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After a successful pilot last year St John's Ambulance have rolled out more classes for Canberra's youngest first aiders, and this week it was Fadden Primary School's turn.
The students in Jaki Fraser's Year Three class learned how to apply bandages and slings, how to recognise serious conditions like heart attacks, and dealing with cuts and burns. St John's Ambulance first aid trainer Kym 'Twisty' Schmid said children are never too young to learn first aid, and by Year Three there was plenty they can do.
Students Sophie and Jake found the class useful and were more confident that they'd know what to do if a friend was hurt in the playground. Many candidates need to have keep themselves certified either through workplace policy or through school policy.
Learn the latest standards and techniques in first aid by enrolling in re-certification courses in Canada.

All courses include certification and training in the use of automated external defibrillators (AED’s).
Students must have completed a full course or a renewal course of the same, or higher level, within the past 3 years. If students do not meet all of these prerequisites then they are not eligible for a renewal course with the St Mark James or Lifesaving Society. To register for a refresher course near you select your location from the selection on the menu or side menu bar.
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Certain first aid and CPR providers have made it easier for candidates that have previously taken a course and need to maintain certification. Check your local provider to ensure that you meet the requirements for re-certifications in your area.

The links will direct you to a St Mark James provider near you that offers refresher courses. Course length depends on course type, provider, training partner and ultimately the instructor of the course. Both are of equal value and, with some training partners, candidates can opt to have both awards.

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Rubric: Provide First Aid


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