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Responsible for eventually giving us the television, mobile phone, radio, radar, satellite navigation and even wireless internet access, Nikola Tesla’s work in 1891 creating a wireless communications network was surely one of the most inventive spells of his career. Sir Oliver Lodge sent the first transmission signal in 1894 — a year before Marconi, who was later awarded the wireless telegraph patent. While wireless internet existed in academic facilities, it wasn’t until 1997 that standards were laid down for its widespread adoption. The invention of steel-girder skyscrapers enabled architects to move away from the constraints of load-bearing walls and towards steel-framed structures that granted more freedom and creativity.

Taking over from steam-and horse-powered travel at the end of the Industrial Revolution, where would we be today without the car? The first of these buildings was architect William Le Baron Jenney’s ten-storey Home Insurance Company Building, completed in 1885.
First made in its current form in 1886 by German engineer Karl Benz, there are now more than 1 billion worldwide, and that number is set to keep growing. As soon as it was built -and proven a success — the technology proliferated rapidly and soon rival architects tried to outdo each other, designing ever taller and more complex buildings.

Newer designs are looking to solve the problem of pollution by using alternative energy sources, such as hydrogen. Bell’s work in the field of telephony meant that by 1886 more than 150,000 buildings in the USA had installed a phone.

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