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This blog is a way to tell some of the stories about the early days and history of Johnson & Johnson, and the people who worked here.
With the month of December, the holiday time is upon us, as is the cold weather.  So, to get everyone into the spirit of the holiday that they celebrate, and in keeping with the cooler temperatures outside, here are ten more really cool things from our archives!
Two of the Johnson & Johnson steamboats in the icy Raritan River during the winter of 1917, from our archives. 3.    The members of our RED CROSS® Choral were described as wearing matching white linen jackets and red ties for their first concert in 1910.  Is this undated photo from our archives – of male employees in matching white linen outfits, wearing ties, sitting on a stage – a photo of our first employee musical group?
The inside of the lid in one of our earliest First Aid kits, showing a list of contents and some basic first aid instructions for railroad injuries.
BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages ad from 1923, showing a mother and child, from our archives.
The ads encouraged consumers to ask their retail pharmacist for a demonstration of the product.  Why?  Because BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages were the first product of their kind, and they were so new a concept that people at the time didn’t know how to use them without a demonstration!
9.    Here’s a glimpse of what some of our ever-fashionable employees were wearing to work in the 1890s, from our archives.
The Johnson & Johnson ligature box you have from 1913 would have been used to hold surgical ligatures – which are generally defined as sutures used to tie off an anatomical structure, such as a blood vessel.
Without seeing a photo of the box, it’s difficult to tell its age, but it likely dates from the 1920s or earlier.
Some first aiders and first responders are trained to take a blood pressure using electronic or manual methods. You measure the pressure in the arteries by measuring blood pressure and usually use a BP monitor to check the pressure in your brachial artery (the artery in your upper arm).
Low blood pressure or hypotension typically causes symptoms such as dizziness, blurred thinking, nausea and fainting. Causes of low blood pressure can be dehydration or something as serious as a medical or surgical disorder. High blood pressure or hypertension can occur in people for years without any signs or symptoms. High blood pressure can be primary (no known cause) or secondary (something else causing the elevated BP).
Online first aid certificateIn order to download your first aid certificate you will need to complete all modules of our online first aid course.
In order to access our online first aid course you must have registered an account with us and be logged in. To identify a wolf spider bite, it goes without saying that it is helpful to know what a wolf spider looks like. After being bitten, fang marks and tearing of the skin might be present, particularly if a large wolf spider is the culprit. The number one sign of being bitten by a wolf spider is generally the pain that comes with it. After identifying wolf spider bites symptoms, proper care and treatment must be carried out to prevent complications from the spider bite.
Usually, wolf spiders are not seen inside homes, except in autumn and winter when they are seeking warmer places to shelter. A wolf spider bite usually happens because of ignorance on the part of the human, and fear on the part of the spider. A wolf spider bite is certainly painful and might be a traumatic experience for the individual. Although wolf spider bites are generally not as dangerous as the bites of the hobo, the black widow or the fiddleback spider, it is still better to err on the side of caution. Brain Stem: this is one of the most important aspects of the brain responsible for all of the involuntary actions.
Before you start on any caregiver resume, write down a list of your personal qualifications and experience.

Dressing is a particular difficult task for dementia patients so you add that to your skill set. When caring for a disabled person, you might have done a lot of transferring from bed to wheel chair and vice versa. If you want to make your caregiver resume more personal, you can add a face profile picture. Our very own Spring House Choir performs at the recent TEDx JNJ event at the Liberty Science Center. This big wooden box is one the earliest railroad first aid kits we made.  It would have been kept in a railroad depot or on a steam train. The kitchen area in one of our historical manufacturing buildings, complete with coffee pot and coffee mugs! Your blood flows through arteries, veins and capillaries and is circulated to all parts of the body.
The number at the top or on the left is the systolic blood pressure and the number at the bottom is the diastolic blood pressure.
A systolic (top number) pressure of 90 mmHg or a diastolic (low number) pressure of 60mmHg indicates that a person has substantially low blood pressure and requires medical treatment. However, even though the person may be asymptomatic, the heart and blood vessels are getting damaged progressively.
Due to its looks and habits, the wolf spider has earned a reputation of being a vicious predator and is even often mistaken for a tarantula. The pain may last for up to 10 days together with swelling in the surrounding area, and swelling of the lymph glands.
They are not like spider bites from the dangerous black widow, hobo, and brown recluse spider in terms of the damage and harm presented to humans.
To prevent this from occurring, proper care and treatment of wolf spider bites must be implemented.
Place a cool or cold towel over the area to minimize pain and swelling as well as the spread of the venom. In the case of high fever and development of other symptoms other than those in the table above, contact your physician as soon as possible. However, a wolf spider bite looks much scarier than it really is, just like the spider which caused it. Being knowledgeable about the wolf spider bite and knowing how to identify and treat it is the best thing you can do to be prepared in the event of a bite from a wolf spider. Even with all of the research and studies that have been done on the brain, we have not cracked the surface of the capabilities of this impressive mass. Yes, this is the center that determines if you find Newfoundland jokes hilarious or completely offensive. That means that when someone is an auditory learner, their temporal lobe is well developed. When you step into the kitchen and get hungry by seeing or smelling the food, you can thank your parietal lobe. This one aspect of the brain can determine if you are a destined gymnast or just a fearful klutz. If you have taken care of a loved one in their time of need, those are important caregiving skills to report. Depending on the condition of the cared one, your skills will vary.
Use the free sample caregiver resumes as templates and remember to keep the objective focused on your intended job position. Without the employment history, list the most relevant job skills first that would aid your hiring. This goes counter to the chronologically correct resumes that lists the most recent jobs first.
There are thousands of sample resume cover letters with resume sample objectives found on the internet.
It usually rises above its normal level during vigorous physical activity or when you’re nervous, scared or excited.

It is important that medical help is sought because unless it’s an obvious trigger such as extremely hot weather or dehydration, it could be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Though they should be taken seriously, wolf spider bites are not always as fearful as their reputation. Wolf spiders are also mistaken for nursery web spiders, but wolf spiders do not spin webs and their bodies are more robust than nursery web spiders, which are generally thin with pointed rear ends. There are 4 small ones on the bottom row, 2 large very prominent ones on the middle row and 2 medium ones on top of the head. An antibiotic ointment may be applied to kill bacteria which may have been introduced by the wolf spider through its bite. However, when a wolf spider is afraid or startled, or feels that it is threatened, it will bite without hesitation.
If you see a wolf spider, try and avoid disturbing it to avoid being bitten in the first place.
This is where your voluntary movement occurs, meaning when you had an itchy nose, that was your cerebellum that helped you scratch it! In cases of Alzheimer’s caregiving, you may be more involved in their daily schedule management and taking care of their finances.
Pay close attention to the resume layouts and the ways that it captures the reader’s eyes. If you were in the position to pick a caregiver for your elderly parent, would you pick someone that was sad or angry looking in the profile? You can even make a free resume online by picking and choosing your favorite resume templates. It is therefore important to know some basic facts about the wolf spider, as well as knowing how to identify a wolf spider bite and what treatment it requires. This, of course, adds to the fear-inducing false information that circulates about them, with many people believing they deliberately try to bite humans.
Here we will discuss the most common areas of the brain just to give a basic and general overview of the brain. When you are at the mall and you are trying to determine if you can justify that expensive purchase, this is your frontal lobe working.
You want to be able to provide the most convincing evidence from the top of the resume to the bottom. Some unrelated issues may be forwarded to Johnson & Johnson folks for follow-up as appropriate. Also useful for identification purposes is the fact that a female wolf spider will carry its egg sac or baby wolf spiders on its back.
The best example of this part being damaged is the story of Phineas Gage who survived a brain injury to the frontal lobe. The most prominent feature and characteristic to use for wolf spider identification, however, is the eyes. Before the accident he was quiet and reserved, but after the accident he was obnoxious and self-absorbed. The rest of the resume should support the reasons why you can fulfill the resume objectives. If your intention is to work with disabled persons, then your resume should list the skills involved such as understanding proper patient lifting techniques. It is also important to note, in your caregiver resume, your knowledge of the particular ailment or disease.

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