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While lots of people keep a few koi in a pond as pets, show quality koi of a mature age and with desirable markings and colours can command prices running into tens of thousands of pounds- so for some people, keeping koi is a serious business!
Koi shouldn't be hard or time intensive to keep if you go about things the right way, although keeping them is certainly more involved than other pond species such as goldfish.
Koi can grow very large- commonly up to three feet long, with some species reaching up to four feet or more, so you should ensure that your pond or any pond you are planning on installing is of a reasonable size.
While koi can be kept inside in a tank or aquarium, it is generally considered to be much better to keep them in the greater expanse of water which a large pond can contain.
Koi carp are cold water fish, and do not generally require a heater in their pond, although if the weather is particularly cold for long periods of time, you may need to rethink this. It's important not to overstock your pond, and as a general rule, there should be ten gallons of water for every inch of fish within it. Having a good quality water pump for circulation and a filter to remove mess and toxins are also essential to keeping healthy koi. The fact that koi are brightly coloured and often large can place them at risk of being seen as food by predators, even in an urban environment and with people nearby. Koi carp are omnivorous, meaning that they will eat foods containing both meat and vegetable products as a matter of course. You may be surprised to learn that koi carp regularly reach ages of between fifty and seventy years old when well cared for, although around twenty years is more the norm. Remember, if you're planning on installing a pond or altering an existing pond to keep koi carp, it's important to do plenty of research before you consider adding the fish. Koi are sold through various different outlets such as specialist breeders and keepers, aquatic pet stores and sometimes even garden centres. Full setup tropical fish tank 1 hour agofish tank and all accessories 1 hour agoOrange Ancistrus!
In 2005 this stunning Maruyama showa shown in this photo above was named Grand Champion of the All Japan Show in Tokyo.
This was her photo when she was named Grand Champion of the Texas Koi and Fancy Goldfish Society – 12th annual show in October, 2003 at 29 inches. As most of you know QuiltCon is happening next month and I'm so gleefuly delighted that I have the oppostunity to be attending the show! They have been selectively bred for centuries, to produce the many beautiful colour and pattern variations that can be seen today.
Koi will not thrive or grow to their full potential size if they do not have enough space, and so if you can only have a small pond, you may wish to reconsider and perhaps look at keeping goldfish instead. The deeper your koi pond can be built the better, and a depth of 1.5 metres at a minimum is considered optimum in order to enable your fish to regulate their temperature successfully through the seasonal variations within the UK.

You will need to change out at least 10% of the water in the pond on a monthly basis, to reduce the quantities of ammonia, nitrates and other toxins in the water.
To do this you will need to have a rough idea of the volume of water your pond contains, in order to calculate the amount of fish you can happily keep in it. Herons and kingfishers are particularly partial to a tasty koi snack, so you may need to affix a net over the surface of the pond to prevent these large birds from dropping by for dinner and systematically emptying your pond of all of its stock. A good, high quality complete koi food is considered to be the easiest and most successful way to feed your fish, and over time you will find that koi can tell when it is feeding time and will gather to await your arrival! Some types of koi have been documented as reaching well into treble digits, with the oldest know koi on record having achieved the grand old age of over two hundred years old! Minoru Mano (the deceased founder of Dainichi Koi Farm) in the mid sixties, soon after Maruyama Koi Farm opened for business. Although Maruyama is famous for Kohaku they have also had success breeding Showa and Sanke with “Kagura-beni”.
Of 500,000 to 1,000,000 eggs hatched from each set of parent spawnings at most only 1,000 babies from each set of parents are kept over the winter in warm water koi houses.
I hope to visit with Futoshi-san many more times and admire and hopefully buy many more Maruyama Koi. It is very interesting to me to be able to learn about the history of Japanese koi breeding, breeders, and the important contributions of famous breeders like Maruyama koi farms.
It's already 26 inches and I think this koi will just continue to grow at accelerated rates. The body conformation is excellent and has the potential to grow very large in the right conditions.
Society Garlic is a Tropical Marginal with thin, long leaves rounded at the tips, and a tall slender stalk with small purple flowers at the top. Koi carp produce large amounts of waste, and so adequate filtration is a must in order to keep your fish happy and healthy. You should also buy a suitable test kit and monitor the water quality in the pond on a weekly basis to make sure that it is within acceptable limits.
Foxes, dogs and cats have all also been known to catch and make off with koi, particularly when they bask near the surface of the pond in warmer weather.
Tame koi can sometimes be fed right out of your hand, something which many owners find very rewarding. One of the usual caveats of pet ownership is that you be willing and prepared to care for any pet you obtain throughout the entire duration of their lives, although this doesn't take into account the possibility that your pet may outlive you by some considerable amount. Both were in their late twenties and they often visited each other to discuss Koi breeding and how to improve the overall quality of their koi.

Other famous Japanese koi breeders such as the Sakai Koi farm in Hiroshima bought other legendary and famous Maruyama kohakus to take an active role as a “seed” Koi in their own successful breeding programs. Generally, early on, the color of Koi that grew large had a tendency to lose the deeper brighter red quality. In the spring the 1 yr old baby koi (Tosai) are sexed and approximately 100 females from each parent spawning are kept to grow in mud ponds their second summer. Learning about their unique farm history makes buying and keeping Maruyama koi all the more exciting and satisfying.
Koi also enjoy various treats such as peas, small chunks of melon, and different types of lettuce.
Still, keeping koi should be very much regarded as a long term commitment, and you should think carefully about your home and living situation and address the question of what would happen or how you would manage it if you needed to move house or relocate the pond within your fish's lifetime. Maruyama koi have won many Grand Champion awards including national and regional shows in Japan as well as other shows all around the world.
Gensuki-san kept trying different combinations of male and female koi to achieve the jumbo quest.
In total about 1,000 female koi are kept and grown into two year old (Nisai) to be harvested the next fall. I decided to buy a stunning three year old Maruyama kohaku in 2001 and left her to grow two more summers with Futo before shipping her home to my pond in Texas in early 2003.
Itaru Suda, another koi breeder in the Niigata area, and discovered an outstanding Suda-san bred Kohaku, which had a striking and unique shiny red pattern, brilliant pure white skin, and a strong body shape. From these 1,000 two year old females about 100 are selected to be kept and grown a third summer (Sansai).
Gensuke-san decided to purchase Kagura to be his main “seed” koi and work to develop a new kohaku bloodline with Kagura’s bright shiny red and clean pure white color quality. Gensuki & Futoshi Maruyama have successfully changed the world of breeding Koi and continue to keep innovating to produce even higher quality Koi. Only those showing exceptional potential for future parent koi or highest grade champion quality show koi for very wealthy customers. Shiny sheen to skin and color is one attribute that separates ordinary koi from exceptional koi. The same color tone of red or white looks different on koi with a bright shine to their skin.

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