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Aeroplanes are equipped with automatic extinguishers for engine fires and hand held extinguishers in the cabin.
Survival from the deadliest snakes like Cobra, Mamba, Boomslang, Krait, Death Adder, Australian black snake, Eastern brown snake, Tiger snake are very difficult indeed. If you are in the southern hemisphere, you would point 12 o clock at the sun but still split the difference between 12 and the hour hand for north. Make sure you prepare a checklist that contains Equipments for Clothes, Sleeping Bags, Backpack, Stowing Kit, Radio kit and everything pertaining to Vehicles. In a blaze or different crisis, you might should empty your house, pad or trailer on an instant’s acknowledge. Making a Land Fall: When approaching land, select a landing point where it will be easy to beach or swim ashore. Firelighting with Chemicals: The mixture containing Potassium Chlorate and sugar, Potassium permanganate and sugar and sodum chlorate and sugar are the perfect mixtures for the Camp Craft.
The accompanying seashore plants thrive in salty conditions, at the same time countless different palatable plants happen close to the coast. If an evacuation has been declared, a severe weather event is imminent or a significant disaster has occurred, how will I know? If specific government, church, community and friend’s sheltering options are not available, where do I go? Are my essentials, heirlooms, personal treasures, irreplaceable photographs, documents and financial assets secure if I leave with only my grab-and-go bag? Do I have a reliable communication plan to contact family, friends and business associates at a moment’s notice? Do I have enough money on hand to pay for possible shelter, food or supplies if I am suddenly evacuated and away from home or business? When your health and survival during a medical emergency is at stake, you don’t want to rely on cheap or inadequate medical supplies.
Numerous unforeseen situations or just routine conditions occur during an emergency or during an outdoor adventure.
It is important to keep informed during an emergency with friends, family, and appropriate governmental agencies and emergency organizations. This is an essential category to address when anticipating any situation where you may be in darkness. For some this may not be an essential basic category.  Each individual must decide the extent to which they will or will not provide protection for themselves and their families from physical harm by others or wild animals. British Airways unveiled a new corporate identity in 1997 which involved repainting its fleet with around 20 daring tailfin designs by world artists? Goats are significantly more beyond any doubt-footed than sheep and generally unlikely to way.
For a baby or toddler, light pressure with two fingers is enough at 100 compressions per minute.
Your personal preparedness bag contents will vary depending on numerous factors such as time, number of persons, locations involved, mobility, support available, season, comfort level desired and the degree of peace of mind you want. Each category will have multiple options depending on how you answer the above crucial questions.

When in an outdoor environment, unsettled weather considerations necessitate weather alert radios. Not only for a sense of security and comfort, but to be able to see clearly and act accordingly if emergencies occur in the dark. All I would add is some thing for entertainment , deck of cards is great for group or individual distraction.
Prepare your kit as if your and your family’s life and comfort depended on it – because it does! They can be more useful in an emergency situation than you may realize!There are thousands of apps and more coming out each day. I tried to round-up some of the best emergency apps below, but if I missed one of your favorites let me know! Sometimes having good cell service is tough enough, so why would you bother downloading apps to your phone if a disaster is going to wipe them out?Well, a lot of these apps once downloaded do not need to be connected to the internet or have cell service to run them.
Many are informational apps and will still be able to show you how to do CPR, act as a flashlight, or pull-up important documents as long as they have battery power.No Electricity?If your cell phone is anything like mine the battery lasts about a day, maybe 2 if I don’t use it!
If you want to be able to keep your cell phone charged (or anything else you can’t live without) you might want to seriously consider a solar generator.
Even better, when you have spare time (whatever that is) familiarize yourself with their content so you’ll be better prepared to survive a disaster, or even save a life!* Most of these emergency apps are available for both the Android and I-Phone. In addition to extremely detailed survival information and checklists, you will find videos, quizzes, a morse code signaling device, and a sun compass.
It’ll help you build an emergency kit, get your documents in order and store your emergency phone numbers, ready to dial. Get started by using the preloaded checklists to learn about important mitigation and preparation steps, or create your own lists from scratch.
The American Red Cross tornado app is the complete solution you need to understand and prepare for a tornado and all that comes with it.
This hurricane-tracking app is for serious weather junkies and people who want the most accurate information as they make decisions.
Hurricane Tracker: Includes video, radar images, alerts and minute-by-minute tracking updates, so that you can follow a storm all in one place. Open the app and see all current outbreaks in your neighborhood, including news about H1N1 influenza (swine flu).
The GPS and compass work without cell service, so this map app survives even if the internet doesn’t. Use GPS sparingly, as a means to get a fix on the map and to save on battery power. Google Sky MapDo you know how to read the stars?
All you do with the Google Sky Map app is point it at the sky and it will read the stars. Back Country NavigatorUse your phone or tablet as an offroad topo mapping handheld GPS with the Back Country Navigator app!
The software even should work without a cellular signal if you plan ahead and download and save the maps.
These emergency apps will help guide you through saving yourself or the life of someone else. This emergency app prepares you for whatever life brings with videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice.

Preloaded content means you have instant access to all safety information at anytime, even without reception or an Internet connection.Hands-Only CPRTo treat an adult suffering from cardiac arrest, the American Heart Association recommends hands-only CPR.
The official Hands-Only CPR app walks you through the two-step checklist: Call 911, then start chest compressions. If you or your loved ones are hurt, sick, or injured, iTriage will help you determine what the problem may be. Pet First Aid is loaded with detailed videos and step-by-step illustrations so you’ll know exactly what to do when caring for your pet. Get detailed instruction on how to save your dog, cat, puppy or kitten in a medical emergency. LactMed is a database of drugs and other chemicals to which breastfeeding mothers may be exposed. It includes information on the levels of such substances in breast milk and infant blood, and the possible adverse effects in the nursing infant.
It has information on animal bites, burns, chemical burns, fractures, head injuries, nose bleeds, and much more. Would you or your family know what to do, or where to go to get help?Red Panic ButtonAllows users to send their GPS location to pre-set emergency contacts with just one touch. It can also generate a detailed, professional-looking PDF accident report with images, which you can send directly from the app to your insurance company. If you travel a lot, but do not always have time to find out the important numbers of the country you are in, then this app is for you. So whether you are trying to let them know you are ok, or re-uniting with everyone after a catastrophe, these apps will help you do that.Life360Life360 can help you find your loved ones, get safety alerts to them or call for help with the tap of a button.
Whether your friends and family are safe or in danger, they could be posting about it on Facebook and Twitter.
Plus, you’ll know about some local businesses that are open after a storm or other natural disaster. This app gives you all the information you need when it comes to disasters happening across the world. The camera can also come in handy for everything where you need visual documentation, like an accident, event, or an agreement. GamesSometimes surviving is just trying to keep the kids entertained! No more rummaging around your drawers for a flashlight during those first few confusing moments.
Remember however, that these apps can result in high battery drain, so you want to make sure your phone is fully charged. I would love to hear if there are any emergency apps I should add to my list, or if you plan on downloading any of these!Found anything useful?

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