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So, if k is the rate of change of population, C is the initial population, and T is the time, P(T) is our population. I personally believe that population growth will remain exponential for a while, but in developed countries today population is starting to level out due to birth control. Its the fact that nowadays we can produce veritable legions of talented minds AND efficiently back them up with the resources they need to do their job (thanks to Capitalism becoming the ever preferred economic system of the world, resulting in big-ass think tanks known as "Corporations"), as opposed to the old days when we might have had only one genius per century (whom we promptly executed for threatening our paranoid ideals). Thus, for that above plethora of mega complicated reasons, I simply added little one word adjectives as "deemed" or "considered" in front of words like "overpopulated", and words like "comfortably" or "reasonably" in front of parts concerning the Earth being unable to "sustain" humanity. As revealed by IRIS and the Terminals, Humans were already found on Earth when the Forerunner found them, they were "chosen" above the other races for the "Mantle", and then indexed and sent to Ark, upon which they were later returned.
Finally, the connection between the Forerunner and Humanity is not a simple one, as theories like these would attest. The Forerunner saw something in Humanity that was unique, as IRIS mentioned in Server 5 that Humans provided "answers" to their own mysteries.
I wish people would stop throwing in their pet theories and passing them off as factual information just because it suits them. Every attempt has seen the section quickly returned, and an outbreak of consternation on the subject. I know it's hard to believe, but based on current UN estimates, a population in the mid-high 20 billions seems plausible for the 26th century. I don't think the section is best presented as a bulleted list, and it should be converted to prose. From the first paragraph, "They were the second (after the Forerunners) sentient species to develop advanced methods of living on their home planet of Earth". I just removed a part suggesting that the forerunners lived on earth so unless you believe that good day. For some reason, no one seems to notice that everyone else moved from this wiki to another site.
The real known human population according UNSC is 70 billion before the human covenant war was 70 billion sense they found 303 candidates for the first spartan class she said for every 150 candidates found according to Halsey journal which was found read I and written in Halsey journal there 39 billion people but sense they found 303 candidates as indicated by Ralph 303 serial spartan number in halo legends shown they found that many at least the population was at least 70 billion will keep it that number for covenance sake. I agree with this guy and it says so in Halsey journal 39 billion people for every 150 canadates found and we sense 303 there was 303 canadate equals 70 billion ok.—This unsigned comment is made by Gundam888 (talk • contribs) .
I agree with this —This unsigned comment is made by Tmntmaster889 (talk • contribs) 02:36, January 29, 2015.
It's stated that in various articles on here that the Forerunner-Precursor war was due to the Precursors deciding to hand the mantle of responsbility to humanity. If I am not mistaken, isn't one of the policies on this page to post information that is fully canonical and not just air-headed speculation? Whoever posted this claims that with the Halo Array firing 100,000 years before the events of the series, any sentient life on Earth would have been eliminated.
While their math is correct, the interpretation is not; the Human inhabitants of Earth were already safe when the Array fired, so after that event, they were returned to Earth and became as they are in the Halo trilogy.

While it is true that this is the first revealing of Humanity's relation to the Forerunner, it is not free of contradictions.
If they were descendants of the Forerunner, then Humanity would not have existed on Earth at all until the Forerunner came, which if you look at the relevant information, did not happen. Here you have two separate species who "appear" to be identical and even related, but the exact nature of that is left ambiguous. This could mean that Humans had the same genetic markers as they did, or they found that they both came from a common ancestor or contributor, such as the Precursors mentioned so often. The only reason population growth is so high right now is because of largely unchecked population growth in the developing world. There is no confirmation of it as fact, therefore it doesn't belong there - I concur with the edit. Probably some very important human colonies were kept secret to the survival of the human race, perhaps using the Cole Protocol in certain circumstances. And there 23 billion human casualties according to cortania in halo infinitites leavening surfing human population at 47 billion but add at least 4 billion a decade before and 2 during human covenant war 3 billion new people for surplus breeding making the final human population count at 50 billion sense my sources back me up I'm just going to add to population okay.—This unsigned comment is made by Halogundam8 (talk • contribs) . However, the article on the Forerunner-Precursor war states that this war happened in 10,100,000BCE. Ended up tweaking and flat out adding a lot of details concerning humanity's advancement as a species.
While that is correct, the poster asserts that Humans were destroyed, and then magically reappeared in the ensuing time period. There wasn't a new "sentient species" evolving out nowhere; the original sentient inhabitants were taken away, and put back afterwards. As is characteristic of Bungie, cryptic storytelling makes quotes like these having a very ambiguous context. IRIS and the "Castaway" false book seem to point us in the right direction, by saying that the Humans of Earth were altered in some subtle way, distinguising them from the rest of Earth's life.
But all of this is a far cry from saying that the Forerunner "settled on Earth, gave up all their technology and their cilivization, and degenerated into modern Humans" fan theory. How does this make sense of this article is also claiming that humanity is in the Halo universe only 200,000 years old? For one thing, the scientific method alone cannot account for modern humanity's unprecedented growth rates. The poster has missed some very important details; Humans had already existed on Earth for over 100,000 years prior to Array firing, and they were also a part of the several million year-old Hominid lineage of Earth. Many factors have to be considered, which includes changing ideas within the story canon which makes earlier material dubious or irrelevant, and this one is hard to assess. The real reason we'll colonize isn't because we "need" to as though our very survival depends upon it, but simply because the real estate over there is cheaper and more convenient what with less bureaucrats getting in your way. Therefore, humanity would have died in the first firing of the Halo rings, and a new race of very similar sentient beings evolved on Earth again. And cheap convenient real estate that also happens to sit on a mountain of titanium (or what have you) = $$$ = migration efforts reminiscent of the Gold Rush. It is no educated community, and is full of 9 year olds who WILL curse at you, who WILL spam, who WILL call you a noob repeatedly, and WILL not take a joke. First of all, for those who don't know whatRoblox is, it's basicaly a lego-like game, with studs and blocks that you can build with.

You can build and use other's scripts to make a game, or you can take a crappy wiki's lesson on how 2 LUA.(the horrible community)LUA scripters are very advanced in the Roblox Community. Some decent games, with good, creative, original material may make you feel like you're in an actual testing facility.
The very few creative minds of LUA that remain on ROBLOX have had games that have lasted for years, and I'm about to introduce the community's favorite of Davidii's Survival series. SURVIVAL 303 (Yes I took this screenshot myself)SUMMARY:Survival 303 has been featured many times in ROBLOX Wikis.
The game is what seemed like the perfect island survival game I've always dreamed of, and I immediately got obsessed with it. Your mission is to survive and put yourself on the highest level that you can before ROBLOX decides to be poop and disconnects you within 4-5 hours. In this game, you need to survive by yourself and make better things based off of the materials that you can work with.
I personally like being alone the whole time, I'm not a big fan of big villages or responsibility for tribe members. In some occasions, people put themselves in charge of other tribes by forcing them to pay taxes.
Most of the time this doesn't work, because a tribe they try to force into paying ends up being ten times as powerful as the oligarchy, and kills them the instant that they get aggressive.I'm going to stop here because this summary is getting way too long.
Most buildings are crafted and, oddly enough, fit in your tool menu to be placed and retooled anywhere you please.
If you want to have a huge introduction, tip-giving helpful advisory tutorial for the game, read the whole thread. STATSThis is one of the most important bars.If any of these fall to 0, you will die a few secondsafterwards and lose every tool that's not stored.
This decides what you can and cannot craft.If you do not have enough skill to craft something, then upon crafting it it will tell you what level of the skill you need. Here's a list of how to increase skills, made by Edd1148 on ROBLOX:(I did some tiny edits based on my experience) Foraging ~ This skill I believe increases the speed of the Forage Tool. Can beincreased through usage of the Forage Tool, increasing in amounts of XPrelative to how big the object being foraged is. Can [be increased through usage of the Swim button which appears by the Stats GUI when you jump into the ocean.
2 Sm Tree Stump > Hull) Smithing ~ This skill can be increased through use of the anvil in creating tools and items. Can be increased through crafting ships, increasing in amounts of XP relative to how manyrequirements the ship you crafted had.
Can be increasedthrough crafting buildings, increasing in amounts of XP relative to how manyrequirements the building you crafted had.
Canbe increased through crafting anything, including some starter recipes like String,Rope, and Hemp. Farming ~ This skill enables you to make building such as the Hen House and plant seeds that require a higher farming level, such as Wheat.

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