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About JEEP knives JEEP knives and multi-tools are designed to reflect and assist in living the rugged JEEP lifestyle. No infringement is intended and no one but the copyright holder may download these images or reproduce them in any way without the express permission of the copyright holder.

L to R, top row: Gerber Mark II (20th Anniversary reproduction), SOG's Tech 7" blade, Kershaw's Military Boot Knife (this I carry at all times), SOG's SERE folding knife (Special Operations Group's Survival Evasion Resistance Escape knife), AMK's Quicksilver (the cool looks). Second Row: The Devil's Dart (which comes with a sleeve hostler and requires more practice to throw), Chris Reeve's Sable III (the only hollow handle I will carry, naturally one must train with a survival packet in the handle), and Kershaw's Diver's Knife.

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Rubric: First Aid For Life


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