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These are all large .gif files that you can print on t-shirts if you have a decent enough printer and know how to use it.
You alone are responsible for what you do with the information on this site, but please don't ever hurt yourself or anyone else, or break stuff. Homework is a good way to get rid of all those unwanted trees on the planet by turning them into paper that eventually gets torn up and burned.
Homework teaches students that nobody cares about their free time and what they would rather do with it. Homework teaches students that learning is all about memorizing things, answering questions, and writing loads of crap on topics you don't care about. Homework gives students something useful to do with their free time, because as everyone knows, it's totally impossible to learn anything of value without the help and guidance of school.

Homework is a great way to invade students' free time and keep their minds focused on their misery for as long as possible.
Not doing homework will result in punishment - this teaches students the valuable lesson that victimless crimes are just as bad as crimes where someone actually gets hurt. Homework will teach students the value of cheating and well done plagiarism, and the fine art of getting away with doing as little as humanly possible. Homework teaches students that there are a lot of totally useless things in life that drive certain people completely nuts if you refuse to do them. Related Stuff: School Prank Ideas Pranks To Play On Teachers Excuses for missing school School Jokes & Funny Stuff 12 Funny Reasons Why School is Good for You The Benefits of Homework (sarcasm) Alternatives to School & How to Quit How to survive school Funny Prank Ideas for when bored in class Public school is like prison, or a cult Discuss this in the forums.
I find it funny that this forum has basically turned into a place where UnschoolAlbanian posts pics of all his fetishes lol. This is intended to prevent them from accidentally learning anything useful in their free time (so that school can take all the credit for any learning that DOES occur), but it doesn't always work.

This will make them like their job one day because of better working hours and actually getting paid. This may result in them living the rest of their lives to the fullest to make up for wasted time.
It's important that they get used to this fact early, because there are a lot of mentally unstable people out there in the world. Chances are good you'll get branded as a terrorist just for being in the same room as a computer with this picture on its hard drive.

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