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It shows you how to make a stove from an empty aluminum can which you can use to boil water or heat food while camping. The alcohol is easy to ignite and ita€™s a fuel that is always available in campersa€™ packs and preppersa€™ EDC and BOB. While he was out for a drive, his truck veered into a snowdrift, and with no cell service he couldn’t call for help.
Something I found today (it’s been on YouTube for better than a year now) that you may have seen or not.
I generally don’t like knives that you have to think about using, have to think about holding in a certain way, or have to train with in general.
We sift through tons of information about politics, survival, and just plain handy DIY stuff and distill the bits that matter, the bits that normal people can make, do, or live in their day to day. These stoves are easily made and work very well, in an emergency situation you could make one of these stoves and cook or boil water so its safe to drink. Just a single can of beer is capable of becoming a life saver if the can is used to boil raw water to make it safe for human consumption. Just ask Clifton Vial of Nome Alaska, who was stranded for more than 60 hours outside of town on Nov. He insulated his clothing with random rags and used the truck’s heater for warmth until he ran out of gas.
Stove fuel: Maybe you have an alcohol-burning camp stove, or your made one like the beer can stove in our survival by beer gallery (link). Wound management: It’s going to hurt, but alcohol could be used as an aggressive disinfectant on topical wounds.
Pain management: From broken legs to broken hearts, lots of folks find solace in a sip or two of the good stuff.
Bartering: Whether you drink alcohol or don’t, there will always be plenty of folks around who will want some. Gear disinfectant: You could disinfect your gore-covered knife, the dirty drinking hose to your Camelback, or a host of other filthy things with some high-test booze. The trick with boiling in cans is to set the water-filled can next to the fire; in the ashes.

For nourishment and hydration … you guessed it, he turned to a few cans of frozen Coors Light.
For that type of stove, you’ll need some very high-proof liquor (like Everclear, if you can legally get it where you live) to efficiently cook your food and boil your water. This is a pretty rough way to practice field medicine, but it is on the table as a last resort. In the event of a prolonged disaster, alcohol (along with cigarettes and caffeine) could be a very valuable trade good. You can spend money on alcohol stoves but they’re simple enough to make, obviously, out of you know, trash. So this trick is definitely something for the books, one that can come in useful not only when camping but when a major disaster or calamity reduces us to our most basic resources.
Cut the top off the can and pack the inside with fibrous tree bark, punk wood or cotton cloth. Fold the top of the can shut and throw the can into the camp fire for exactly five minutes.
To make your fishing kit, tie the monofilament to the can’s pull tab, or better yet, tie the line through a small hole that you have pierced through the can.
For storage, put a rubber band or tie a string around the can and mono to keep it from unraveling.
Polish the can with little smears of chocolate to create a shine so the light of the sun can be reflected off the can’s concave bottom. Break off the can’s pull tab, and cut out a section of tab so that it looks like a fish hook. Instead of trying to set the hook in the fish’s mouth when he bites, give him some line and let the fish swallow the hook. The pull tab hook will hang up on the soft stomach or esophagus a lot better than it would pierce the fish’s jaw. Be advised that this is not a catch-and-release method, as you’ll probably be ripping the fish’s guts out to retrieve the home made hook. A simple candle nub and a creatively carved up can will give you a surprising amount of light for a cheap price.

Fold open these little double doors and drop in a tea light candle, or add a hand full of sand and stick a candle chunk inside the lantern.
The bow and drill method has the muscle to work through cold and wet situations, but it needs to spin freely at the top of the drill. It’s not going to be as shiny as a signal mirror, but it can still reflect light as a form of signaling for help.
Use your knife to punch a hole in the side of the can, and pour the beer into another container. Load it up with fire starters, first aid gear, signaling equipment and all of the other usual suspects. Throw a few small rocks in an empty beer can and set it up somewhere that the can will fall down with a crash. Tie a string to the can, and then run the string around your tent or camp as a tripwire about one foot off the ground.
Yes, this one is teetering on the brink of littering more than the others, but keep in mind that this is survival that we are talking about here.
To finish the float, use a small rough rock to grind the can openings smooth to reduce wear and tear on the float line. Cut the can into different size and shape pieces, and fold the pieces into cones and flat triangles to assist in small-game hunting during survival situations. Beer has been used for thousands of years as a pathogen free beverage, and a way to store food calories. You could store a barrel of wheat or barley in your little shack, which you would never be able to keep the rats and bugs out of, or you could have a barrel of beer which still has much of the same calorie value, and it wouldn’t be tainted by pests. Drink the beer for both hydration and calories in the event of an emergency but make sure you drink responsibly – always.

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