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27.11.2013 admin has a great tongue-in-cheek article about an archaeological discovery of ancient zombie attacks in Egypt. Sorcery There are certain practitioners that deviate from the original teaching. Description: It's Breathtaking provides CPR, First-Aid, Healthcare Provider, AED, Heartsaver, Blood-Borne Pathogen Training, Classes, Certification in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area.
Small area, brain eating retarded corpse scenario would fail really fast, with only 3 digit deaths max. Large area, brain eating retarded corpse scenario wouldn't be too much of a difference, and get stopped before it's too late. Small area, berserk virus scenario would depend on place, and cause lots of death, and would be stopped if started in a big country.
NEW YORK (AP) — In its five short years of life, Pinterest has become 'the' place where brides-to-be create wish boards of wedding china photos and do-it-yourself home renovators bookmark shiny turquoise tiles for bathrooms. A great read:Hierakonpolis is a site famous for its many "firsts," so many, in fact, it is not easy to keep track of them all.
Read in-depth articles on the newest knives, ways to maintain them, product reviews, results of rigorous evaluations, information on the latest accessories. So we are grateful(?) to Max Brooks for bringing to our attention that the site can also claim the title to the earliest recorded zombie attack in history.
And it's fueled a new way of searching for items that's even stolen traffic from tech giant Google.The San Francisco-based venture capital darling was recently valued at $11 billion.

In his magisterial tome, The Zombie Survival Guide (2003), he informs us that in 1892, a British dig at Hierakonpolis unearthed a nondescript tomb containing a partially decomposed body, whose brain had been infected with the virus (Solanum) that turns people into zombies.
While its core audience has always been female, Pinterest says its popularity is growing faster than ever among men. In addition, thousands of scratch marks adorned every surface of the tomb, as if the corpse had tried to claw its way out! Brooks obviously has access to others), the British dig can be identified as that conducted by Mssr. She wouldn't disclose what percentage of users are male but says Pinterest's male user base in the U.S. Tylor, during which they cleared the decorated tombs of Ny-ankh-pepy (Old Kingdom and Middle Kingdom) and Horemkhawef (Second Intermediate Period) on Old Kingdom hill.
The notes of Tylor are lost to us, but Clarke's are preserved in the Griffith Institute, Oxford.
While Facebook is about sharing what you did, read or saw recently with 400 of your closest "friends," Pinterest users pin stuff for their own inspiration and benefit. Thus we can only infer that the tomb in question is one of those in the adjoining courtyard, and just a short distance from the underground chamber we examined in 2006 (see Hierakonpolis 2006: Adventures Underground).
While others can see it, she says Pinterest people are "saving stuff that means a lot to them personally.""MAN TRENDS"Popular "man trends," as Pinterest put it recently, range from do-it-yourself home projects such as making a wooden couch sleeve for your drinks, to different ways to tie knots, to the world's best hiking trails. The tomb in question may indeed be the one we use a cozy and sheltered spot to take our lunch while working on the Fort, as its plastered, but unpainted walls are indeed covered with innumerable scratch marks that defy photography.

And then there's the more unusual."Last year, we noticed a trend of survivalists using Pinterest," Hwang says.
If is the case, we might quibble--purely for the sake of scientific accuracy--that the 3000 B.C. These pinners found "creative ways of solving what they might do if there is a zombie apocalypse," she adds, or a more mundane natural disaster. There are Pinterest boards of basement fallout shelters, disaster preparation and the contents of survival backpacks.After Pinterest introduced "Place Pins" in late 2013, the vast trove of pinners' travel-inspired boards became easier for people to find. Place Pins are designed to work sort of like an online travel magazine combined with an interactive map.BY THE NUMBERS— There are now more than 50 billion "pins" on Pinterest. It says it may raise as much as $211 million more, and plans to use the more than half a billion dollars for international expansion and other corporate purposes.A NEW WAY TO SEARCH AND SHOPPinterest's penchant for exposing people to something new has turned its site into a learning and shopping hub that can be more useful than Google and other search engines for certain topics. At the same time, the company seems to be doing better on this front than some of its Silicon Valley counterparts. According to statistics released last July, 40 percent of the company's employees are women.

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