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Enjoy a video presentation and guided tour of the reconstructed 15th century Iroqouian Village.
9th annual month-long fundraising campaign in support of the Oakville Hospital Foundation culminates with a bed race.
Halton County Radial Railway is the place to ride the rails and see the wildflowers blooming in the woods. Tour De Halton starting at Holy Trinity High School and has options ranging from 25km to 100km. Cyclists of all abilities can enjoy a scenic ride through beautiful Halton while raising funds for the new Oakville Hospital. Featuring local and international talent, enjoy your summer afternoons at Heritage Square in Kerr Village. This free community event brings children, teens and their families together for a day of active fun, engaging activities and learning simple ways to be healthier in spirit, mind and body. Bring the kids out and under the stars to explore the natural world through coyote howls, star gazing, bat watching and more. Enjoy Juno award winning Canadian jazz pianist, vocalist and songwriter Laila Biali for a special performance.
Congratulations to our GCSE students for successfully passing a St Johns Ambulance Student First Aid course.
The St Johns Ambulance trainers did a continual assessment of the students and all were required to demonstrate the skills they had learnt. Acting Principal, Shahzad Hussain congratulated and presented the GCSE students with their individual certificates.
Children at Honiton primary school doing a first aid course with Grant Miller from St Johns Ambulance pictured with David Foster. Children at Honiton primary school doing a first aid course with Grant Miller from St Johns Ambulance.
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Signing up is free, quick and easy and offers you the chance to add comments, personalise the site with local information picked just for you, and more. An organisation has supported 18 people facing homelessness since the deaths of two rough sleepers in Sidmouth prompted its formation. Sidmouth Lifeboat launched for the fifth time this month after reports that three people were trapped by the tide beyond a recent rock fall today (Monday).
Check out some of the pictures taken of the first ever Sidmouth Food Festival by our photographer Simon Horn. A Sidmouth author’s dream to write a best-seller could come true later this month as her debut psychological suspense novel hits the shelves. Youngsters aspiring to keep the coastline safe have won the praise of the national scheme’s leader. Online CPR Certification CPR Training of New York Fast and easy online CPR certification or recertification. Please consciously abide by Internet-related policies and regulations, is strictly prohibited publication of pornographic, violent, reactionary remarks. The name of the early settlement was Front Westmeath; not to mix it up with the Township of  Westmeath. The hamlet of Westmeath overlooks the Lower Allumette Lake and the name Westmeath comes from a county in Ireland. In the early days, Westmeath was situated on the busy portage route to the lumber camps and the hamlet grew as settlers moved into the surrounding area.
To get a look at the beginnings of the settlement  we present this series of three pictures drawn  by Emmett Brisson. The first log buildings were built at the Lower Allumette Lake shoreline and later the settlment moved to the hilltop.
This might be a drawing of the first small log village school house and the pretty young teacher with her bell. Much conjecture centres about the origin of the naming of the township of Westmeath, and the picturesque village which bears the same name, but it is generally conceded that the name must have been given to it by a surveyor, who named it after his native county in the Emerald Isle.  Many of the older residents recall when the settlement was also most generally known as “Front Westmeath” to distinguish it from the township, but the common use of this distinguishing appellation has almost entirely disappeared.

From Valliant’s Hill there is spread before one a scene of pastoral beauty: – the Ottawa River, Allumette Island – where Champlain camped with his men more than 300 years ago – the distant mountains and forest, the village of Westmeath, the farms and fertile fields and valleys stretching for miles. More than one hundred years ago the whole country was thickly wooded with pine and spruce, when up the Ottawa came those first stout hearted men and women – the early pioneers – some coming from the Old Country having spent weeks on the Atlantic crossing in sailing vessels, other United Empire Loyalists from the Eastern States.
A later Adams’ home with Mary Adams, parents Hannah and Gideon (brother to Samuel Adams), also Joe and Willie Adams. George Washington Tucker’s parents came from England and settled in the States but left there after the war of 1776 rather than deny allegiance to the Motherland.  Finally George W. In this little log school, Rachel Stone, – who traveled here from Prescott County, – was the first teacher.  She boarded at the Tucker home and afterwards became the bride of eldest son, George Rex. One of the settlers in the early 50’s who seems to have enjoyed popularity and success was Samuel Adams, whose farm was on the North.  Mr.
Significant migration of Protestant Irish to Canada in the early 19th century brought with it the establishment of the Orange Order in Canada. In the two villages of Beachburg and Westmeath,  Orange Halls were built circa 1855,  (both buildings survive to this day) and working together the lodges took their place as fraternal organizations in the community. This photograph has been submitted by Patti Desjardins in the hope that some of the Lodge membership can be identified. Unfortunately we don’t have an exact year that this portfolio of snapshots was for sale as village souvenirs – maybe around  1908-1910 would be a guess.  It is a collection of landmarks some of which had gone such as the Norman Reid Store and the Arena, but other buildings remain in the village. A whole community benefits from a strong recreation program and the citizens of Westmeath always had a “Let’s do it!” attitude.  Whether curling, hockey, skating  or other winter pursuits, everyone had a great time. L to R: Dorothy Jeffrey- Skip, Monica Robinson, Lola Tate, Mina Ethier, Edith Gervais, Lorette Huges, Alice Wright. The month of May 1975 saw the beginning of the end of an old Friend and historical landmark, in our Village of Westmeath.
The third rink was the second covered rink that was built in Westmeath.  This one was 166 feet long and 66 feet wide.
Westmeath in those days was a great centre for supplying lumber camps and business was good, but that erection of a $4,000.
Being the only covered rink for miles around, people came from all over on skating nights – even from Waltham and Allumette Island Quebec. Now, the rink no longer safe for use has been torn down.  All the reusable materials were sold and the money used in the construction of the new arena. The building and paying for the 1906 covered rink was a great undertaking that was financed by the following shareholders.  It is a “who’s who” of the families that were in the community at that time. At any hour of the night or day, in any weather or season,  a messenger would come to the doctor’s house or the telephone would ring.  Everyone in the village and surrounding countryside depended on the country doctor – a general practitioner meeting every need as best he could. Our Craftsmen make good quality Cadet Award Badges and a wide range of other badges for Military use. This course will prepare students for full time employment in the distribution and warehousing sector. The program consists of St Johns Emergency First Aid Safety Oreinted - Level I plus forklift instruction, classroom lecture, assignments and homework, as well as supervised workplace experience. As always, if you would like to discuss your current real estate situation, I would love to offer my expert knowledge of the Oakville and Burlington markets.
Providing online certification and courses in CPR AED, first aid, and bloodborne pathogen.?->AED & CPR Training of New YorkFast and easy online CPR certification or recertification. The first settler in the Village of Westmeath was George Washington Tucker, a United Empire Loyalist, who owned a large section of the hamlet as shown on a survey plan dated 1875. It had several blacksmith shops, a carriage shop where wagons and buggies were built, a harness shop, a tailor’s shop, a shoemakers shop and a barber shop.
Today, the hamlet of Westmeath provides residents with a rural lifestyle yet it offers the convenience of two elementary schools, several churches and an arena & community hall complex, all within its boundaries. She also makes reference to the back and forth commerce with Allumette Island.  That back and forth travel across the river was an important part of the life of the small settlement. Tucker and his family made the hazardous journey up the Ottawa, portaging the rapids and camping on its wooded shores until he came to that part where the village of Westmeath is now situated.  He owned at one time, practically all the land on which the village is built, and gave the land on which the first school was built. Adams built a stone house, and his farm, which is now owned by Hugh Dunn.  This house was destroyed by fire. Huntingdon went to the patient.  He was instrumental in alleviating much pain and suffering and his services were always given willingly and gratuitously.

They employed  all the able-bodied Westmeath men available, during the winter season to fell the timber and then to bring it down the rivers with the melt-water of the spring.
Protestant Irish soldiers and emigrants, largely Ulster-born, introduced the organization into New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario within the first decade of the nineteenth century.
Eulysse Gervais – a resident of Westmeath from the early 1900s and a key builder of the structure; then used in the Westmeath Tweedsmuir Book. The rink was swept off, the dam lowered a couple of inches and the rink was covered with two inches of new ice. Charlie Howard, a citizen of Westmeath took the contract and with the help of all the carpenters around and other volunteer labour – and material- the rink was built; quite an accomplishment for a community of 400 people.
Gervais also told us that one of the big attractions of those early hockey games was provided by Mr. Edgar Wood in the village meant that a couple of generations of babies were all delivered by him.  There are many around that can still tell tales of anxious visits to Dr. The Duke of Edinburgh Award Badges are a very popular choice and we sell these on a daily basis. Students learn how to care for infants, toddlers and older children, first aid, and what questions to ask parents.
If anyone had an aching tooth, an abscess that had to be lanced or a severe ache or pain, or was in a run-down condition, he came by horseback or on foot, through the forest or along the river front to Samuel Huntingdon for relief and help. Buchanan installed a much larger and better equipped mill on the same site.  This mill was moved away in 1943.
These shanties had to be stocked with all the provisions needed by the lumberjacks and the horse teams during the winter months.
By the twentieth century the lodges’ membership was in decline until they were finally disbanded. He told me that the same photo had hung in the Lodge and the names of everybody were on the back. Eulysse Gervais, who has given us this account of the rinks, did all the steel work, making angle irons and putting steel rods right across the rink; then the structure was braced. Those were the days of the seven-man hockey teams and many great games were played in the rink. Middle Row L to R: Alice Wright, Roland Lacroix, Julia Gervais, Carmel Retty, Caro McMullen. Graham also served as the Township’s Medical Officer for many years and oversaw the smallpox vaccination program instituted by the township in 1899. Wood’s practice located in the front section of his big red brick house, one house in from the Main and Synton Street corner in the village. Cotnam,  practiced in Westmeath Village for a short time but remained in the area  – first at Cobden and later in Pembroke.  In his 58-year practice he had seen at least one member of every family in the township at one time or another. The year six pupils were taught how to act calmly and deal with a situation if they came across a person who was unconscious. There also were several general stores in which the farmers could sell or trade their produce locally.
After Norris died, I tried asking Edgar White about it but, as I recall, he didn’t know where the framed photo might have ended up. They also were told not to put themselves in danger, and if they didna€™t know the person, call for help.
Reid took over the financial management and the debt was all paid off and the shareholders received a 20% dividend. Eulysse Gervais, the village blacksmith, used one of these saws in his shop when fixing wheels. This rink was approximately 70 feet by 40 feet and was used for several years.  Then it was decided that it was too small. Chamberlain and others are on record as taking part in the business life of the settlement from 1854-1860 and earlier. An additional lot was purchased, the old rink torn down and a larger rink built in 1907, on the same site.

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