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Even if you are not attending the course, we can still arrange purchase of the first aid kit for you to ensure you are prepared for emergencies. Please note - this chart complies with Qld legislation and is for use around pools only. St John (Qld) delivers nationally recognised training in partnership with St John Ambulance Australia Inc. The University's approach to the events of 1939 was generally cautious - not only because of the confusion that existed about the nature of the national commitment, but also because all were convinced that the war would be a long and costly one. Dean Douglas addressed women students early in the term [1940] in an effort to focus their participation in the Queen's war effort. The Queen's detachment of the Women's Voluntary Service Corps was formed in early 1941 with an enlistment of about 30 women, [its] future was ensured in September 1941 when Dean Douglas outlined in fairly forceful tones the available work for women, and the Senate decided that a minimal amount of female participation in the war effort would be mandatory. Direct involvement of Queen's women in military-related activities during the 1941-42 session was on the whole a success, with enrolment a respectable 124 in first aid and 60 in the training detachment.
In January 1941, the QWAC set students a definite objective in the hope that this would increase their efforts to gather funds.
After consultation with the Departments of National Defence and of War Services, the universities of Canada established compulsory military training for all students of eighteen years or over, who are of British citizenship.
The intercollegiate sports programme has been discontinued, and interfaculty sports, which are much less time-consuming, have been fostered in order to maintain the values which come from active participation in a healthy sports programme. Under the strenuous conditions which they have had to face, the temper of the student body merits high praise.
The University Training Detachment, Canadian Red Cross Corps receives training which fits women to enter any one of the three women's services. Each of these individual files were kept by the War Record Committee of Queen's University.
The program covers a wide variety of topics including: Injury Prevention, Choking, CPR, Bleeding, Fractures, and much more! When people go to war this time they have some idea what they are going to; they expect not romance and high adventure but discomfort, drab weariness, suffering, death. The announcement just before registration in 1939 that COTC training would count as an academic credit precipitated a sizeable influx of students into the Contingent. The first fund raising scheme went into effect before the end of the winter term of the 1940-41 session: War Aid Stamps, to be affixed to all mail, were placed on sale on December 6, 1940. In addition to their donations to the Red Cross, The War Aid Commission decided to purchase a field ambulance worth $1400. Some of the glamour and excitement which accompanies the rivalry of the universities on the football field has been missing; but the time of students has been so heavily taken up in military activity that it would have been very difficult, had it been advisable, to carry on effectively in inter-university meets this year. Sixteen faculty members have obtained leave to give their time to military service or war work.
As it is practically entirely secret work, no statement can be made about it, other than that some of the work has proved to be of great value.
They contain information regarding those staff, students, alumni and faculty who died in service during the Second World War.

Unfortunately, while over 800 students enrolled, permission had not been granted beforehand for an increase from the former establishment of 246 cadets.
John's Ambulance first-aid course, while Upper-year women who hoped eventually to enlist in the Women's Auxiliary Army or Air Force Corps were urged to enter the Women's Corps; others were encouraged to do hospital visiting and Red Cross work. At a cost of only one cent, no argument of financial stringency could excuse the participation of any student in this particular plan. Several others have been partially relieved from their duties, to give part time to war work, while very many are giving all their spare time to war work, while very many are giving all their spare time to one form or other of national service.
Fewer and fewer men are going on to senior years in arts, and those who do go on are in the main in the lower physical categories, unless they are specializing in the sciences.
The work is financed by the Dominion Government, in the main through the National Research Council.
The files generally include military service cards and rolls, obituaries and photographs, although some files may also include clippings from the Queen's Review or other sources. They only feel sure that the war must be won if the things we value are to be preserved, though they sometimes fear that a second great war may wreck our civilization whoever are the victors. Numerous letters were sent to Ottawa requesting permission for all 815 cadets to be allowed to write the qualifying examination and thereby obtain the academic credit. Douglas "urged every girl to realize her responsibilities in disciplining mind and will.
The stamp campaign had a dual benefit, as well: while stamp sales raised money for the war effort, their use was evidence to the rest of the community of the University's active involvement. There has been little time for the organizations which form an important part of student life and education. The total attendance is over three hundred below our maximum registration, and the decrease is mainly in the registration of arts men. Until the war is over, until victory is won, and until the problems that must be met at the close of the war are on the way to a reasonable solution, we shall all work under a load. After some delay, permission to increase the size of the Contingent was granted by the Chief of the General Staff, with the stipulation that those accepted in excess of the original enrolment not be paid.
Yet another campaign involved the collection of old magazines and books for redistribution to military personnel based at Barriefield.
The response was such that by March 7, 1941, the treasurer reported a total of $1,443.48 in the Ambulance Fund, an accomplishment that represented one of the major fund-raising successes of the QWAC. In electrical engineering and physics, a senior year group has been trained specially in communication and radio direction finding for the needs of the services, and a special course on radio direction finding will be given at the request of the Government during the summer months. All physically fit men students take training under the Canadian Officers' Training Corps, the University Air Training Corps, or the University Naval Training Division. As compared with the responsibilities that are carried by business men under the stress of war, our load is light. Enlistment, which peaked at 842 in November 1939, finally levelled off at 648 for the session. The women students have been engaged in Red Cross work, and in first aid and women's auxiliary service training.

Practically to a man, the men students of eighteen years and over have fulfilled their military requirements, which have been rigidly administered in accordance with the understanding with the Government.
Members of the Medical Faculty have given courses for medical officers of the units in the district on medical and surgical problems related to the war. A continuous stream of young men pass through our halls under the Royal Canadian Air Force. During the first term as well all the women students have taken a course in nutrition and health; and in the second term the first year students have taken the St.
It is our responsibility to endeavour to see farther into the future, and to strive, through education and training, to prepare young men and women - and older men and women too - for the task that lied ahead.
Notwithstanding shortages of equipment, uniforms, and instructional materials, students enthusiastically enrolled for military training in five major areas: Artillery (201), Engineering (224), Signals (20), Infantry (144) and Field Medicine (33). The War Aid Commission has had various devices for raising funds for a fully equipped ambulance - public lectures by prominent Canadians, novelty booths and sale of corsages at dances, and other ingenious methods of extracting funds from a not-too-affluent clientele. The extramural service of Queen's University has been made available to officers and men in the Active Service Forces whether in Canada or overseas, in order that, when time is available, they may continue the studies which have been interrupted on enlisting for service.
They are given a six weeks' course in mathematics and physics under their own officers in our lecture rooms and laboratories.
In several laboratories special research is being carried on, some of which is of a highly confidential nature, to meet the problems which the war has created. Every undergraduate women registers for voluntary work in one or other of a variety of activities - Red Cross work, hospital visiting, Girl Guide leadership, business training, serving in soldiers' canteens, and the like - for at least two hours per week. Jemmett as officer in charge of instruction, has made the administration of the compulsory training plan an easy task.
The call for members of staff and for students is becoming more urgent as the war needs grow more pressing. Last autumn 135 men were admitted who had been specially selected by Army authorities to take a year's training in scientific subjects. No student at Queen's has refused to take the training, and, with only two or three exceptions, the students of eighteen years of age and over have completed the 100 hours of instruction laid down in the syllabus. There is little doubt that the University will face next year grave difficulties, which will make our present problems seem insignificant. They will be part of the sacrifice we should pay - and pay gladly - in the cause for which the people of Britain are displaying a heroism and an endurance to which no tribute of words can do adequate justice.
Seventy-two have senior matriculation standing, and are taking the regular work of the first year in applied science. Sixty-three have junior matriculation standing, and are in first year arts in a curriculum made up mainly of science subjects. After five weeks of additional training in subjects of special military significance these men will be absorbed into technical branches of the Army.

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