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This entry was posted in Bushcraft Gear, Bushcraft Packs and tagged Bushcraft, Bushcraft Gear, bushcraft pack on April 24, 2012 by Campfire Kev. You can catch Ray in his swag bedroll in the Australian desert: on DaveJaVue channel tonight at 7pm if you have Sky TV. This entry was posted in Bushcraft Gear, Bushcraft on TV, Places, Shelter & Tents, Swag and tagged Australian Swag, Bushcraft Gear, Ray Mears, Swag on September 23, 2009 by Campfire Kev. This is a set-up using a tarp (Wychwood Rogue Shelter) and canoe paddles, but it’s the same principle as any campfire tent or Baker Tent. This entry was posted in Canoeing and Bushcraft and tagged Baker tent, Bushcraft Gear, Camp Fire Tent, Campfire, Campfire tent, Canoe Paddles, Photo Below Shows, Principle, Rig, Rogue, Surroundings, Tarp, Tarp Shelter, Warmth on July 15, 2009 by Campfire Kev. The rain was sideways and frozen like sand in your face, the gusts of wind were lifting people off their feet and the flood waters that swelled so quickly were sweeping huge rocks and cars away. However me and my buddy were properly equipped and well prepared and actually enjoyed the challenge of getting back to the starting point safely and unassisted.
While other people stood around, wrapped up in emergency space blankets peering from the safety of farm sheds, we stepped out into the storm with many others and walked back, following the road which was mainly underwater at the time, with regular brew stops and energy bars to keep us going. This entry was posted in Canoeing and Bushcraft, Videos and tagged Blow Out, Boiler, Brecon Beacons, Bushcraft Gear, Energy Bars, Flame, Flood Waters, Freak Weather, Fuss, Guest Writer, Gusts Of Wind, Morale Booster, Mountain Marathon, MSR Pocket Rocket, Nightmare, original mountain marathon, Pocket Rocket, Quot, Richard Dunne, Space Blankets, survival gear, Weather Event, Wild Camping, Writer Richard on June 18, 2009 by Campfire Kev.
We’ve just returned from our Autumn Season canoe trip on our favourite UK Southern River, the River Wye. This entry was posted in Bushcraft Gear and tagged Australian Swag, Autumn Season, Beaver Tail, Bushcraft Gear, Camping Gear, Canadian Canoe, Canoe, Canoe Paddles, Canoe Trip, canoing, Coffee Press, Cold At Night, Day Trip, Dome Tent, Fire Starter, Limestone Gorge, Marmot, Monmouth, Moonlit Night, Musto, Old Town Discovery 158, Ray Mears, River Trips, River Wye, Ross On Wye, Swedish Army Firesteel, Symonds Yat, Tepee, Wye River on November 6, 2008 by Campfire Kev.

This entry was posted in Bushcraft Gear and tagged Bushcraft Gear, cafetiere mugs, Camping Gear, Coffee Mug, coffee plunger mugs, Coffee Press, Cooking Gear, Flask, frosty coffee mug, hector coffee mug, Insulated coffee mug, Mountain Coffee, Mugs, OUtdoors Coffee Mugs on November 6, 2008 by Campfire Kev. Female survival experts have slammed Bear Grylls for creating an a€?inherently sexista€? television series that excludes women contestants from competing in a four-week survival challenge. Mr Gryllsa€™ latest show a€” The Island a€” involves 12 men being forced to survive on a desert island devoid of modern comforts.
Lisa Fenton is a survival expert and bushcraft instructor who gained a four-year apprenticeship with Ray Mears in the 1990s before founding a wilderness survival school in 2001.
Salcombea€™s first development of new properties right on the watera€™s edge for almost twenty years.
A-Tacs has firmly embedded itself in the airsoft and military circles and offers a wide range of gear in both the FG and AU patterns.
With the A-Tacs LE or Law Enforcement pattern coming out I wonder how long before a jungle version will come out too.
A whole range of peripheral kit is now becoming available, like these Danner TFX Boots - available in all over camo, even the sole.
Well I think this photo below shows why – you’re open to your surroundings, but have the warmth and life-force-enhancing glow of a campfire at the same time! A four day trip took us from Herefordshire, past Ross on Wye, through the Spectacular Symonds Yat limestone gorge through to Monmouth, making camp on the river bank along the way. Many critics have dismissed the concept for promoting a fantasy in which men are the sole a€?survivorsa€?.

We caught the last of the year’s fine weather, though it was just starting to get cold at night. Further colour ways are planned and Propper Inc is due to release plans of a clothing line at the Shot Show 2011. The knife above is shown with hand-rubbed finish, handle scales are palm swell style in Desert Ironwood Burl wood and stainless steel handle bolts and lanyard liner.
The handle scales are A-grade Curly Maple wood with stainless steel handle bolts and lanyard liner and .999 fine silver inlay in a Celtic-knot motif. The combination tooled leather pouch sheath has a belt loop and a metal ring for belt, cord or carabiner carry options. The handle scales are top grade Desert Ironwood Burl wood with stainless steel handle bolts and lanyard liner. The handle scales are stabilized Maple Burl wood with stainless steel handle bolts and lanyard liner.

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