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This seems like the most useful emergency equipment I’ve ever seen.  Where was this when everyone died season one of The Walking Dead?
So why was SOS chosen to signify a distress signal?  The thought was that SOS- in Morse code signified by three dots, three dashes, then three dots- could not be misinterpreted as being a message for anything else.  Further, being sent together as one string (with no stops), it could be sent very quickly and needs very little power to transmit. The SOS signal was created and adopted as the universal international distress signal at the 1906 Berlin Radiotelegraphic Conference. The signal “SSS” was adopted during WWII when the emergency was caused by a submarine attack.  This was to let any potential rescuing ships know there was a hostile submarine in the region.
Interestingly Marconi, of the Marconi Company who had originally suggested “CQD” for a distress signal, was waiting in New York to return to England on the Titanic. Morse came to an end aroundabout 1991-92 for commercial use but I still have a listen every so often in the internet.
Find Us On YouTube!Subscribe today to check out our free Daily Knowledge Youtube video series! Photo Tour – Pushkar Camel FairThe Splendor of Pushkar Fair can never be described, It can only be experienced.
Pushkar Camel Fair is a unique traditional Indian festival held in the holy Pushkar town of Rajasthan every year.

Day 3 :Early morning walk inside this intensely captivating and colourful fair and witness the exciting events and experience the vibrancy of the fair as for photographers its an unparallel photography experience. Day 4 :Another round of early morning walk inside the fair and interact with some of the camel owners and back to Hotel by noon and check out.
Garage Bio.Garage Adventures is an adventure touring company based out of New Delhi, India. Adorning the desert land of Rajasthan with astonishing awe inspired by the charm of thousands of camels and horses which are brought here for trading during this festival. This tour will shape the way you look through the lens as well as how you look at your photographs. The whole town transforms itself into a colourfully and culturally rich land with musicians, folk dancers, herders, nomads, farmers, comedians, devotees, saints, acrobats and tourists. With a team of avid travellers and adventure buffs, who have plenty of travel experience under their belt, we aim to take you on a ride of your lifetime. The spectacular sight and feel of this camel fair is matchless and is one of its kinds in the entire world. Travel with TNSS to some of their favourite spots during Pushkar Camel Fair and learn everything from how to capture the expanse of a landscape to photographing the smallest detail.

Apart from shopping of Rajasthan specialities, acrobatics, horse races and Marwari folk dance, for rest of the day till late evening. Initially started with an aim to let the camel traders have good business during the holy month of Kartik Purnima festival, this fair has caught attraction of tourists from world over.
Work in the field with TNSS and learn the finer points of maximizing early morning and late afternoon light. Pushkar camel fair is truly an ensemble displaying different cultural aspects of this desert state of Rajasthan. We will spend most of the daylight hours photographing in the field, and schedule photo critiques in the evening after dark.

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