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Shredded beet, carrots, cauliflower and Pink Lady apple, served over a bed of chopped greens and sprinkled with raw sunflower seeds, fresh blueberries, and a few currants.   Also delicious with a little lime juice sprinkled on top!
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For more information, read Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, Revised Edition by Dr. I have never seen canned pumpkin on our supermarket shelves as we don’t have the tradition of making pumpkin pie here. The winter squashes have more carbs and calories per serving than spaghetti squash and zucchini, which have more water. What is the difference between spaghetti squash (listed as unlimited) and winter squashes which are listed as limited.
Yes, at least a cup of beans a day is recommended, but they are separate from the starchy and non-starchy vegetables, so they aren’t on this list.
Susan’s Kitchen BlogJacked-Up Vegan RibsJackfruit adds tenderness, moisture, and a pull-apart texture to these incredible seitan-based vegan ribs.
Slow Motion MiracleA Watched Pot (And A Shout Out To Straight Up Food)  It was a hot and muggy day in northeast Portland. Written by Matt FrazierFive years ago, a 10-day challengeA led to my eventual decision to go vegetarian (and to start this blog). A few years later a 30-dayA vegan challenge, which I completed successfully, actually taught me that I wasn’t ready to go vegan yet.
But even if your experiment doesn’t lead you to change your life, a challenge around something so near-and-dear as food will almost certainly teach you something about yourself.
I also knew that I ate a lot of salt, woke up every day with an urge for a small, strong cup of coffee, and enjoyed a single (usually strong) beer almost every night.
I was comfortable with all of these things, citing moderation, lots of exercise, and no tendencies toward serious addiction (when it comes to ingestibles, at least). So, almost two years removed from any restrictive diet challenge, I decided it was time for a new one. Only in this backdoor manner did I find out about Eat to Live, his #1 New York Times bestseller. Eat to Live is supposed to be a six-week long strict plan, followed by a slightly more lax version that allows up to 10 percent of your calories to be exceptions to the above (even animal products, if you’re so inclined). All designed to take the stress out of meal planning and help you experience the health and energy you know is possible. Health Made Simple features five 30-day, plant-based meal plans for all different lifestyles and needs, so that you can eat the way you know is right while making sure you get everything you need. And with live Q&A sessions built right into the program, you'll never need to worry that you're not doing it right, or wonder how best to adapt it to meet your goals. Finally, Table Tasty is a seasoning that many people have found helpful as they wean off of salt.
Many valid studies have demonstrated that moderate caffeine consumption protects against certain cancers, but all trials used freshly brewed expresso method coffee…. Eating no sugar was a piece of cake for me (no pun intended) – which surprised me, because I have always characterized myself as having a HUGE sweet tooth. I finished after about 10 weeks, and in that time, my taste never adjusted to the lack of salt.
I can hardly call myself a strict vegan since I love certain foods that contain milk, but I try to eat vegan food when possible.
Matt, I’ve been following the Eat to Live diet for over 5 years and I love it with all my heart. I’m intrigued by this post though and intend to finish the book sooner and try this challenge.
Now that we’re both feeling our best and completely off medication for those conditions, we eat a bit more salt, maybe about 200-300 mg a day from coconut aminos or miso paste in the nut-based dressings and sauces.
From the book Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss by Dr. NUTS and RAW SEEDS, but not ground flax, are optional for obese or overweight persons while they follow this weight loss plan.
Recipes suitable for the Eat to Live program can be found throughout this website, in the Eat to Live tag section, and on the Blog. Does anyone have any idea if you’re supposed to weigh the cooked vegetables before or after they’re cooked to get the 1 lb figure?
Hi all, I have not been here in a long time I had lost 23 lbs and looked good and felt better.
Iva, If you had just looked at the info on this page almost all your questions would be answered. If you want to become vegan and have a difficult time eating a plant based diet just watch Earthlings on YouTube.
Personally I have been on this plan for a week and I did cheat and have a little meat, I still have lost 7 lbs! I did have a hard copy of the book but I guess that got lost so I am using your instructions and doing the best I can.
I have not been hungry, but it is important to eat enough raw veggies (my thoughts anyway) give it a try you might just lose a little weight. I ask this because I would love to be able to eat this way, however, I just don’t seem to feel quite right whenever I try this diet.
I was wondering, in order to get adequate protien, is it safe to take vegan protein powder?
Today is my third day on ETL plan and I have already lost 1.2kgs, I know its fluid but its still amazing. I’m feeling lean and healthy and my lab tests are very good (for my age and medical history). I need to lose 25 pounds and I lose weight very very slowly, so I will probably need to be in the plan for about 6-8 months. Read ETL 6 years ago, and had my husband read it as well…then the whole family made the switch. Carl Swanson – Your comment about only loosing muscles mass and not fat defies all the scientific research. I just wanna say that I did this diet for a month and lost almost 10 pounds but looking back most of the weight I lost was muscle mass in my legs. As a lifelong (66yrs)victim of the North American diet i find myself 100lbs overweight, out of control diabetes,high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
For a Vegan diet that is very close to this one and works beautifully, try the 21-day vegan kickstart! It happened for me like this: I just used less and less salt until I was using almost none.
Which leads me to the following conclusion: This Eat to Live Project may not be working all that well when it comes to my two youngest children.

Have you had a lot of success with feeding children consistently healthy meals and not falling into a major rut? Meanwhile make the dressing by combining lime juice, cumin, chili powder, chipolte chili powder, vinegar, and garlic. Fuhrman’s New Cookbook Coming Out October 8th!I am committing to make every recipe in the book and post a photo and review of each here.
Mash the beans in the food processor or with a potato masher and mix with the sunflower seeds. Remove from the oven and let cool slightly, until you can pick up each patty and compress it firmly in your hands to re-form the burger.
Here in New Zealand we eat pumpkin frequently, usually baked in the oven and in the winter, pumpkin soup. Our preference is to eat fresh vegetables as opposed to processed foods although it’s becoming more and more prevalent and with more processed foods containing sugar and fat, the population is following the rest of the western world and rapidly getting more obese. There was no way I could prepare our sweet potatoes the way I thought I like them best–roasted or baked in the oven. For me, the answer is clear: you might just discover something you love, when you learn that actually doing the thing is easier than worrying about how tough it surely must be. When on my book tour several people told me they had followed the the Eat to LiveA plan and lost 20, 30, or even 60 (a woman last week in Raleigh!) pounds as a result, I was deeply curious, even though I had zero interest in losing weight.
With an internet full of incentives for people to tell us what we want to hear — that some hot new study shows that salt, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, saturated fat, etc. He says that while consuming none at all is best, a small amount (one glass of wine a day, one cup of coffee per day) is probably alright. Not consuming oil is really quite easy.A For salads (which we eat all the time on this plan, often as meals and usually with beans), we make nut-based dressings which are pretty good. Not adding any salt is really tough.A In fact, not being able to add salt just about ruins the experience of eating for me.
Skipping the nightly beer is tough, and I think about and crave the flavor and aroma of hops each night (I usually drink hop-bomb IPA’s). My normal diet is not nearly as healthy as I thought.A Even without being 100 percent convinced that a moderate amount of oil and salt are unhealthy, eating so strictly has made me realize just how often I make unhealthy exceptions in my usual diet.
Huge congrats to Leo BabautaA and Scott DinsmoreA on finishing their first 50-miler last weekend in San Francisco! My sister Christine (who used to write Sweet-Tooth FridayA dessert posts for No Meat Athlete) started a blog — about a novel approach to writing a novel. Of course, everyone is different, but I am a very salty sweater and I live in a year round warm and humid climate.
I wonder how the no salt will affect the long distance running or would you make exceptions when training for longer distance races? It made me realize how even as a vegan, I need to really ramp up the nutrient dense foods and steer away from salt, oil and processed foods. Celery and chard are naturally high in salts, and can add a nice salty flavor to foods, without added salt. She is testing the recipes from Fuhrman’s Eat to Live Cookbook, discussing and rating them.
In fact, I got more and more miserable as the weeks went on and started to eat only fruits. I almost never add salt to my food when I cook it, but I love potato chips which contain both the added oil and the added salt.
I bet that if I cooked more on my own, I would have lost even more weight, but I’m too lazy to cook every day. I took on that challenge about a year ago, and I loved the no oils part – but struggled with the salt.
The salt desire goes away (food may taste bland to me at times, but I have zero perception of it needing salt, just more spice) and I find eating this way absolutely joyful, not restrictive. Salt would be the big thing for me too especially since I don’t just cook for myself.
I think I could try it for 3-6 weeks and be able to make my decision regarding meat and by-products. I spent my twenties drinking and smoking and partying until I got married and spent the second half of my 20s and the first half of my 30s having babies and yoy-ing in weight and health. You should see a doctor if that really happened to you as the body always burns glycogen first, fat second and spares muscle last as a survival tactic.
Many people have expressed dissatisfaction with this or that recipe, and what immediately comes to my mind is .
Then about 8 weeks ago I started to exclusively use salt substitutes in my home cooked food and it now tastes very flavorful to me.
We were at a party at a friend's house with loads of kids and the hostess offered the kids vegetable soup. I am considering asking them to choose one recipe per week from another cookbook with more simple flavors, perhaps the new Happy Herbivore Light and Lean cookbook?
I'm still really busy making holiday cards at work and simple dinners are the way to go right now. Place something heavy on the top plate to help with this (a large can of beans work well) . I found out about this book about a week ago searching the web for best vegan diet to lose weight.
Fuhrman suggests for most people — I eat snacks between meals (fruit and raw nuts, mainly) and more fats (in the form of avocados and nuts) than the standard plan allows for.
Like with any other challenge, when that time is up, I’ll reevaluate and decide where to go from there. While there are some more involved recipes, my favorite Fuhrman-approved dishes are the ones where we water-saute or steam a bunch of vegetables, throw in some beans (homemade with no added salt), and top with a quick nut-based, raw sauce or dressing. Blend it with some dates, unsweetened almond milk, and sometimes cacao powder, and it’s a really nice treat to look forward to that helps me get through saltless dinners. The times I get a Naked smoothie or juice from the coffee shop, the times I drink two cups of coffee or two or three beers, the times I add salt to my food before I even taste it, the times I go all day with only one or two pieces of fruit, the days I skip the salad … when you put them all together, they add up to a lot of slips, even within a single week.
I was not eating adequate sodium for a while (not on purpose, it was just the way I was eating) and I had a terrible reaction while running, passed out, hit my head, almost got run over by a car, took a nice and expensive trip the to ER and was told in no uncertain terms to NOT limit my sodium intake! Hops, even in pellet form, are a whole food, and steeping a tea from them might be a good substitute that gives you a nice aroma and taste.
You can add herbs and spices to veggies till the cows come home but without salt, they just don’t taste as good.
And for about 6 weeks now, I’ve maintained my weight loss – even through Thanksgiving! However, I believe that the overuse of salt comes from all the processed junk in the standard American diet, and that it’s rare for a person who is conscientious about eating healthful, whole foods to overdose on salt. My nutritionist advised me against eating too little sodium so I haven’t been as strict with that but I do the rest by the book.

His other book Eat for Health has three levels, each one goes deeper into healthier eating.
I’m reading the Eat for Health book and it takes you on a step by step process or re-introducing yourself to your taste buds before they were blasted with chemicals and foods you crave so much.
I’m stuck between deciding to go full on vegan or keep a few, organic and local raised animal-based products in my diet.
I feel best when I have at least 18 grams of protein per meal, so I have been adding these in, just not sure how much can be taken safely? My 3rd child will be 2 in August and I am about 30 pounds heavier than is healthy (and comfortable) for me. I know its only a few days but I’ve heard so many people say they could tell they lost weight in the first week. My question is are we allowed to eat out on the 6 week plan even if we choose veggies as the dinner option ?
I eat a big salad and bowl of bean soup or vegetable chili and feel full, but in a a hour or two I’m hungry again.
Anytime I eat at someone else's home or a restaurant, I'm overwhelmed by the salty taste of the food. I feel like Lindsay Nixon's cookbook might be far more appealing to my children than the Dr.
A baked sweet potato with some steamed greens, mushrooms and onion make a perfect weeknight dinner many days during this time of the year. Most of the information on this blog is based upon my own personal experience and research. After 10 minutes of cooking the veggies, fill the pan with about 5 – 7 cups of water, add 2 tablespoons of rice vinegar, and 3 tablespoons of miso paste (I use white miso). I’ve always had a hangup about cooking with anything but oil, but now that I try it, water works just fine. If you have any interest in writing a novel, it would mean a lot to me if you’d check out her blog. There is a great newsletter on his website (access for members only) on fueling the vegan athlete. It makes sense, when you look at the sodium numbers I mentioned in the post, that it would happen that way. Fuhrman’s work, and I feel like being as close as possible to this is completely sustainable- so good for you for going the extra mile and taking the entire challenge for a few weeks! I found that foods like freshly cooked beans from the pressure cooker without salt tasted like watery balls of nothingness, which is completely opposite from what I know them as: THE BEST FOOD EVER!
Add more of the healthy things back into your day and you will push the bad stuff out and feel better about it.
It’s difficult mainly because my husband is a carnivore and so is my entire family (minus one cousin). At first, it was because I had horrible migraines and allergies, and my husband was taking blood pressure medication (we were both mildly overweight). Let’s see, the only other things I can think of that we do outside the plan are that my husband sometimes uses coconut oil to roast veggies and drinks de-caf coffee. For me, I had been eating a certain way for 30 plus years, it was a hard adjustment for my body, but it turned around, and I’ve never been so grateful! I wouldn't go from salting your recipes to using Benson's Table Tasty overnight and expect miracles. I've been passionate about it ever since, and I've finally arrived at freedom from food addiction. I find myself getting depressed around 3:00 pm when I think about dinner and remember that it will taste like air (until my taste buds adjust, I hope). I would love to hear your thoughts on how not replacing that lost sodium chloride, which often forms a palpable crust on my forehead, is a healthy way to go about eating.
I am just reading the book now and have not yet started, but from what he says, each person who starts out eating more veggies actually pushes out the habitual foods by their change in tast buds and losing the desire for the foods they were hooked on. I am worried about the salt issue… I recently tasted a couple of vegan chilies at a chili cook-off that were made without added salt and they tasted like nothing at all. Although we were already vegan, it took us about 3 months of completely changing our diets to conform to the Eat to Live standards before each of us had incredible strides in our health. Would it be better to add a couple more meal times to get all the food in or just stick with what I’m eating? She liked it and ate the whole thing (of course, there was salt in it, but hey, I'll take it!). Of course, I would provide a photograph and review of those recipes also if it's a go with Maya and Max. I just can’t wait that long to start so I have been reading blogs online and now Pinterest for tips and suggestions. I just finished reading Super Immunity and am making a concerted effort to eat mushrooms and onions on a daily basis. I never add salt to anything of mine, but if my hubby has leftover potatoes I will have some, which I sprinkle salt on during their steaming.
And now I just love and seriously enjoy the different tastes of raw (ripe) fruit and veggies. I write about my experience a lot on my blog where I also feature recipes that go along with the program.
We no longer have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, after 3 years I found my vision had changed and I no longer needed glasses, depression went away, we sleep better, have more energy and are rarely sick and when we are, it’s so much less severe.
If you are cooking out of the Eat to Live Cookbook and you haven't (for the most part) gotten salt out of your life, you might find it very difficult to enjoy these recipes. You’ll have to experiment to see what works for you, which may take longer than 10 days. This allows me to eat enough of the raw leafy greens on my teacher’s schedule (short, early lunch). I don’t find it difficult following this plan and have enjoyed experimenting with the more elaborate recipes at family gatherings to avoid the really awful traditional feast offerings. My taste buds are out of this world – even lettuce tastes like crazy good, strong business. Every time I eat some I almost struggle to handle it’s saltiness- but love it so much! Many people dehydrate celery and Vitamix it for a salt substitute… I say, too much work – just eat celery and toasted nori for some sushi and your sodium needs will be happily fulfilled!
Crossfit works and is generally an amazing inclusive and supportive community, with this one annoying exception!

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