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Whiskey is a food item that can be found either in the Bar, or in random houses around the town.
Register for a free account to gain full access to the VGChartz Network and join our thriving community. The game will be updated in a modular style similar to the development of Minecraft, Towns, or Kenshi. Examine the most recent maps of Muldraugh, Knox County and the original suburbs map from the earliest version of PZ. Register an account so that you can contribute and keep track of your own and other peoples contributions. See what we are currently working on at PZwiki or discuss any changes you'd like to see made. We don't want PZwiki to become one of those horrible wiki's with hundreds of militant rules. Future locations will include Louisville, Brandenburg and Fort Knox along with countless areas of forest, small towns and farms. La carte a ete entierement refaite a l'occasion de la RC2.9, maintenant que le jeu permet d'avoir un monde bien plus grand.

Muldraugh est constitue de 342 batiments et accueille une population de 3566 ames (a present damnees, semble-t-il). At the moment the game is a single player game, in which you take on the role of Bob Smith, a man looking after his injured wife. The game is currently in alpha, and is being developed by The Indie Stone, which consists of Will Porter, Andy Hodgetts, Marina Siu-Chong, Chris Simpson, Romain Dron, Tim Baker, Paul Ring, Kees Bekkema and Spiffo, the community raccoon. A purchase at any time guarantees updates throughout its development lifetime, and Steam keys will be issued to anyone who owns the game through an alternate service up to and possibly after its Steam release. It takes place within the cities of Muldraugh, West Point, the Valley Station, Dixie and surrounding countryside as well as the soon to be added Louisville, Brandenburg and Fort Knox. 40 of the buildings being the "Special" buildings noted below which usually have more loot, more valuable loot, or are just monuments of the pre-apocalyptic world.
However, it has a larger population and a population density than Muldraugh so enemies are clumped in larger packs.
Si les informations n'etaient plus a jour, merci d'ajouter une banniere de notification "information perimee". Il se compose des villes de Muldraugh et West Point, Kentucky, et de leur campagne environnante.

Actuellement on y trouve les villes de Muldraugh et West Point, et un monde vaste mais encore incomplet autour d'elles.
West Point est plus petite (6 cellules environ) mais a une population plus importante que sa voisine, et donc une plus grande densite d'ennemis. 40 batiments particuliers comportent en general plus de ressources utiles, ou sont des souvenirs notables du monde d'avant l'apocalypse.
The story in Project Zomboid is a little vague at this point, due to it only being in Alpha. Currently the map consists of those towns of Muldraugh, West Point, the Valley Station and Dixie, with a vast but almost completely unfinished world around it. Du fait de la forte densite de population, les groupes de zombies seront plus importants en nombre d'individues. However, as Bob Smith you must protect your wife from the horde of the undead by gathering food, water and bandages to heal her wounds.

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