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This app calculates and reveals your proper condom size, recommends a condom, displays a condom chart, has condom tips, and fun facts. Let your inner Artist free, create unlimited photo effects and share your vision with the world! Click the button, then use a QR code scanner to download the app directly to your Android device. Knot Time does a great job of teaching you (with videos and narrations) how to tie all sorts of knots depending on what you need it for. What I like most about this app is that you can download maps and GPS coordinates to take with you on your trips.
It comes built in with a compass, a complete first aid section, a survival checklist, instructions on how to tie useful knots, teaches you how to use Morse code, and the list goes on. Chillopedia is a growing information blog which focuses on various different genres that span the entire cultural spectrum.

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Well, you can essentially turn your iPhone into a Swiss army knife of useful apps that will make your trip easier without taking up much of your time. You can learn how to tie fishing knots, different boating and sailing knots (sailors live and die by this app), knots for mountain climbing, and more.  All of these activities could play a role in your camping trip. It always displays where the sun and the moon (including what phase the moon is in) are relative to your position. Since you probably won’t have any internet connection out there, this will definitely come in handy.
If you open your mind and allow yourself to learn some of these, I’m sure your mind will flutter with many more ideas on what you can use it for. It has the most visually appealing and detailed images of the sky than any other application I’ve tinkered with.

If you get yourself into a sticky situation, SAS Survival Guide probably has some solid advice for you. For these kinds of activities, I tend to shy away from free apps because they aren’t well kept and I need something reliable. It has too many features to begin picking out which ones are cool enough to mention, I’d just recommend taking a look yourself. If you don’t see a map that you need, you can always contact their support and request one.

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