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A 2 day course is available to corporate clients if requested. Please contact us if you would like details regarding conditions and prices for this option.
Please note, the Australian Resuscitation Council recommends that refresher CPR courses be done every year. The majority of the theory is completed prior to the course via a pre-learning pack with the aid of a workbook (or during training sessions as part of a 14 hour face-to-face program). Practical assessments are done through role-plays and work-place simulations where possible.
Students must demonstrate competency in all sections to qualify for a Statement of Attainment. Speaking of the gym, here’s a funny courtesy of my friend, Lea, who shared it on Facebook yesterday.
Anyway, when I found a package of chicken breasts hiding under my kale cubes, I couldn’t get them in the slow cooker fast enough. While I was waiting (and waiting and waiting) for my chicken to cook, a friend called for a chat. So there, friend of mine, live action proof that in 10 seconds (or so), you can shred a pound of chicken.
I ate barbecue chicken again for lunch yesterday, and I’m thinking I might try a chicken pizza with the yogurt dough this weekend. I don’t know if a hand mixer will do it, Robyn, but I’ll be trying it the next time I cook chicken! I routinely batch cook chicken breasts but I like the idea of doing the slow cooker chicken that I can shred and use in various ways. Welcome!I'm Cammy, and after years of the diet cycle--trying, failing, trying, failing, trying--well, you get the picture--I finally discovered a successful path to losing 100 pounds, a path that required slow, gradual changes. Recent PostsAn Easy Way to Get Rid of Fruit FliesA couple of weeks ago, the produce market sent me home with a bag of apples containing an unadvertised and undesirable “Free Gift with Purchase”: fruit flies!
USA Cycling is the official governing body for all disciplines of competitive cycling in the United States. Although my first ceremony was to aid in an animal’s passing, ceremonies and rituals can be performed for many other occasions as well. When I prepare to perform a ceremony for one of my animals or for a friend’s, I plan for a daylong event or, at the very least, a half day. Once the center of the circle is complete, everyone is in attendance, and our special animal has been welcomed, we begin the ceremony. Once this part of the ceremony is finished, everyone sits in silence with love in their hearts. Unfortunately, sometimes our animals choose to leave suddenly and there is no time to prepare for a ceremony.
We know that this is during Spring Break, so many families will be away, but if you are available we would really appreciate your help. Challenging Pursuits offers a four hour program deals with the prevention, recognition and First Aid management of injuries, or illness, resulting from potentially hazardous marine life.
Optional additions include oxygen supplementation and the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Challenging Pursuits has designed a First Aid program that specifically allows your club to maintain an essential level of confidence, amongst your staff or members, in First Aid. Our programs are highly practical, flexible in delivery and can be tailored to suit your specific user needs. The Remote Area First Aid Course provides a practical and theoretical base from which to apply appropriate First Aid including emergency life support and accident management when medical aid is not readily available or needs to be maintained for an extended period.

This 30 hour program is designed for participants in outdoor activities who wish to extend and enhance their First Aid skills. The Remote Area Emergency Care [Advanced Course] is a 60 hour program [Nominal Hours] designed to extend and enhance the emergency care skills for those engaged in work or travel in remote areas. An update program for those who want to maintain First Aid skills due to their involvement in high risk activities or extended periods of time being spent in remote locations.
This is delivered through core modules and a set of specialist electives that cover a wide spectrum of activities that are undertaken in remote locations. Traffic will come to a halt in Drayton Street, Nanango, on Saturday morning to allow more than 70 Army Cadets to march from Nanango Showgrounds to the War Memorial. The cadets, from all over south-east Queensland, will march with drums and rifles, so it should be an interesting spectacle. After a small ceremony at the memorial, the cadets will then march back to the showgrounds to continue a Cadet Expo.
After the parade, members of the public have been invited to watch the activities the cadets will be undertaking at the showgrounds. There will be displays of archery, drills, drums, field craft, first aid and a confidence course.
Our course is designed to provide you with skills, experience and the confidence to provide a first aid response, as well as  manage casualty, the incident and other first aiders until the arrival of medical aid.
Of course, if revisit our website regularly and review the course content, you should be able to recall everything easily.
They are used to guage if you have mastered the skills and knowledge needed to safely manage a life threatening incident before help arrives.
Everyone enjoys this method of learning and people find they remember the information better in the heat of the moment. All technical specifications and requirements for Senior First Aid Course contact Linda Bryant 0423 496 852. I decided to cook the chicken without any sauce or add-ins, shred it all up, and freeze it in 3-ounce portions.
Eventually the conversation turned to cooking dinner and I told her what I was doing with the chicken.
It was also supposed to have roasted potatoes in the empty space on the plate, but someone got carb-snack happy in the middle of the afternoon, so chicken and salad was dinner. That is so smart of you not to sauce it up ahead of time so you can use it in many different ways. I tend to bake mine pretty plain anyway, just some sprinkle seasoning & in bulk so I can pretty much change it up if I want BUT I am boring!
Unfortunately, this happened at a time when I was traveling a bit, and … Continue reading >Quick Tip: Is It Stationery or Stationary?I don’t like to brag, but I’m a pretty good speller.
A ceremony can welcome a newly acquired animal into your life and help it let go of the life it left to come into yours. This is a time set aside for myself, the animal and the people who are invited to participate in this special moment.
If the weather is agreeable, I find a spot outside and place my ceremony blanket in the middle to form a circle for us all to sit around.
I go around the circle and smudge everyone by waving a feather over the smoke so it covers the person, and during this time I am saying an opening poem or singing a song. If this is the case, you can create a quick ritual with the plants around your home, or any essential oil you may have available.
If you have seen them lately you would have noticed that the floor is a little dirty and there is dust flying around everywhere.

Our program includes: Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, the use of an Automated External Defibrillator, the use of an Epipen for acute anaphylaxis (allergy), the recognition of stroke and the treatment of common injuries, such as concussion and bleeding. Our basic course is tailored to encompass the specific events your staff and members are most likely to encounter at your club.
No real intention, I simply ran out of freezer stock and no one’s had anything on sale except ham, lamb, and turkey in what seems like forEVER. She didn’t believe me when I told her how I shred chicken using my Kitchen Aid Mixer.
And it was delicious, even with the empty space I intentionally left to remind me what might have been. Before I dash off, I want to thank each and every one of you who played along in the Visitor Info post. I never knew a kitchen aid mixer did that either, I always dread the fork method of shredding! If you foster animals, a ceremony can be a beautiful way to say goodbye and bless them as they move into their new life. I gather plants, tying the bundles for the plant brushings with a special ribbon and placing them in a beautiful vase (I always make a plant bundle for each person attending the ceremony). Each participant then introduces him or herself and says something about the animal that the ceremony is being held for. When the silence is broken we all stand in a circle and perform a plant brushing on each participant with them standing in the center of the circle as we gently brush them with our plant bundles and sing a song.
And we would like to try to get rid of the DUST to make it less Allergy Central and the DIRT so it doesn’t look like a Pig Pen.
The hardest ceremony of all is, of course, saying goodbye as an animal passes on to the next realm. Next I place the plants chosen for the spiritual bath in crystal bowl filled with water, and then set the bowl in the sun, along with a special cloth that I use for the bath.
I welcome the spirit of all the animals whose photos are in the center of the circle to the ceremony.
When we have completed giving the last person their plant brushing, we smudge everyone and close the ceremony. Then we give the animal present a spiritual bath and a very light plant brushing, always mindful of how the animal is receiving the bath and the plant brushing and adjusting them according to their response.
Can’t-go-back-to-sleep hungry, which now that I think about it, might also be contributing to my wallowing mood. I also place pictures and mementos of my animals that have already passed on alongside significant objects relating to the animal the ceremony is being conducted for. I quietly talk to the animal expressing my love and gratitude for them and if someone has something to add, it will be during this time. If you are having a goodbye ceremony with your animal whose time it is to pass on, you may wish for your vet be present and say your final goodbye at the end of the ceremony, or you can wait for everyone to leave and then say your goodbyes privately. It is your ceremony, and you can shape it in whatever way feels most appropriate to you and your animal. As participants arrive, I ask them to spend a few minutes walking the yard and collecting any plants they might like to contribute to the spiritual bath.

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