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From the highly-rated BBc 2 television series, SAS veteran Eddie Stone and other ex-SAS personnel recreate a typical secret SAS mission. Led by Eddie Stone, a team of four SAS veterans re-enact a whole range of dramatic scenarios: on the battlefield, behind enemy lines, evasion and interrogation. From surviving interrogation to emergency battlefield medicine, they provide the closest insight yet into what it's like to be an SAS man fighting to survive behind enemy lines. Stone gives a step-by-step guide to each reconstructed mission and, with high-tech imaging equipment and computer graphics, he explains the team's strategies while his men demonstrate their weapons and their skills and reveal how they escaped death.

Well, the Marine never had a chance of wining to start with the SAS is the words most Highly trained Elite forces, many other Special operations groups etc modeled their training etc after the British SAS (Special Air Service) in hopes to follow in THEIR footsteps. So, once again, the marine never had a chance of winning to begin with Unless, this was fake.
The only REAL True American people are the indigenous Native Indians who were there before the Continent was first populated.
Some parts of the history that you are taught is claimed to be different by the USA than the rest of the world, such as theA American war of independence (Revolutionary war) where Britain didn't lose the war, but neither did America.

The truth is that the Americans asked for a declaration of independence a few weeks after the British burned down the White House.

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