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All of that is to say that my thinking when it comes to being a prepper has evolved over time and with it so have my actions with respect to what I feel needs to be done. Right from the beginning of my prepping journey, it was obvious that in order to be as self-sufficient as possible I would need to cross a few major things off my list of To Do items. Like so many other people I started with these broad topics and from there developed a simple list of everything I thought I needed to have or do before I could consider myself “prepared” for anything. But, unless you have won the lottery or are independently wealthy most of us out here have to balance this mountain of wish list items with your daily budget.
If you have ever heard of Dave Ramsey, his entire reason for being it seems is to get people out of debt as quickly as possible and maintaining a healthy view of money going forward. Debt is truly a horrible burden that we willingly place on ourselves and our families for no good reason other than we aren’t willing to wait until we have the money to purchase something. If you are going hog-wild into debt reduction though, this can be a process that takes several years. Dave Ramsey has a great plan for people who want to get out of debt, but I think his plan assumes that the world is still going to be spinning next month; that whatever happens, you should keep paying down that Macy’s card because above all else you have to get out of debt.
In summation, the only thing I am trying to say is that if you try to go one route or the other completely you could wind up short if things go the wrong way. I think the key thing with buying a home is to buy within your limits, actually below your limits is the better course now I think.
Like I said, a house is one thing but I still don’t recommend going crazy and accumulating more debt if possible.
The point is, I don’t think we will know when it is coming until its too late so you have to live like tomorrow will come and you will go to work and your family will be fine.
At 6% on a 30 year fixed note, they are looking at a $2,098 payment simply for principal and interest.
We already factored this item above.  In California this may increase if you are looking at fire or earthquake insurance. If you enjoyed this post click here to subscribe to a complete feed and stay up to date with today’s challenging market!
Yeah, you forgot a few things, like day care, saving for college, and diapers and formula, and what about when baby #2 comes along? That car(s) is going to need maintainence for the unexpected including things like tires, oil changes, registration. If you make 100K there is probably a good chance you are paying student loans $100 (and thats low), saving for college $50 and childcare for 2 kids $1000+.
Because, just as a wealthy dude flying his new Mooney back from Vegas to Bob Hope in Burbank, he wisely pre-flights his Mooney before the Mojave Desert, our cautious engineer also checks the basics of his BMW before the Long Beach Freeway run. To buy a 2 bed house budget $400,000 min, and add $300 a month for the home owner’s association. Also you are basing your expenses on California but are not including state taxes, so this isn’t really apples to apples.
Add two kids and make them all three teenagers and then tell me you can live on $550 for groceries a month. How come you can get insurance for a $400,000 house in CA for LESS than what it costs me in Arkansas and Texas for a $100,000 house??? My buget is similar with an income about $110K or a bit higher (commision based) We do quite well but live with in our means.
We bought an independent 20 year Million Dollar TIAA Cref life insurance policy for $44 a month for husband. Bottom line, it does not matter how much or how little you make if you dont have a plan and stick to it you will go broke, I make twice as much as I did 7 years ago and you know what my bank account still has the same balance in it, ya the sample budget aint perfect but at least somone is putting a little info out there thant might help sombody who is just looking for a few ideas they havent thought of yet to reduce their mothly bills before they loose there home. Here are some cash flow guidelines that can improve financial balance for a middle class family. If you are properly protected (everyone shortchanges themselves here), are saving 15 to 20% of your income (investing after you have core savings), have no bad debt, a proper mortgage — then you have permission to spend the rest HOWEVER you want and you have financial balance.
My health insurance premium in 2010 was not only six times my health insurance premium in 1988 but also more than three times the cost of my rent in 1988. A.) A large portion of the population that contributes nothing to society can have free housing, free health care, free food, free cell phones, free education, free school lunches.
B.) We can pay the interest payments to banks and other very wealthy interest on loans the government borrowed from them. D.) Another large portion of the population can work in cushy government jobs where you are paid modest salaries with fat pensions and benefits, to do, God knows what. This is the reason you and me and everyone else in this country who is smart, responsible, hard working, and trying to improve their lives are NOT getting by anymore.
And what does a narrow-minded, bitter jerk like you think would happen if all government benefits cease? I get car insurance from AAA, which was about $650 for a year (to go down from yearly dividends) — should be cheaper once my accident point goes away.
I’m not sure where all the weird extras are coming from in the budget in the article. Also, a lot could be saved by renting instead of buying and paying extra in interest, taxes, maintenance. Yes, if you have kids your expenses will go up, but you can really eliminate a lot of these expenses by not buying what you don’t need. The day of reckoning for global total debt – total credit market debt up from $28 trillion in 2001 to $53 trillion in 2012.
The compression of generations – 25 million adults live at home with parents because they’re unemployed or underemployed. Just bailed out of my 401K to invest all my efforts toward the 401AK47 zombie survival plan!!! No doubt we have the best investment plan out there…invest all your money and time into learning how and with what to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse, and we can guarantee a match in that time (your continued survival when it all goes down) and appropriate currency (ammo) in return for your dedication to your own survival! With the Lighthouse 250 Lantern & USB Power Hub, light up any situation with 250 lumens of bright, LED light – or use the dimmable, DuaLite™ Directional Lighting feature to save on power for extended runtime. I read a lot of literature, perused websites galore and read books on everything from Survival skills and tactic to prepper fiction.

I was and still am fiercely patriotic, but my understandings of world events, politics, history and propaganda have changed my political philosophy and my loyalties. I think I will continue to refine what I believe is right for me and my family as I learn more information and that I feel is what any rational person should do. My list started with a ton of supplies; food to last for 6 months, purchasing firearms for self-defense, having backup water storage and a means to collect and filter more. That is when prepping can cause friction for families especially when one spouse doesn’t see things the way you do.
If you are truly focused on reducing the amount of debt you have, you really should not have a lot of discretionary income. His methods revolve around throwing every single resource you have at the debt problem and living on “rice and beans” in order to save every cent to put it towards debt retirement. I know this just as well as anyone else out there and I won’t try to get on my high horse because I have my own fair share of debt as well.
The average American credit card debt is over $15,000 and that isn’t taking into consideration cars, student loans, mortgage etc. If you weren’t interested in how you could be more prepared for whatever happens you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog, but as I mentioned above, prepping is not without some cost.
Run up too much debt and you could end up in a debtor’s prison should those come back to a town near you.
I think a house is a little different, but I would still be very careful about getting into debt. Just make sure you have plans just in case and I think that is what this site tries to be about anyway.
The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else. A new refrigerator will cost you $800 to $1,000.  At least a good one will cost you that much. A walk in the park many say, but, like an aviator, you check your fuel, tires, and the general condition of your new BMW coupe. Food, supplies, flea medications, yearly vet visits and other health issues that come up – not $50 per month. An extra $12 a month through the company pays for me at a $450,000 (he makes more I am staying home now with a small baby).
When my family started out (Me, my wife, our duaghter and my little sister) my yearly income was around 25,000 and we made it work, granted they didnt have a rich life but we made damn sure they had a good one!!! What happens if your $100K job is of a kind that is not plentiful except in the expensive city where you live. Most importantly for me though, I have student loan debt which forces me to get pretty creative with the budget. I sock away at least $3,000 a month, to be invested in index funds once the market turns sour. You can splurge once in a while but not monthly (or not so big that you need to amortize it over the 12 months). And the only disinfection system effective against viruses, bacteria, cryptosporidium, and Giardia. The Lighthouse 250 recharges quickly from USB, solar or the included hand crank, and has a built-in USB port to power small handheld devices to keep you connected to the ones who matter most. I am and will always be loyal to the values our country was founded on but I am not blindly loyal to any political party or person anymore. Then it turned to actions like getting a garden going, purchasing precious metals and getting training on HAM radio and first-aid.
If prepping for a disaster is complete nonsense in their eyes, it will be a battle to purchase everything you need.
Herein lies the problem and it is one that I have personally dealt with and still ponder from time to time to this very day.
He has seminars and you can usually take part in a Dave Ramsey program at church if you have the time and money to devote to it. However, my desire is to be completely debt free and that I think is the best scenario any of us can be in from one standpoint.
When you get into a certain level of debt and if you are following a plan like Dave Ramsey’s you don’t have money for anything else. That list of items you probably have on your desk or computer somewhere contains a lot of things that cost money. The answer is always the same for me, but you have to ask yourself if what you are trying to prepare for is worth the investment you are making. What if you are halfway through your plan and the bottom drops out of the stock market, we have a global pandemic or there is an EMP attack from a rogue terrorist organization? If you have a goal of reducing debt and another goal of being prepared, you can accomplish both.
Get out of debt, but not have the tools you need to keep your family alive and risk a worse fate if you ask me. My cousin and his wife gave up after being out bid by cash offers over a dozen times and its similar with me and my wife. In a perfect world according to some experts you wouldn’t have any debt and that means paying cash for everything. This way your wife is happy and you are out of the parents house, but if one of you loses your job, it wouldn’t be catastrophic. Every day I wake up and as I go about my business and read the news, I feel that it is just around the corner. The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. I am living at the edge of my budget, but I still put that 10% net away into stock, which I periodically sell for at least a 20% gain.
The reality is, especially when you compare it to other parts of the country, SoCal has overpriced rents and a lot of the area is still in a housing bubble. And what would become of your elderly parents then, especially when they lose their health insurance, and nursing home subsidies?

Nevertheless, thanks for throwing this together because it’s a lot more detailed than government budget guidelines done by the EPI and others.
His blog doesn’t appear to have been updated since January 2010 but at the time I started digging into this topic it was probably late 2008. I don’t instinctively tow the party line anymore for the republicans and like to think I have grown more analytical; perhaps skeptical when I hear events in the news.
The question is should you get completely out of debt first, or should you continue prepping? The basic principles are a great method to getting out of debt in my unprofessional opinion. If no person or company has anything they can hold over your head, there should be nothing they can take away from you.
The Rice and Beans you want to stock up for your prepping needs are what you are actually living off of each day.
I know that everything that can save your life or the life of a loved one doesn’t necessarily need to cost anything, but that usually comes down to knowledge or equipment and supplies you already have. To me this is a simple question because I believe that most people who are prepping are doing so because they know that bad things can happen and they want to protect themselves or their family from those bad things as much as possible. For the rest of us, we have a choice or more accurately choices to make based upon our own individual circumstances and priorities. Will it take longer to pay off your debt if you are making purchases for your family’s survival also? I don’t know of anyone who pays cash for a home unless they have a large amount of money that is liquid and if that is the case, you wouldn’t have much debt either would you?
Then I do something like check on old orders I made for equipment and see that it was over 4 years ago. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. I’ll say it again, if you dont have enough income to live in California, move to a more reasonably priced part of the country.
When people think it’s the norm to spend 250k on a shack in Compton, and yet wages remain the same, how does that make sense?
At the same time, people take on student loans to get the high-paying jobs, the rents in many places all over the country are high *relative to the salary in that area* (not just in the Bay Area), insurance payments are through the roof, etc. This time period in my life oddly enough coincided with the stock market crisis in September when my meager 401K lost over half of its value in days. The flip side is that if you are only living on what you bring in, if that were to be disrupted, the impacts to your life should be greatly reduced. Yes it will so you have to figure out what is more important and your plan can flow along with your resources and needs. I felt the same back then and if you would have asked me in 2008 if we would last the end of the year I would have told you that it didn’t look good. I know that is laughable these days, but my credit union pays 2%, which is better than nothing. Our life insurance is $150, car insurance well more like $90 per month, per car – health insurance? Even thirty years ago, retirement was not a line item on the budget consuming 10 percent of the income.
For instance, if you find yourself at a point where you have the basic necessities covered, maybe you should take a break from prepping and pay off a credit card or two.
People need to stop acting like places like these are somehow an exception and if you don’t like it get out. Savings (thus the 2% to 5% average savings rate in America at best – and probably in risk based investing asset classes without the proper savings cushion). There should be a balance I think and they can both be done at the same time if you feel that is necessary for your overall preparedness. By that same token, if you find a great deal on a course in advanced first aid training, and you just so happen to have some vacation you haven’t taken, it may be a good idea to take the course. When they took away that teaser rate, I moved the bulk of it to my credit union, which had at the time a 5% APY account as well (before the Fed’s monetary expansion dropped interest rates). Middle class and low class areas aren’t luxury properties, and need to be priced within the means of the people that live here. Extra food, medical supplies, backup power, even getting a garden started cost money in almost every case.
In fact, it is what enabled me to save up to put money down on a home, with money left over for some remodeling and repair. If you need to charge it then you simply do not make enough money to have it…end of story. An EMP type scenario debt wouldn’t matter but a slow totalitarian takeover debt could land you a swat time at your door. Only in 2009 did I purchase a new car (and this was because my mom needed a reliable vehicle so I willed her my old Toyota truck). People still think we’re crazy for not paying for tv, but I refuse to pay for something I might watch at most an hour a day. Simple rules of life…if you must use your credit card then you are pretending to have more money than you actually have. And sure, you can certainly eat fruity ‘o’s and hamburger helper on $550 a month, but fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy, lean meats and chicken, cleaning supplies and toilet paper? I also timed it to take advantage of the new car purchase tax credit, and also just before California raised its sales tax again (saving me a few hundred dollars). And I have never had cable or satellite tv, viewing that, no pun intended, as largely a waste of time.

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