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United Kingdom approximately 80% (1?8? school) more than one deals special Pack with CD and Japan English guidebook reading teaching in the elementary school used as a textbook,.Story elementary school for 4-year-old Kipper, the twins Biff and chip's brothers and their families who are read not only fun, but the children actually use expressions, syntax and vocabulary are configured based on the curriculum. Page 1 on 2-4 sentence Stage5-32 pages each volume and Stage9 is reading from a set of 30 books in all, each six books at a time. Perfect for your child a little English was understood and finished the trunk Pack A child level. Reading CD with all English are recorded in both British English and American English in Stage5.
Books published by Oxford University Japanese language textbooks used in elementary school in the United Kingdom as gaining the trust. Oxford reading tree trunk Pack B (Trunk pack B) is from England in 2nd grade 3 grade levels is a picture book written in English of the Bell.

Guidebook describing the key learning points and words, so MOM and dad parents we talk together can learn efficient holding point. This picture book publication trust Oxford University Press ( Oxford University Press ) got faith in more than 80 percent of elementary school in the United Kingdom be used as a textbook.
Featured, you can absorb the whole tie English fun fast flip pages, stories and live sets.It is perfect for your child a little bit accustomed to English step up level. In listening to the British English and can get used to the kind of English, has a wide and trained English ears. In the same order in which English-speaking children learn the words, you can gradually step up from the easy words. Than American English will be English listen English voice audible to the ear to acclimatize in English referred to extensive use of high-frequency training. English touch for the first time is optimal to you think parents and want to learn from the high-quality polished English.
Fill in the empty spaces with the correct wordWilf and Chip _________ going to do a camp that night.

Also pronounced as consonants and vowels based so firmly to the nourished by capable enough in the authentic English learning from the junior high school basic English skills. Stage 9 a rewarding from the relatively few phrases stage 5 has not organized gradually increasing the number of words and sentences in English reading comprehension up to optimum configuration. In children exposed to English for the first time that the elementary school in the United Kingdom composed of grade level 1-2 years ' Oxford reading tree trunk packs A' also there. Part the CD is recorded in British and American English, so you can get into the pronunciation of the native becomes possible.
Biff _________ them an umbrellabecause it _________ going to rain.In fact, it _________ so hard that the children _________ _________outside in the tent. They also _________ a bad- tempered bear and _________ that in the past people_________ traps to _________ animals.

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