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The painting also seems to suggest that despite what was happening, the artist’s grandfather maintained his faith in Judaism. This is Holzhandler’s only painting which depicts the Holocaust, but Judaism is a reoccurring theme in her work.
This painting conjures up a deeply personal and imaginative recollection of her grandfather in the most infamous of the Nazi concentration camps, Auschwitz. For more information about the art resources of the Ben Uri gallery in collaboration with the London Grid for Learning click here.
Under German guidance, the Hungarian authorities decreed all Jews should wear the yellow star of David. The Warsaw ghetto uprising - Jewish fighters resisted the German attempt to liquidate the Warsaw ghetto.

In the Netherlands, Jews were required to wear a yellow Star of David on their outer clothing.
Despite the practice of Judaism being prohibited, the grandfather sits out in the open, reading from the book.
Two corpses are strewn behind him, and a larger pile of bodies are situated to the left in the background.
Although she herself escaped the atrocities of the Holocaust, many members of her extended family, including her grandfather, did not. This made prisoners recognisable if they tried to escape but also dehumanised the prisoners by removing any representation of personal identity. There are some other people in the composition including a young boy and girl and baby, and two marching Nazi officers.

This is a common symbol of the Holocaust for many artists, and serves as a reminder of the horrors that occurred within their perimeters. Similarly this allows and encourages the viewer to mourn themselves for the countless lives lost in the Holocaust.
The sky in the distance is scarred red, echoing the blood of the murdered victims of the Holocaust.

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