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A government audit of Royal Life Saving Society Queensland raises concerns about sponsorships, governance and the relationship with another company.
CHRIS UHLMANN, PRESENTER: The Royal Life Saving Society is one of the oldest charitable and sporting groups in the country. Whether as a responsible member of the community or for a lifesaving career, the skills you learn are skills for life.
Nationally it enjoys the patronage of the Governor-General and in Queensland the state governor. But 7.30 has obtained an official audit of the Queensland arm of the society which urges government agencies to be cautious about entering into funding agreements with the organisation. It raises concerns about sponsorships, governance and the relationship with private companies owned by a prominent member of the society. JOHN TAYLOR, REPORTER: Since its inception more than five million Australians have been awarded the Bronze Medallion, a recognition of high-level skills in swimming and life-saving.
He has over 40 years experience in the life-saving movement and is national president of Royal Lifesaving Society of Australia. He's also had commercial dealings with Royal Lifesaving Society Queensland, including brokering a property purchased by the society and owning two companies that have done business with the society.

7.30 approached Mr Moule for an interview and sent him a series of written questions, but he would not comment. Several had serious concerns, but were unwilling to be interviewed because of possibility legal and financial reprisals. It's also a major sponsor of the society, something the audit found it doesn't pay any money for. The audit found sponsors pay by supplying products, brochures and banners, general maintenance, advice and discount on insurance.
Les Moule, through another company he owns, Pool Star, also supplies goods, swim caps and such, to the society. The auditor asked the Royal Society what policies it had to obtain quotes for the purchase of goods and services and:(male voiceover): "Is there a possibility Vici had provided goods to Royal Life that may have been 'inflated' or higher prices when compared to those offered by alternative suppliers?
However it should be said that such behaviour is certainly odd and one wonders what the motivation would be. When the board of the society met to decide whether to buy the centre, then treasurer, Les Moule, did not take part.
The board decided they would offer $1.8 million for the centre, but go as high as $2 million.

Decision made, Les Moule then returned to the meeting to discuss how the society would finance the purchase. Queensland's new Liberal-National government was unaware of the audit until contacted by 7.30 and the new Community Safety Minister says future funding will be reassessed before it is delivered. JOHN TAYLOR: The audit makes 15 recommendations for improvement, more than half with a priority listed as high.
It's an appointment she accepted not long after being sworn in because, she said, of the very important role the society plays, promoting and educating people about water safety and its long history in Queensland. The audit report also says that the society's role and history also carry responsibilities.

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