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In addition to letting others know your plans and intended routes, I would think prudent forethought goes a long way to ensuring a scenario like this doesn’t happen. Two things I can also recommend, 1 filling a quart sized zip bag ( one for each person) with hotel sized shampoo, bars of soap, mouthwash, body lotion and even mending kits.
Hey Doug, I just wanted to let you know my husband and I finally got the sleeping pad you suggested and man o man what a difference!!!
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You can put anything you want in your survival kit as long as it fits without damaging any of the other components.
Matches – I sealed 2 matches and the striker surface from a match book inside a drinking straw to keep them waterproof.
Birthday Candles – Once you light your match or lighter, you can use the birthday candle to hold the flame so you can get your fire lit. Safety Pins – Use to hold clothing together, hold a poncho or other material together to make a tent, or use as a makeshift fishing hook. Neosporin Straws – Seal some Neosporin into some bits of straw so you always have some for minor wounds. Ibuprofen – A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, ibuprofen is always good to have on hand to help lessen pain, relieve fever and reduce inflammation. Cotton Balls – You can use these cotton balls as either a blood clotting agent, or as tinder for starting a fire (like with the fire straws, only without the petroleum jelly).
Alcohol Wipes – Use for wound cleaning or needle sterilization if emergency stitches are needed. Money – You can put whatever denomination of money in here that you want, but I only keep a couple of bucks.
Patrick BlairPatrick is a Christ follower, the father of a special needs daughter with a brilliant personality and two musically talented sons, the husband of a beautiful and incredibly wonderful woman, an avid cook and gardener, a craftsman, and a hopeful homesteader with a passion for researching.
As you sit down with you family and discuss contingencies you can come up with a plan of action for most situations; and like everything else in prepping this can bring ease of mind and help organize your efforts. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Cato lived in District 2 prior to the 74th Hunger Games and presumably trained for the Games alongside his fellow district members.
In the film, Cato and his district partner Clove enter the tribute parade wearing Roman-esque outfits. In the book, Cato trains at the spear-throwing station and displays his prowess with the weaponry. In the film, the Careers target Peeta's weakness and view him as what Katniss describes as a "meal" until Peeta shows his true strength by throwing a 100-pound metal ball into a rack of spears. Though Cato is not mentioned in the book during the bloodbath, he is heavily featured in the movie.
On the first night of the Games, the Careers manage to track down the District 8 female via the fire she foolishly starts in the middle of the night. A few days into the Games, after an enormous fire forces the tributes together, the Careers find Katniss and chase her up a tree. While stuck in the tree, Katniss cuts down a tracker jacker nest, which falls onto the sleeping Careers and chases them away from her tree.
Some time later, while the Careers are still nursing their wounds, Cato and his allies stumble upon the District 3 male, whom they let join their alliance on the condition that he rewires the mines in the arena to protect their supplies. When the Careers catch sight of smoke from Rue's lit fire (a decoy for the Careers), they go to kill her, taking the District 3 male along at Cato's insistence.
During the feast, Cato and Clove return to the Cornucopia and lie in wait for their backpack, which contains an item that they desperately need.
By this time, Thresh has stolen both his own backpack and Cato's, which is most likely what motivates Cato to pursue Thresh instead of Katniss. On the last day of the Games, wolf-like muttations appear out of nowhere, chasing a bloodied and beaten Cato out of the woods. Once on top of the Cornucopia, Cato takes a few moments to catch his breath before he grabs Peeta in a headlock, effectively cutting off his ability to breathe.
When dawn comes, Katniss can't take Cato's moans of pain and despair any longer and decides to use her last arrow to end his suffering. Due to post-traumatic stress, Katniss begins to have frequent nightmares about the arena, one of which involves Cato dying at the claws of the mutts. She later visits District 2 on her Victory Tour and sees Cato's grieving family among the spectators.
She thinks of Cato several times throughout the book, the first being when she encounters mockingjays, an incident which causes her to remember how the birds had started singing just before the mutts "gnawed Cato to a bloody pulp." She later remembers how tracker jacker venom had messed with her head, making her question whether Peeta had saved her from Cato or not. Katniss later visits District 2 and recalls seeing Cato's grieving family during the Victory Tour. In the book, Cato's physical appearance is not addressed beyond Katniss's observations that he is a "physical wonder" with a robust stature and powerful, visibly well-muscled arms.
In the film, he retains his powerful figure, towering over the other tributes at six foot two, shorter only than Marvel.
Having been raised in the pampered, privileged community of District 2, Cato is arrogant, selfish, and immune to the suffering of others. As a Career, Cato's arrogance is evident in the way he treats other tributes and the Games themselves. Despite his cruelty and apathetic nature, Cato eventually realizes his own brutality, as seen during the climax of the film.
At the onset of the Games, Cato has access to almost every resource, as he and his allies hold control over the Cornucopia supplies. Cato is later given high tech body armor from the Capitol, though it is unknown whether this gift came through the District 2 backpack or a sponsor's parachute.
In the book, Cato makes only one confirmed kill, the District 3 male, though Katniss speculates that he also killed Thresh. In the film, Cato remains the murderer of the District 3 male, though he does not kill Thresh, who is instead a victim of the mutts.
In The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2, while being held at gunpoint, Katniss says that she killed Cato and Cato killed Thresh because she was and still is a slave to President Snow.
Cato was the only career that Katniss killed out of mercy rather than simply trying to defend herself.

The map of the location presents whereabouts of all the collectibles that you can obtain in a given area. Cari spends her free time gardening, canning, testing products for review, helping others prepare. For instance, always keeping at least a half tank of gasoline, travelling when the weather is best, including a car phone charger in the vehicle, and even keeping a fully charged pre-paid phone are all prudent actions to keep this problem from happening in the first place.
We sort of shy away from carrying anything liquid except water because liquid tends to add a lot of weight. For water filters we use Katadyn as they filter out Giardia, Bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, silt, fungi, but i will look up yours, it may be more cost efficient.
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I’m not totally sure where this little flashlight came from, but I think my kids got some and they gave me this one.
Aluminum foil can be formed into a makeshift container to catch and hold water (as long as you press it tightly so there are no leaks).
He and his wife live as frugally as possible and try daily to live as God intends them to live. You can pretty much use anything, but if the bottle is wider than the mouth, it may be hard getting things in and out.
Having a little military experience (about 15 years so far) and having siblings and in-laws also with military and combat experience we tend to approach prepping from the combative platform. Make sure all the members of your party are familiar with what you have decided and are rehearsed in its material.
He is the male tribute from District 2 and the leader of the Career pack in the 74th Hunger Games. After the parade, Cato glares at the District 12 team, because they have outshone the other tributes. He most likely shows off these skills to the Gamemakers in his private session, as he receives a high training score of 10. Later on in the film, Cato is angered when he thinks that the District 6 male took his knife, which was actually stolen by Rue when he wasn't looking and kept out of sight via the climbing station. The alliance at first includes Marvel and Glimmer from District 1, Cato and his district partner Clove from District 2, the District 4 female, and Peeta. The Careers attempt to kill her, but when the Gamemakers withhold cannon fire, Peeta goes back to "finish the job." In his absence, the Careers argue over whether they should let him live or not, though they ultimately decide to leave him alive, as he is their best chance at finding Katniss. While Glimmer and the District 4 female die from their stings before they can make it to safety, Cato and the others escape to a nearby lake, where they fend off the remaining insects. In their absence, Foxface manages to steal supplies from the Cornucopia by stepping carefully around the mine indentations.
It is unknown why only Clove went in for the backpack, but by the time she is dying at the hands of Thresh, Cato is too far away to save her. Katniss and Peeta think he is on his way to kill them, so Katniss shoots an arrow at his chest, but it bounces off, since he is wearing some sort of body armor that was thought to be in District 2's backpack. When Katniss points an arrow at his head, Cato merely laughs and points out that if she shoots him, Peeta will fall to the mutts as well. With Peeta's help, she leans down into the mouth of the Cornucopia and finds a savagely-bloodied Cato lying at the back. Unlike the book, he is already on top of the Cornucopia, bloodied, beaten, and armed only with his baton, before Katniss and Peeta arrive.
She later admits that most of the deaths in the Games had not been very pretty, thinking specifically of Cato's and Glimmer's ends.
While sitting in the entrance hall of the Justice Building, she remembers how weary she had been during her visit to District 2 on the Victory Tour, as it had been hard to face the memories of Cato and Clove, particularly Cato, who had died such a gruesome death.
This cinematic version of Cato is depicted as having short-cropped, slightly spiked, blond hair and blue eyes. His competitive nature guides his almost every action, fueling his hatred of Katniss for her high training score and inciting his own loss of rationality when faced with a simple defeat. He has little to no regard for human life, thinking only of his own future as a victor, and doesn't take the time to be thorough, as he is overly confident in his abilities to win the Games.
By the end of the Games, his mind has clearly deteriorated, as he is finally starting to uncover the truth behind his own immense strength and the training he has received as a resident of District 2. Known possessions of the Careers include food, water, medicine, night vision glasses, and weapons of all sorts.
It was made of a durable material that could withstand Katniss's arrows and allowed Cato to suffer for hours while the mutts chewed away at his flesh. It is possible that he killed several other tributes during the bloodbath, as he was a Career Tribute with infinite access to the weapons in the Cornucopia.
In the book, he grabs the boy in a headlock and jerks his head to the side, killing him instantly, but in the film, he simply snaps the boy's neck with his bare hands.
His first target is the District 6 male, whom he beats up and later cuts open with a sickle. Each type of collectible has been marked in a different way, to make it easier to tell them apart.
I have used them both for the same things: bathing, teeth brushing, vegetable washing, scrubbing scum out of enamel containers, and easily cleaning the stubborn carbon film from the inside of kerosene lantern chimneys. Not knowing to much about them I was wondering what the diff in the military ones and the others you suggested. Most people want as much stuff as they can get in as small a container as possible, and rightfully so. While it’s not a full-fledged bug-out bag, what you put in your pill bottle can help you in a dire emergency. I also hooked a figure 8 key ring on the bottle so I can hook it to a carabiner on my bug-out bag. You can also use it as a wind break for your fire (which will actually double as a heat reflector).
There are two types of SOPs: technical (to explain ways to perform duties in research labs and other such areas) and administrative.
Some of the things we love discussing are bunker ideas, wilderness survival, military tactics, and developing SOPs. As you develop your SOP don’t hesitate to draw entire sections and chapters word for word from regulations if they work for your circumstances.

He provokes a fight with the other boy, threatening to make him his first target, until the Peacekeepers separate them, conflict before the Games being disallowed.
He first targets the District 6 male (known in the film as "Jason"), as he had promised to do in the Training Center, and beats him up. Later in the Games, Peeta betrays the Careers and is subsequently kicked out of the pack, while the District 3 male becomes a new and likely reluctant member.
With the Careers distracted, Katniss manages to pry the bow and arrows from a dead Glimmer's corpse, but Peeta returns and urges her to run. This makes Katniss realize that the District 3 male has reactivated the mines in the form of a booby trap. As Katniss flees the feast, she sees Cato kneel beside his ally and "beg her to stay with him," though Katniss knows it is too late for Clove to be saved. Katniss speculates that the District 2 backpack contained body armor to fend against her arrows.
Ignoring Katniss's arrow, Cato rockets past Katniss and Peeta and makes his way to the Cornucopia.
He mouths the word "please," and out of pity, not vengeance, she shoots the arrow into his skull, killing him instantly. He manages to attack both tributes at once in a last desperate attempt to kill them and puts Peeta in a headlock while Katniss is distracted by the mutts. He is capable of snapping a neck with his bare hands and demonstrates his raw physical power several times throughout the book, most notably when he single-handedly fights off a pack of muttations for over an hour. His temper often gets the better of him, as seen when he is too angry to salvage usable items from the ruins of his wrecked supplies, instead taking his anger out on a fellow tribute.
This is seen several times, most notably when he reportedly kills the District 8 female but has to send someone back to finish the job and when he cuts Peeta's leg but doesn't succeed in killing him. Bitter about his own ease when it comes to killing and the predetermined goal of the Capitol's to kill off their tributes, Cato almost seems regretful when faced with another life to be taken. He injures the District 10 male by using a machete on the boy's chest, and kills the District 4 female after she attempts to take him on herself. Numbers provided by the markers are references to the walkthrough - Each collectible, apart from being marked, has been described and shown in a screenshot. Remember, knowledge is your ultimate survival tool – everything else is just helpful! Each SOP requires information so that new users can be properly trained and regular users can be reminded, and provide continuity among military members. Many military FMs, ARs, TMs, and any number of other official documents are available for general release and can be found hard copy or in PDF format.
The District 10 male tries to pass him, but Cato starts to fight him and eventually injures him.
At the urging of Peeta, the Careers decide to make camp below Katniss's tree, so she can't escape without them knowing.
Carefully shooting open a bag of apples, which spill out onto the ground around the Cornucopia, Katniss manages to activate all the mines at once, effectively destroying the Careers' supplies. Katniss then shoots her arrow into Cato's hand, forcing him to reflexively release the almost unconscious Peeta and fall to the mutts. When she turns around, ready to shoot Cato with her bow, he points out to her that if she shoots him, both he and Peeta will fall to the mutts.
In the end, it is his arrogance that costs him the Games, as he underestimates Katniss's abilities during the final stage of the Games, giving her the opportunity to shoot an arrow through his hand and throw him to the mutts. Cato appears to still possess a spear and a sword following the explosion, as he uses both weapons after the rest of his supplies are obliterated. He does this by easily throwing her into a supply crate and later chasing her down in the woods with the rest of the Career pack, killing her himself. If you have any problems finding a specific collectible, find it in the walkthrough by its number on the map.
You are going to need the lockpick and you need to return to the location (you cannot explore the area thoroughly the first time around). As you prep think logically about what situations you might encounter and standardize how you, your family, and other friends that might be hunkering down with you will respond. The District 4 female sees this and runs to Cato, but Cato dodges her attack, knocking the sword out of her hand and throwing her over a crate.
Enraged at Peeta's betrayal, Cato engages the other tribute in a fight, a fight which Peeta swiftly loses, escaping only with a severe leg wound, tracker jacker strings, and burns retained from the fire. When Cato returns with his allies, he descends into a fit of rage and snaps the neck of the District 3 male, killing him instantly. At first, Cato fights the mutts off, as the sound of his sword against the Cornucopia can be heard for a long time. He then rants about how the Capitol has made him into a pawn, as all he knows how to do is kill, and his only goal in life is to bring pride to his district.
Cato completes his kill list with the District 4 male, whom he kills by slashing with a machete. Collecting all of the items and completing challenges is required to explore the location in 100%. The map presents whereabouts of all the collectibles, as well as challenge objectives (a separate map). These might include signals and radio comms unique to you and those with you, to prioritizing who does what if your holdup area comes under fire by looters.
He hears Glimmer scream, so he takes a sickle and stabs the District 6 male with it. Many minutes after, the District 4 male tries to escape the Cornucopia only to be slashed in the throat by Cato. His allies eventually manage to calm him down, and the Careers stride back into the woods to hunt. Eventually, despite his great strength and skill, he is disabled, and the mutts brutally attack him for what seems like hours, as he is too exhausted to defend himself.
When he falls to the mercy of the mutts, he does not suffer for very long, as Katniss shoots an arrow into his heart almost seconds after his fall. Not long after this, Cato finds the District 4 female in the forest and kills her alongside his fellow Careers.

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