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Each week a new story with a Scripture verse helping us focus on "Being" what God created us to be.
Each Ash Wednesday, I try to prolong the ephemeral cross on my forehead from fading, praying to absorb its meaning before it washes away. Drop your eyes to the left side of the predella (image below) where a scene depicts the Temptation of Christ, now at the Frick Musuem in NYC. 5 Then the devil took him to the holy city and had him stand on the highest point of the temple. 6 “If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. Satan next tempted Christ to test God. Rather than give into sin, Christ stands on a rock that looks more like a hill than a mountain. Christ’s right arm gracefully extends from his body sending Satan away to the shadowy background. Our eyes first notice Christ who stands slightly off center because Duccio has painted Christ wearing red, the highest saturation of color anywhere in the painting.
My first trip to the Wilderness was totally unplanned…a whim!  I had a bad day at work and I needed to take a breather.
When we got to the Wild West Indoor Park, I was like a kid in a candy shop…so many neat water slides, rides and activities. Outdoor fun was the theme of the second day.  Since the lines were fairly short, we were able to enjoy multiple rides down the water slides. I think we have stayed at every type of room available at the Wilderness, our favorites are the rooms at Glacier Canyon. The decadent Red Velvet Pancakes served at Wild Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness are the ultimate breakfast treat. The wilderness is part of the Sierra (majority of the wilderness) and Inyo National Forests. Using gold leaf in each scene, Duccio unified these images of Christ’s life so we can consider them together. The scenes that follow show Christ calling his followers, the wedding at Cana, the Transfiguration and the raising of Lazurus to name a few.

The space surrounding Christ shows how Christ through fasting becomes vulnerable to the temptations of Satan and also more open to God. Satan first tempted Christ, who had been fasting, to turn the stones surrounding him into bread.
Duccio used scale to emphasize that Christ conquered sin and could easily step down from the mountain without testing God as the devil commanded. The devil in response to Christ raises his hand to communicate that he has given up and then turns and steps away. These graceful, continuous lines do not  depict a battle scene or struggle between the two main characters, but rather Christ has drawn a line to separate himself from sin. Artists in Northern Europe depicted The Temptation of Christ less frequently than artists in Greece and Italy.
We have been baptized into Christ, and so throughout Lent, we participate in the mysteries of Christ knowing that His Resurrection is a reality as well. Based on a co-workers suggestion, I made a few phone calls, alerted the troops at home, and we were off to the destination that I now refer to as, “my happy place.” As a father of three active boys, and with a wife that liked relaxing in nature with a book, finding a place that everyone would enjoy had always been a challenge.
Our Church Youth Group even came up for a weekend and fifteen of us had a blast at one of the large cabins. Within the Ansel Adams Wilderness are glaciated mountains including Mount Ritter, Banner Peak, and the Minarets, all of which are part of the Ritter Range. If Duccio reversed the colors, painting Satan red and Christ gray, we would interpret Satan as the dominant figure.
We would stand below the large bucket near the ceiling and when it overflowed, we laughed heartily as water spilled down on us. When we went inside for lunch, my wife said it felt so good to be away and to leave the world behind. The greatest thing about my happy place is that I’ve been able to pass it on to my kids.  I’ve given short vacations at the Wilderness to my two oldest boys, to get away during their winter college breaks. The wilderness area is also home to many lakes, including Shadow Lake, Thousand Island Lake, Lake Ediza, and Garnet Lake.
After checking in, we quickly navigated down the hallways, amused by the bear-patterned carpeting.

Large waves threw us around in our inner tubes in the wave pool, and we relaxed by riding down the lazy river. And there is nothing like sitting in one of the outdoor hot tubs during the cold, Wisconsin winters.  Many ice-sculpted hairdos have been designed there. I hope that all my sons will continue our tradition at the Dells when they have their own families. You could bring your mom, have a business meeting, or go on a Tinder date and you'd still feel right at home. A popular feature located in the Ansel Adams Wilderness is Devils Postpile National Monument, an unusually symmetrical formation of columnar basalt.
My wife enjoyed the water, too, but was just as happy to sit in the lounge chair, read her book, and watch us have fun. I called the front desk to see if we could stay in our room for one more night.  The rest is history. Visitors to the wilderness area can enjoy 562 kilometers of hiking trails, opportunities for technical rock climbing on the Minarets, and cross-country skiing at Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain in the winter. The simple menu is accommodating to vegetarians, while at the same time serving authentic northern Thai food. The large chalkboard wall next to the bar highlights their specials, so you know they keep it fresh, and tasty.
Pair the food with your favorite Thai-inspired craft cocktail from the tiny bar and you'll feel like a queen (or king). All told, it's an affordable spot in the heart of town that has that magical Bend feeling — you know, the one that says we are doing what we love in our own way.

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