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No matter what you do, it pays to have first aid skills because you can’t learn it in an emergency.
Some courses have pre-requisites that require you to have current qualifications in other courses before you can enroll. No fee will apply where a minimum of 10 business days written notice is given prior to the course date.
A fee of 25% of the course cost will apply where between 5 and 9 business days written notice is given prior to the course date.
A fee of 100% of the course cost will apply where less than 5 business days written notice is given prior to the course date.
A full refund will be given where a minimum of 10 business days written notice is given prior to the course date. A 75% refund will apply where between 5 and 9 business days written notice is given prior to the course date. No refund will be given where less than 5 business days written notice is given prior to the course date.
St John Ambulance WA RTO #0392 has been given exemption from compulsory collection of USIs and reporting training results to the National Vocational Education and Training (VET) Database. Basic Resuscitation is an easy short course that will assist you to perform basic life support skills. Provide First Aid is valid for 3 years and includes a Provide Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (Basic Resus) component that expires yearly. This course provides the skills and knowledge required to provide a first aid response to infants, children and adults and specifically applies to educators and support staff working within an education and care setting who are required to respond to a first aid emergency, including asthmatic and anaphylactic emergencies. BOOKINGS AND PAYMENTS FOR THIS COURSE TO BE MADE IN PERSON TO ENSURE COLLECTION OF PRE-COURSE MATERIAL, WHICH IS TO BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE COURSE DATE.
The course applies to individuals who may be required to use specialised equipment to provide resuscitation in a range of complex situations, including community and workplace settings. OFA is an extension of the skills learnt in the HLTAID003 Provide First Aid course and will equip the Occupational First Aider with the necessary skills to perform competently within the industrial environment with the relevant equipment.
New First Aid KitsWe have a selection of First Aid Kits available for purchase at our Office.

All First Aid course participants are eligible for a 10% discount on our first aid kits, if purchased within 30 days of completing the course.
Ambulance services aid provider st john ambulance wa, Are you st john safe training venues first aid kits book an accredited first aid course with st john today from st john ambulance western australia is a. First aid courses perth aid training st john, St john ambulance offers an extensive while this is not a replacement for practical first aid training free first aid and training for schools.
St john ambulance australia, St john ambulance is australia’s leading provider of first aid services training and equipment health first aid program. St John Ambulance is a large provider of first aid training and event medical cover in the United Kingdom. Simply fill out a form on the St John Ambulance website and they will send you your free first aid manual! Similar to St John Ambulance, the British Red Cross publish a free first aid manual for UK residents. If you want to carry around a first aid guide with you, we’d also recommend having a look at a free first aid app for your smartphone. I was not sure where to post this but is there anywhere on this site where I can print out a “wallet sized” certificate? Online first aid certificateIn order to download your first aid certificate you will need to complete all modules of our online first aid course.
In order to access our online first aid course you must have registered an account with us and be logged in. St John (Qld) delivers nationally recognised training in partnership with St John Ambulance Australia Inc.
80 staff members have been trained in Family & Friend Awareness and Skills training program. We are associated with American Heart Association (AHA) and American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) to provide certified courses in CPR, AED usage, BLS & ACLS and First Aid. St John Ambulance is internationally recognized as a Registered First Aid Training organisation.
To determine which course is most suited for your needs, please don’t hesitate to call our office and discuss the options open to you.

You can still train with us and receive your course certificate; however your assessment results will not appear on your authenticated VET transcript or be available to you via the USI System unless you provide us with your USI. Anyone who requires or desires a statement of attainment in adult resuscitation should attend.
Advanced Resuscitation is the minimum course requirement where a person requires the skills and knowledge in the use of advanced resuscitation equipment.
They publish a free first aid guide which UK residents can request to be sent to their home. While the emphasis is on first aid, you’ll also develop leadership and social skills through the programs and activities St John has to offer.
Our Mobile Training Unit allows us to bring the training at your site, for your convenience and on all days of the week, around the year, thus preventing any disruption in your performance. Without oxygen, permanent brain damage can result in as little as four minutes, with death following soon after. National medical and technical advisory committees authorize the content of our courses, ensuring we teach the latest techniques and revise our course content regularly to meet both International and Australian standards. We also offer “Kit Servicing” : this ensures that your kit remains well stocked and up to date. The content is aimed at New Zealand residents however most of the content is generic first aid information.
However, the immediate delivery of CPR, even by an untrained bystander, can protect and sustain a victim until skilled medical assistance arrives.
St John Ambulance offers kit components at very competitive prices, with most items cheaper than the local supermarket. Ranging from Band-Aids to splints, our comprehensive range, suits every workplace and individual’s needs.

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