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The game revolves around the character Daniel, who must complete missions while avoiding the monsters. You start the game as Alexandra Roivas, who is present in a mansion on Rhode Island searching for the clues relating his grandfather’s murder.
In the game you take the role of a point man from a special force, designed to deal with paranormal threats. One of the worst things that can happen to you in a horror game is running out of ammo to fight back.
If you have seen or played any other game of the series then you must know what an epic gameplay this series has to offer. Although not a direct squeal to the first game, still Silent Hill 2 has an interesting storyline.
The Room is a short 3D puzzle game that is set in a room where you have to unlock locks after locks to uncover what is inside in each of them for reaching the final puzzle.
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Outlast 2 is in development at Red Barrels right now, co-founder Philippe Morin has announced.
Morin confirmed the sequel is another survival horror game and is set in the same universe as the original, but said it will feature new characters and setting. Five Nights at Freddy’s is an indie point-and-click survival horror video game developed by Scott Cawthon using theMultimedia Fusion engine. The game puts you in the role of a night watchman named Schmidt, hired to work five graveyard shifts back to back.
As the night watchmen, your job is to monitor a series of cameras that overlook most of the rooms in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, save for a few blind spots, and the kitchen which for some reason has a security cam that remains out of order. This is a clever engineered parasite that’ll crawl under your skin and feed on your nervous system if you dare play it.
This game was a 1st person horror shooter and a RPG mixed into one which allowed you to play the game as a different character then someone else would and allows you to gain attributes for your skill set and allowed you the freedom to play the way you want. Eternal Darkness was a game that tried new and refreshing ideas that worked out perfectly for the game. This game took a movie that I once found so innocent and warped it into one of the scariest games I've ever played. Siren has always been pretty scary but blood curse proved as the much needed savior in a age where the  survival horror genre seems to be dieing off. The pioneer of all of survival horror and the scariest games of all time are the resident evil series.
Oftentimes armed with only a flashlight, players can only hide to protect themselves from the Shibito. Like Silent Hill before it, SIREN encouraged players to run or avoid the Shibito instead of facing them in combat.
Also interesting is the deep backstory of each character, the island of Hanuda, and many of the supporting characters that players will meet throughout the game.
Be warned though, SIREN is also a game infamous for its unforgiving difficulty and oftentimes confusing (Japanese-style) story-telling. Subscribe Via EmailClick below to subscribe to our mailing list to get the latest news and be entered to win our free giveaways! With better graphics and interesting storylines, video games now deliver more real life experience. From early games like “Dangerous Dave” and “House of the Dead”, horror games have been a great addition to video games. Suffering from writes block, Alan and his wife Alice travels to a town named Bright Falls in Washington. She founds a book in the mansion that allows her to experience some stories that happed in the past. The game focuses more on navigating through the town finding keys, maps and solving puzzles.
The game reveals more story as you progress regarding a research on the fifth Classical Element “Null”. Doom 3 A favourite among many FPS horror fans, we have to confess to some rather cool feelings towards John Carmack's sci-fi shooter.

It emphasises stealth and agile escapes, with no combat options, and has been very well received.
The game was released August 8, 2014, and in less than two weeks after its initial release, it was successfully green-lit for sale on Steam.
So basically, players flick through the various screens to keep an eye on the establishment.
But this stripped-down, first-person horror game delivers some brutally effective shocks and gradually conjures a haunting atmosphere of ever-escalating panic and despair.
Most of the locations are barely lit and there’s very little to look at, but the developer does make excellent use of some disturbing sound effects to show how our protagonist is overwhelmed by his cold, spacious workplace.
So if any of you want me to do a top 10 about something specific then let me know and i will gladly do a countdown.
This game took the psycho mantis effect seen in metal gear solid and shifted it into high gear as the game was constanly trying to mess with your head in any and every way possible. It took the characters of Alice in Wonderland and fast forward into the future as we see that everything has turned sour for alice.
The shibito are the scariest thing about the game as their is no way to kill them just slow them down, and the shibito brain are some of the most vile and hideous creatures seen in video gaming.
Critics praised the game for the incredible facial animation (for its time) as well as a deep storyline, terrifying atmosphere, and intriguing characters.
These guys were hard to kill, and some even kept coming back regardless of how much damage they’ve taken. The ship has been taken over by an alien scourge that has killed the crew and turned them into walking corpses. You will see the computer using strategies to take you out rather than following a simple route. A young girl, Miku Hinasaki, enters the mansion in the search for her brother armed only with an old camera.
The peculiar title plunges gamers into the nightmarish hellscape of a children’s entertainment center similar to Chuck E. No spoilers here, but on the seventh and final night, Schmidt uncovers the dark secret behind the killer mascots, and their relentless pursuit to terrorize the night-shift security guards.
The cameras are laid out on a grid in the lower right of the screen, and it doesn’t take long before you notice that the animatronic mascots (Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, and Foxy the Pirate Fox) have come to life and are moving from camera to camera, heading closer and closer to you. You also have controls that allow you to turn on lights in the hallways just outside your security room; these blind spots are usually where the killer mascots try and hide before they jump for the kill, so it is best to check these every so often. There have been plenty of games that have used video cameras much to the same effect, but there’s just something special to Scott Cawthon‘s take in this game. It doesn’t take long before an immense felling of paranoia begins to slowly creep up and all you can do is literally wait. The sound design, tricky jolts, and wonderfully distressing tension, coupled with the creepy character designs proves that despite limited resources, imagination can go a long way.
But even more disturbing about this game was the story and how it made you think that everyone has an inner demon inside them and Torque could not handle what he done to his family. Her house burned down, killing her entire family and we see the bandages on her wrist revealing that she has attempted suicide.
It also featured a sightjack feature that allowed players to see the situation through the eyes of the hunters, the Shibito. It was also one of the few uniquely-Japanese horror games that achieved moderate success upon it’s release in North America. It was then key to make use of the sightjack mechanic to observe each Shibito’s route, habits, and locations. It’s terrific combination of tension, atmosphere, pacing, and creepy facial animations make it a must-buy for horror aficionados worldwide.
Now with her wife gone missing, Alan has to fight these fiends with a flashlight and a pistol, to uncover answers that seems to have something to do with a novel he wrote.
The gameplay follows a freelance journalist Miles Upshur, who gets trapped in an Asylum, filled with nearly-inhuman inmates. All you have to do is survive till the end while facing mutated creatures, unlocking mysterious along the way.
Trapped in the dimly lit corridors of a space station, players were only allowed to use their gun or torch – never both at the same time.
The viewfinder of the 'camera obscura' is the only way to find the ghosts that haunt the rooms of the huge house and is Miku's only line of defence, trapping the ghost on film when their picture is taken.

Cheese’s, where animatronic animals entertain children during the daytime, and at night, come to life to terrorize their night security guard.
Top 10 Scariest Games and this is my opinion and no one elses so take these countdowns as such. We then see characters like cheshire cat and the mad hadder who all seem to be twisted versions of their orginal selves. Kennedy in Resident Evil 2, nothing beats the reoccuring Nemesis who stalks you throughout the entirety of Resident Evil 3 who also followed you through doors, nothing beats the return of Leon S.
Some of the most tension-filled and scariest moments in the game have characters hiding in cabinets and cupboards while packs of Shibito scour the room, intent on killing the character.
Daniel will lose his sanity while staying in darkness for too long, witnessing horrifying events or staring at the monsters. Be sure to keep your focus on the sound all the time because when the silence is broken, it’s time to strike.
The game really offers a horrific experience as you explore through haunted places and abandoned ruins.
This sustained the tension throughout the game, but there were times where the inability to see further down the corridor than the flickering lights in the ceiling would allow without lowering your weapon seemed a bit of a cheat.
Incessantly chilling Japanese ghost tale, Project Zero is one of those works of horror that makes you realise why we are so scared of things that go bump in the night.
Wonderland is a world in alices mind so it then becomes corrupted by the mental state that Alice is in during the game. Only a video camera is given to you with night vision but you have to renew its batteries by searching them in the game. Of course, no one can deny the effectiveness of this gameplay mechanic, and whether you felt hoodwinked or not, Doom 3 provided as many scares as it did run and gun battles. The gameplay offers more of a real world like theme with creatures you hear stories about in real life. You are completely immobile and defenseless, and so you can’t help but feel helpless in knowing something terrible can and will happen. Freddy’s is gripping, unsettling and truly horrific, and so much more than a gimmick as I initially feared.
Even worse, the game is addictive because it’s so easy to play yet so hard to finish. Silent Hill The first instalment in what would become one of the best known destinations in the history of horror video games, Silent Hill is an undeniable classic in the survival horror genre.
Funnily enough, the game owed much of its signature atmospherics to the constraints of the console it was released on; the fog that surrounded the town was largely included to counter the limitations of the PS1 hardware. Alien Vs Predator 2 The video game extension of two of the most famous science-fiction movie franchises ever made offered players a choice of three gaming experiences. Players who opted for either of the titular monsters not ended up feeling empowered and at times, invulnerable.
Playing as the marine was a different story; to stand any chance of survival they were forced to embrace knife-edged tension while listening out for any telltale scuttling, clanks and scratching down the game's many dark corridors. The beeping noise of the motion tracker could ratchet up the tension and increase your heartbeat in seconds. It was both the bane of your life and the most important piece of your equipment next to the pulse rifle. What else could you expect from a game in which dropping your guard for a moment could result in being french-kissed by a face-hugger? Silent Hill 2 One of the best horror video games ever made, Silent Hill 2 drew on all of the presentation and atmospheric strengths of its predecessor and then went widescreen. In James Sunderland, the player is confronted with a man whose guilt and despair are so palpable, they threaten to choke the life out of him. The game's suffocating atmosphere and haunting soundtrack add further grist to this macabre mill and the player is almost worn out before radio starts crackling and the first terrifying creatures start stumbling out from the mists. The rusty scrape of Pyramid Head's sword as he lopes and lurches after Sunderland is a sound that will stay with players long after the credits roll.

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