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Tony Lee First Aid Training Ltd also specialises in the delivery of the 6 hour Emergency First Aid at Work [EFAW] course for pub, restaurant and hotel teams as well as a to a range of other businesses.
Recently, to make sure our practice is a safe place, we did our Applied (senior) First Aid re-certification. While some women get the typical crushing chest pain or pain in the left arm, some reports suggest that up to 50% do not and therefore do not realize they are having a heart attack until they pass out and sometimes, even the medical staff do not pick it up, misdiagnosing gastritis or indigestion. I have actively engaged in personal and collegial learning within the professional  community by attending several training workshops, weekly staff meetings and level of school meetings, in which we addressed the issues of the current agenda in the Early Years.
Senior First Aid CertificateI have also broaden my knowledge in First Aid, having successfully attained a Seniors First Aid Certificate with Saint John Ambulance Australia. Multifunctional First Aid Equipment Named Joint Fixer for Family First Aid Training Specifications: 1. Medical Calico Gauze Triangular Bandage For Surgical Care and First Aid Training Description Triangular bandages are usually made from a metre square of cotton or calico that is cut in half diagonally .
Attach this booklight to back of a book and lift the arm to turn the light on and youa€™re ready to read in the dark - in bed, in a tent, in a dorm, on a train, plane, car or boat - without disturbing anyone. The weekly staff meetings involved a short training session on teaching various areas of the curriculum as well a general meeting to discuss issues that are affecting the school.

She attended all weekly whole school staff meetings and Professional Development sessions in Maths and History. The bandage can be used in various ways as a sling or for immobilisation of broken bones and soft tissue injuries .
The curriculum covers when to call for help, blood borne pathogen exposure, illness, injury and environmental hazards. I had the opportunity to contribute to professional networks in Southern Region Hub Groups. Participants will practice recognitions of specific health issues, and performs skills on a victim.
In the Hub Groups I participated in discussion and reflection upon professional knowledge with teachers from the private sector. She was keen to further her professional development and attended a R-2 Hub group teachers' meeting. Megan was involved with Unit team meetings and planning sessions and, when appropriate, she shared her own thoughts and ideas. There are fees included to participate in the class, please inquire on these with the Recreation Center, we ask that you preregister for the class.

To ensure a similar level of consistency in work and marking in the early years I attended a reading moderation workshop held at Hackham East Primary School. Megan was a valued member of our Junior Primary Unit Team and her input was much appreciated by us all. Classes are taught by Belinda Guglielmo a certified instructor.For more information please contact the Department of Athletics & Leisure Services at (702) 346-8732. I cooperatively organised a group excursion with other student teachers to a teaching supplies store in North Adelaide. I have engaged in further collegial learning by working cooperatively with another student teacher to plan and implement a unit of Science based around the class’s zoo excursion. This unit involved planning and teaching to the Reception and Year 1 unit and hiring scientific resources from the Urrbrae Natural Education Centre.

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Rubric: First Aid Skills


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