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The irony of their argument is that it is typically argued ONLINE on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and other popular online forums. The fact that off grid technology deniers and anti-technology off gridders typically ignore is that to make these statements and posts online, they are online too, and are using high technology and computers, and therefore NOT off grid by their own definition. The fact is the term is subjective and highly interpretive once you move beyond the actual definition of off grid. Below  is an excerpt from our main Living Off Grid page, which gives a more in depth look at the terms, their meanings, and the interpretations of those terms. The term “off grid“, or “off the grid” has multiple interpretations, and many people have different opinions as to what off grid truly means. I’d like to point out the obvious before we start clouding the issue with definitions, meanings, interpretations, and more debatable opinions. Before we attempt to define what “off grid” is, we should clarify what “the grid” is, then we can attempt to define what it means to get “off” of the grid.
For one person, being off the grid may mean simply being disconnected from the power grid, while another person may have the opinion that to be “truly off the grid” they must disconnect from all utilities and live a completely self sufficient lifestyle, free from reliance on public sources of utilities, food or housing.

There really is no hard and fast, black and white definition of what living off the grid means, because generally speaking, it means different things to different people. I am also willing to offer Activity Parties at your home: providing the site is safe and suitable. A downloadable PDF Booking Information Pack is available, which includes all relevant details including our Notes & Guidelines. Some images used with kind permission of the Forestry Commission and are subject to Crown Copyright.
Toss with the juice of 1 lemon, 1 pound unpeeled large shrimp & a big pinch of red pepper flakes. I am currently able to offer these at the Forestry Commission's Wendover Woods (where we have an exclusive permit to do this).
If I have not heard from you after 7 days I will re-open that activity slot again to everyone. I am happy to help you get your BBQ lit, if required ;-) Contact the FC office on 01296 625825 to book.

If wet you can quite often gain shelter at no charge in the Go Ape covered area (next to their cabin). Some people might opt to live that lifestyle, however, that is usually based on personal preference, is not a hard an fast rule of living off grid, and is usually a personal choice. Living off grid does not mean primitive living. A fun packed session that will keep your group of youngsters entertained, whilst teaching them some basic outdoor skills in a relaxed and engaging way. If you don't have that please click on the Adobe icon on the right to get it free - this link will open a separate browser window.

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