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For details of St John spokespeople in the major St John State Offices please call 1300 360 455. Use the St John logo or images made available in this Press Centre when publishing articles about St John, our services and products. Credit the use of images made available in this Press Centre when publishing articles about St John, our services and products. Use a confusing book title which might imply your book is endorsed or written by St John Ambulance Australia Inc. Use the St John name or logo on any apparel, product, or merchandise without our permission. When the logo is reproduced for external public purposes, it should be used in red wherever possible (i.e.
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Book a first aid course, purchase products or ask about our workplace First Aid assessment.Call St John on 1300 360 455.

NRVC will convene in the fall of 2013 two workshops for both major superiors and their vocation directors for the purpose of studying contemporary research pertinent to religious vocations for men and the opportunities and challenges they present for vocation promotion.
Fr Tony Mullins (pictured), along with six priests and five young lay musicians and with Fr Frank O'Connor from Saint Munchin's College in Limerick acting as narrator, have combined to produce the CD and will perform a special concert at Saint John's Cathedral in Limerick City on December 16 with all proceeds going to the Limerick Diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes. The CD retails at €15 and can be purchased from a number of outlets in Limerick city including Limerick Pastoral centre.
Do you have a desire to do something different with your life but you are not sure what that is? Do you feel that you want to get closer to God an let prayer have a bigger part in your life?
Do you admire the life or work of a priest, brother or sister that you know and would like to find out more about what makes them 'tick'?
The above doesn't always mean that a person has a vocation to the religious life but it might be worthwhile considering it! The aim of the project was to encourage the group to work together to explore the concepts of clothing and fashion. The corsets and bustles on display in the exhibition inspired the group to construct a sculpture using willow and wire, the shape of which is based on a combination of everyone’s favourite outfits in the exhibition.
The exhibition was officially opened to the public on Friday 2nd March 2012 by Lorraine Comer; Head of Education at the National Museum of Ireland and runs until the end of April. Please note that PMS 186 reproduces effectively as a Pantone colour on matt or gloss stock and when printed as part of the four colour (CMYK) process.

This is the smallest size at which, under normal reproduction standards, the detail of the logo can be maintained at an acceptable level of quality. The logo should never appear on top of an image or other graphic or within a keylined area.
6 individuals from Carmona Services came to the Museum every Tuesday morning and worked collaboratively with Education & Outreach Department staff.
The project also aimed to provide Museum staff with the opportunity to work closely over a longer period with adults with intellectual disabilities to develop skills in working with this specific audience.
Through this process the group came to a deeper understanding of contemporary Irish clothing. The dress was then brought to life by weaving in all the colourful fabrics dyed by the group. By combining everyone’s ideas, inspirations and techniques mastered throughout the project, they were able to create an impressive and unusual masterpiece!
Emphasis will be given to what men religious need to do together in order to ensure the vitality and viability of religious priesthood and brotherhood in the future. These workshops will be similar to those currently underway for women religious, thanks to funding from the GHR Foundation.

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