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Wilderness survival situations are today more commonplace as holiday destinations and leisure activities become increasingly adventurous.
This waterproof pocket guide covers such topics as bleeding, choking, bugs, colds, blocked airway, sprains, chest pains, and shock.
The Elite Forces Military Survival Handbook is a handy pocket-sized guide to survival in wilderness environments, from forests to mountains and from arctic conditions to equatorial temperatures.

He has published over 20 books including How to Survive Anything, Anywhere, Special Forces Endurance Techniques, First Aid Survival Manual, and SAS and Elite Forces Guide: Wilderness Survival.
Using the tips and training techniques honed over the years by the world’s elite special forces, this book provides vital information on a broad range of survival scenarios.
Illustrated with clear and easy-to-follow line drawings, and using expert knowledge practised by elite soldiers for decades, combined with the latest survival techniques, The Elite Forces Military Survival Handbook is a vital aid to surviving in a dangerous wilderness.

In his home country of Wales, UK, he provides instruction on wilderness hunting techniques.

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