was only seen in night entry sequence in the camp in the previous film) and an on-board arrow quiver is added.
For the filming of First Blood Part II, the Hind-A-style noses from Red Dawn were removed since they limited the pilot's field of view and were in constant risk of being torn off during violent maneuvers.
These were all captured enemy arms, taken during the many wars between Israel and their neighbor nations. American Armorers usually have drop in BFAs or thread the interior of their barrels and use a hex nut as the blank adapter, but the Israelis don't.

Rambo enters the tunnel with a full-stocked AKM, however he discards it along the way and takes Mousa's folding-stock AKMS.
When Rambo was in Peshawar, a number of Afghans in the crowded street were seen with No.1 MkIII* rifles slung over their shoulders while Rambo was heading to the arms dealer.
Since most of the film was made in Israel, it is likely that the Mauser Kar98k rifles that were used were Israeli Mauser Kar98k rifles chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO.
Rambo is seen in a deleted scene using the SVD to take down several Soviets before it runs out of ammunition and is discarded.
The scenes where a real DShK was used were filmed in Israel, using real Soviet weaponry courtesy of the Israeli Armorers. The one used in the film was an 'acetylene' gun (a real weapon mocked up with Acetylene gas internals to 'fake firing'). This is a common special effect 'trick' used in movies when blanks are either too dangerous, too expensive, or too much of a hassle. Even a .50 Cal MG would need special plates to keep from ripping itself from the mount of a lightweight vehicle.
Most of the time in the movie, the firing of the helicopter's Minigun is implied, using ground squibs and sound effects.
In reality, the Red Army and their allies would be using the RGD-5 or later generations of fragmentation grenades.
However, the wings and rocket pods were a much more stable and permanent modification to the Puma helicopter and were retained. Before production could be completed, it is said that Israel revoked the production's permission to remain in the country (the rumored reason being security concerns and threats made to the American film crew). Israeli movie armorers have access to tons of authentic captured Soviet weaponry over the years, and any film shot in Israel would have real Soviet guns. This is the case for every movie filmed in Israel that has AK-47s and is a good visual indicator where a scene was filmed.
The ones used while filming in the United States were Egyptian-made Maadi ARM rifles (the American imported versions of the MISR). Remember that this was filmed in 1987, and no AK-74 or 5.45mm guns existed in the United States (or our allies) at this time.
This method is used many time in either helicopter mounted guns (for safety) and heavy machine guns.
It is supposed to be a stand in for the real 12.7 mm YakB machine gun that is mounted on the real Mil MI-24 "Hind" gunships.
Not wishing for a multi-million dollar film to be scrapped, then California State Senator Pete Wilson (R) (a big proponent of the film industry in California and later Governor of the state), helped the production relocate back to Southern California and Arizona. They fire a 'flash of fire' rather slowly to simulate the firing of a large machine gun round.
The remaining shots were completed (including many insert shots) using the same talent, but utilizing areas around the American Western Desert, most notably Yuma, AZ for the final battle and Lone Pine, CA for 2nd unit photography. Supplied by Ellis Mercantile for the film during the re-shoot of the final battle in the U.S. The mating of an M203 to an AK has been done much later (in the 21st century) by militias in Africa and there are some Communist (or former Communist) bloc 'clones' of the M203, but none of these were available in the 1980s, and a Spetnaz NCO would be using front line Soviet armament, thus making this combination unlikely and anachronistic.
The sudden change from accurate Soviet weaponry (provided by the Israeli armorers) to the typical faux weaponry seen in many American movies, is explained by this sudden relocation back to the U.S.
Most notably, the armored vehicles at the final battle changed from the authentic and original Soviet armored vehicles from the middle of the film, to the modified American tanks in the climatic final battle. These were provided by Veluzat Armored Vehicles out of Newhall, California (the company who notably produced these very good mockups of Soviet armor for the original Red Dawn).

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