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Most older first aid kits do not conform to the new British standard (BS 8599-1) as they did not take into account many of the injuries that could occur in the workplace. This is the technical data for the St John Ambulance BS 8599-1 Compliant Zenith First Aid Kits.
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There are all sorts of objects around the home and in the office that can be used to apply first aid.
The direct mail component of this campaign was interesting in the fact we got to wrap a broken arm around actual newspaper to demonstrate how a newspaper can be used as a splint.
The newly re-designed first aid kits from St John Ambulance are fully compliant with the new standard. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.
In this campaign we gave short three frame instructions in how to use these items in an emergency to demonstrate just how short St Johns Short First Aid courses really are.

These kits are supplied in a soft yet robust zippered pouch for easy access to your first aid essentials.
But what's actually more important is to act quick, in terms of avoiding permanent brain damage. We made this TVC to make people remember the importance of knowing first aid, by showing one of the consequences of not being able to act fast.

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