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Since the second attempt to put this map, they removed all the glitches, the loot spawn changed and it had mixed emotion comments in the commentary section.
A new 'combat logging' gui was added to feature if the player is in combat or not, even after combat, it takes one minute to cool down. The original update was plagued with glitches, ranging from other players being naked to flopping around the menu. In the first 20 minutes after its release, the game gained about 600 players, doubling the amount it had. Many unique and historical buildings have been upgraded such as the Radio Station, Abandoned Mine shaft (which is huge as), Prison, Mansion and Factory. Kin, Hark and Vernal were more expanded with more buildings but lesser military grade spawn points. Guns, ammo, loot and food can NOT be either moved using an entrencher due to the anchored system to all loot.
A new map planning item was added, but is more 'old' fashioned without labeling service buildings like Police Station and Hospital.
The loot spawn rate was left the same, and since every building is enterable exept of one at tritiny-HQ is the map as 4 times larger dan the other maps, it made even Makarov ammo rare.

It was released on Tuesday, March 3, however it was immediately taken down and replaced with the Kin Reimagined map due to bugs. One of the biggest updates is that you can now open and close doors, leading to every building being accessible. Also, guns would have strange glitches, and sometimes it would take ages for it to register that you damaged another player. It was re-released on March the 19th after it's bugs were fixed and it's final touches were completed. It is similar to Kin Reimagined and has the same cities, although it has many more mountains and trees, as well as cities being rearranged, and a lot more scattered buildings in between. It is much bigger yet it actually reduced lag due to a "Revolutionary" chunk system Keth came up with. The interact tool was removed, all you need to do now is click items with nothing equipped to interact.

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