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Here is one of the sweetest little guns that I have seen in a long while, the Chiappa Little Badger.
In any true survival scenario stealth would be a key factor, giving away your bug-out location would be a big time no-no. The trick with survival rifles is to actually have them when it comes time to do some survivin' — and that's hard to do with an oversized killing machine.
A lot of the zombie-related goods we feature here on Uncrate are created in jest — but trust us, Hornady Zombie Max Ammo ($28) is no laughing matter. If you would like more ¬†information or reviews on the Henry AR-7, I have included several of them below.
They work hard to make sure the products you want are available when you want or need them for your preps. Survival AR-7 Rifle ($275) is a semi-automatic firearm that sports an 8-round .22 LR magazine, and features a unique design that allows the receiver and the barrel to fit inside the impact-resistant, waterproof stock, making it perfect for keeping at the ready in a bag with clothes and supplies, or for hiding at a designated spot in the wilderness for retrieval post-shit hitting the fan.

Far from your standard Hanes multi-pack, MeUndies, are made with a signature blend of fabric that is 3x softer than cotton yet still hugs all the right things in all the right places. Basically tin cans on metal sticks, each measures 28-inches tall, features a crushed bottle cap on the bottom, and comes with a crudely hand-stamped name plaque for marking your territory beverage.
A word of advice: if you end up using these, you're probably going to need more than one box. It is adjustable for elevation, buy loosening the screw on the rear sight plate and sliding it up or down.
Ordering is virtually risk-free, since if you don't love your first pair, they'll pay you back and you can keep it for free. The folding feature allows this gun to fit into tight spaces or slip into a backpack making it a perfect survival weapon. The rear sight plate is also reversible, giving you a course sight hole and a smaller peep sight.

Their domain service includes privacy, a flat yearly rate, and a handsome parking page until you're ready to launch.
The folding feature also allows for a quick and easy cleaning without having to disassemble the gun. If you really want to go course sighting, remove the plate and just acquire the front blade inside the rear sight hoop. And if you do find yourself wearing the first pair everyday (gross) it's even easier to stock up, with generous savings for those who subscribe or buy a pack.
Their designs are top-tier, image-rich, and move from desktop to mobile with ease, making it easy to highlight any property with great photographs and even fly-through or outdoor aerial videos.

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