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He set up numerous operations including the SAS Counter-Terrorist Team that ended the Iranian Embassy siege in London and also trained the first members of the US Green Berets who returned to the USA to form the famous Delta Force (US Special Forces). John a€?Loftya€? Wisemana€™s a€?The SAS Survival Handbooka€?, first published in 1986, has now sold over one million copies and since retiring from the SAS, Lofty has trained survival instructors and consultants, expedition members, overseas survival training specialists, military and civilians around the globe. Lofty developed the idea of a new survival tool because he could not find anything on the market for the serious wilderness survivor.
In addition to the out-and-out survival tool with its 11" (28cm) blade, a smaller 81⁄2" (22cm) blade is also available that is ideal for the weekend enthusiast where weight and space is at a premium. To purchase this knife, first choose your currency from the links below and then choose from the available styles and 'Add to Cart'.
By ordering from this website you agree to pay directly any local taxes that might be levied on the product(s) you receive. Omschrijving uit de AppStore #### Ride out hurricane Sandy with a 30% discount on SAS Survival Guide App – the definitive guide to surviving any situation. For over twenty years, the SAS Survival Guide has been the definitive guide to surviving any situation, anywhere in the world.
An internet connection is not essential for using this app and all content resides within the app download. The SAS Survival Guide is one of the most important books on the subject of surviving in the wild. The book has 11 sections with an introduction and postscript that give you information about everything from surviving in different climates and difficult terrain and finding food in the wild to devising a strategy of getting yourself out of dangerous situations and the basics of navigating by stars and by the sun.
You can even find useful tips on how to survive floods, avalanches, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, being stranded on the open sea and even what to do in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster.

The SAS Survival Guide is a pocket size book filled with useful information about almost any situation that can arise in the wild, which makes it an ideal addition to survival gear for hikers, campers and adventurers alike.
Als voormalig lid van de Britse legereenheid “The Special Air Service” kortweg “SAS” schreef John "Lofty" Wiseman na 26 jaar diensttijd zo'n 14 boeken rond overleven en zelfverdediging. Het Begin: de basis van wat je moet doen ter voorbereiding op een reis, en hoe je zout en water moet verzamelen. Onderweg: Hoe je gevaarlijke gebieden zo veilig mogelijk doorkruist zonder al te veel schade. Redding: Hoe krijg ik mezelf gered en laat ik weten waar ik ben voor hulp (inclusief handleiding voor Morsecode). Rampen: Hoe grote rampen, zoals overstromingen, lawines, orkanen, tornado's, vulkanen, aardbevingen en nucleaire nasleep te overleven. Tenzij anders vermeld, is de tekst beschikbaar onder de Creative Commons by-nc-sa Licentie, aanvullende voorwaarden kunnen van toepassing zijn. On day 30 we will charge 50% of the remaining balance, followed by the final payment on day 60. This has all of the features of the 11a€? blade and out performs everything in its size range. All our knives are sent by parcel courier service to get them to you as quickly as possible and each delivery is tracked to ensure it arrives safely.
Unfortunately, we have no control over whether this tax is levied or not and so we cannot include this in the price paid on the website. Now, for the first time ever, the million-copy bestselling book has been reinvented for the iPhone.

Now you can take the original set of world-class survival skills with you anywhere in the world – from the peaks of Kilimanjaro to the deserts of Kandahar…or to your closest national park. To be honest, most people probably won’t find themselves in such extreme situations, but this book also deals with first aid priorities and procedures and has a small encyclopedia on various edible and poisonous plants and animals. In this second edition, which is also written by Wiseman, you can find included the latest navigation and survival techniques.
Add to all this the essentials of camp making (knot tying and fire starting), and you have a very useful little book.
Each tool is hand crafted by Scorpion Knives and is able to carry out the toughest and most arduous tasks with great efficiency, year after year.The beech wood handle is contoured to fit the hand so comfortably it can be used for extensive periods without discomfort. All this makes the SAS Survival Guide 2E widely considered as the ultimate source of information on survival in various dangerous situations.
The weight of the blade is carried to the end and is perfectly balanced with the angled handle to effortlessly chop wood. The coated blade resists corrosion better in environments with salt air or when it may come into contact with salt water.
This has all of the features of the 11" blade and out performs everything in its size range.

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