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First aid is important for both human beings and animals, so read below to make sure you are informed on how to care for your pet in a first aid situation. The Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center is a specialty practice comprised of dedicated, board certified and residency trained doctors, licensed veterinary technicians, and support teams who are highly trained in cardiology, internal medicine, oncology, ophthalmology, surgery, neurology, and physical rehabilitation. Providing a co-ordinated approach and a single source of quality assured health information for the public in Scotland.
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PRODUCT PRODUCT WATER is providing Chemicals used to sanitize and to treat water, swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. Without further notice we will prosecute to the fullest extent allowed by civil and criminal law. Make sure that you are not doing these during emergencies: Treat Bleeding by Putting the Wound under a TapBy putting a large bleeding wound under a tap, youa€™ll actually worsen the situation and make the wound bleed more. Youa€™ll wash away clotting agents that are on the skin by putting it directly under running water.
In the absence of water a hydrogel can be used.Put a Stick or Spoon in the Mouth of Someone Suffering From a Seizure Putting a stick or a spoon into the mouth of the victim will not do anything.

After the seizure, if the person is lying down turn them onto their side to protect and open their airway.Stop Someone from Choking by Slapping their BackBy slapping the victima€™s back you could force the object further down.
What to do: If the person is still breathing, encourage him to cough out the object or piece of food. If they are conscious give up to 5 back blows followed by up to 5 chest thrusts, repeat if needed.Move an Injured Person to a More Comfortable AreaIf you attempt to move an injured person, you may risk injuring them more. The phrase just lacks three words to make it true and that is a€?with proper training.a€™ If you didna€™t undergo any first aid training, you didna€™t get any OHS training or dona€™t know squat about first aid, you shouldna€™t be the first to rush out to an emergency and attempt to help the victims. Even if your intentions are good, you may worsen the situation by doing things that will harm the person.If you really want to help out, you should ask experts who are at the scene what to do. Better yet, you should enrol in a first aid training course so youa€™ll really know what to do during emergency situations.

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