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After Brock Turner, Should We Change The Way We Teach Consensual Sex To Boys In Order To Prevent Rape? But the world has changed, and we now know more about how our brains can best help us in today’s world. Far too many leaders are unaware of the effect of their actions on others, leaving a wake of anxious people in their path.
It might give you relief to lash out, but too often trust is broken and repair is difficult, especially when this is a pattern. Also interesting is how the amygdala plays such an integral role in our emotional responses.
I appreciate your further explanation of how our emotions affect our brain and the automatic response that is triggered. The fourth lesson: You can retrain your brain The amazing research into neuroplasticity is clear. Yes, since we’re usually not facing saber tooth tigers with wooden spears for protection these days, our environment is safer. The effect of the brain on our interactions and our interactions on our neurochemistry, is indeed fascinating. It has been long said that what separate a human from others animals is our ability to use thought to overcome emotion or instinct.
We can control our actions and through thought can act in a compassionate and supportive manner.
Nowadays, my job is to help some leaders in my classes how to find the better way on his teamwork.
This card, The Wheel of Fortune, key -10 of the Thoth Deck Tarot, represents the fortunes of the Soul.
The beauty of the Tarot Trump, is that they require a deep inner contemplation to begin understanding the flow of Force and Form in the 99.6% invisible Self. To the modern person, the use of software, to operate the electronic hardware is just a part of our mundane life. There is the regeneration of the Gnostic Culture showing up as expanded and liberated consciousness that goes beyond the survival-media programed mind of the mundane.
The caveman of old lived in fear mode the predominate factor in the duality of our reality love being its polar opposite. There is a scenario in the grids about aliens coming here in the place where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meet, which is a dried up river bed today. Humans came out of the caves millions of years ago and slowly started their way back to en(light)enment. No matter what we think about our government and its leaders, the average person used to feel it would always be there to protect us - the patriarchy - father figure - leader - who protects.
In the so-called matriarchal years, now in play, we move toward balance and self empowerment. This bumbling, lovable middle-aged man has lived a sheltered life of Starbucks and smartphones, and has totally lost touch with his primitive instincts. What would happen if a clumsy, apprehensive suburban man suddenly found himself in some of the most extreme outdoor scenarios imaginable? Now his co-workers, with the help of some elite outdoorsmen, have dared him to live in their world a€“ the complete opposite of the sedentary life he currently leads.
Steel Will Knives Offically Launches Website Whooping Cough Mutations Outpacing Vaccines A Year of Anniversaries New Quail Forever Chapter Forms for Flint Hills Bobs How to Store a Years Supply of Toilet Paper on The Cheap WCES a€™14 Video 8: Allagash Falls Obamacarea€™s Annus Horribilis Acid Ocean Wherein Lies the Truth? Though storytellers can create audience satisfaction by appealing to any one of these needs, the most exciting of stories rely heavily on the visceral. To illustrate, we start with a film that puts the visceral scares of the horror genre into conflict with the intellectual appeal of the mystery. When watching such a sequence, we often feels as if our minds have “locked up” like jammed machinery. So far, we have only discussed how psychological conflicts can exist on the audience plane.
The audience plane: The feelings and thought processes experienced internally by the audience while viewing the action. The character plane: When individual characters are given their own psychological conflicts to which the audience can observe and relate. In Alien, the conflict between the intellectual and the visceral is not only experienced internally by the audience. Rocky further enhances this drama by placing the same conflict between emotional and visceral needs within the psychologies of the characters themselves.
Few films rival The Godfather in critical praise,  Assuredly, The Godfather stands leagues beyond the average film in terms of its dramatic discourse.
On the story-situation plane, The Godfather presents a visceral world where death and violence are the norm. These same contradictions extend to the character plane as well, seen most notably in the protagonist Michael Corleone. Taken together, these conflicts lead to story events which affect the viewer on the audience plane.
Though instruction on screencraft tends to focus predominantly on physical machinations of plot and character, a writer must recognize that the viewing of a film is a psychological experience.
Michael Welles Schock (aka 'Scriptmonk') is script consultant, dramatic theorist and the author of Screenwriting Down to the Atoms: Digging Deeper into the Craft of Cinematic Storytelling. Studies in brain science have revealed that our prefrontal cortex provides thinking processes that allow us to override the primitive instincts that no longer serve us. Our prefrontal cortex allows us to override our reactivity, to choose to delay the immediate gratification of relief at the expense of others, and to wait until our rational thinking returns before taking action.
The real power of feedback comes during a conversation where, instead of giving explanations for your behavior, you listen and try to understand. But when you consider your words and deliver the bad news with compassion, the effect is quite different on both the other person and on yourself. I think it’s fascinating how neurology, psychology and mindfulness are overlapping here and the powerful lessons it provides. I would add that in addition to training (like the exercise you are experimenting with to keep the brain placid), exercise and diet, another powerful method is learning to quiet the mind through meditation. Number one is so important – not only do we need to take a breath with situations in person, but also in correspondence through email and social media. Even though we often don’t feel safe, we have other choices besides our instinctual fight-flight reactions. You bring up some good points, I am still working hard on giving honest feed back without coming across the wrong way. Hopefully overtime we will see leadership returning to an attitude of service and away from an attitude of self-service and greed.
She Trusts you to know that if you think a thought, and supply life-force to it (often called emotion) that you know what you are doing. The imagery of the Card is complex and only by meditating on this card with determined vigilance, with what I call Hard Desire, will the student receive the mysterious knowledge that this image generates. To Know Thyself, is to know your Divine inheritance and the Gnostic process of the Qaballah is just such a mechanism for self knowledge. If you are paranoid, fear will take over, and you will be reconciled into consciousness source. Gradually we left behind the caveman mentality, survival, fear base emotions yet are programmed as survival instincts should we need them. Most of souls were in a state of 'suspended animation' especially those who were there, for weeks after the event as our frequencies adjusted to this program insert. And, strangely enough, Derek has agreed a€“ reluctantly, of course a€“ to put his a€?fish out of watera€? journey in their hands.
This is because the visceral appeals to our most primitive instincts of need and survival by creating situations which trigger these instincts, the storyteller can rouse the most highly-charged of mental states from the audience, such as anxiety, excitement, passion, or terror.
However, the film’s discourse manages to be far superior than most films of that label by placing the audience’s visceral fears at constant odds with their intellectual desires.
Since the audience is led to care about Rocky, they become emotionally invested in his struggle.

Observe the “seduction” scene between Rocky and Adrian in Rocky’s apartment near the end of the first act. One reason for this is the constant presence of conflict between all three psychological levels, often occurring on the story-situation, character, and audience planes all at the same time. One of the film’s most psychologically intense sequences occurs when Michael visits his father in the hospital at the end of the first act and finds he has walked into a deathtrap.
It is important to consider not only what occurs in a story, but how those events engage the audience’s minds; intellectually, emotionally, and viscerally.
Our brains detect negative information faster than positive information, and we have a stronger memory for painful experiences than pleasurable ones.
Brain science has demonstrated that we have the ability to become aware of the effect of our actions AND even more importantly, that through our prefrontal cortex, we have the ability to consciously consider our actions. We now know that the human brain continues to grow and learn throughout our lives and that we are capable of changing at any point. It increases your level of oxytocin (associated with feeling good) and further develops your prefrontal cortex.
That will save me a lot of effort deprogramming of my future leaders as they come into their own! All brilliant, but if I were to just highlight one point, it would be your point about coming from a place of compassion. In each one of us, there is a person that is suffering and deserve to know how to make good choices.
I checked out your blog post and thought you did a nice job with it and that it did mesh nicely with Deb’s piece. The path of Nun connects Tiphareth (Beauty) with Netzach (victory) and is about the flow of Personality from the Higher Self (Tiphareth is the Energy Intelligence of the Christos ) into the Imaginative Intelligence which is the seed of all thought-form. Thus the Hermit represents the Hand of God  Before anything is created by humankind , we must have the idea or conception of a thing, that peculates out of the vast sea of consciousness that is Binah (The Scarlett Womb-man) who is represented by the Red Robes of the Hermit.
The series is sure to offer outdoor pros some comical enjoyment and potentially inspire other beginners to give the outdoors a try. Alien makes heavy use of the element of mystery – the intentional withholding of key information. The intellectual desires are running into head-on opposition with the visceral, stopping them both in their tracks, keeping our minds frozen and our eyes locked on the screen until something occurs to resolve the conflict (such as when Alien reveals the creature leaping from the egg, momentarily ending the mystery to let the fear take over).
Alien pits an ensemble of seemingly-rational human beings against the most viscerally instinctual creature imaginable. Rocky Balboa’s deep emotional need aches to be fulfilled, yet this seems impossible in such a visceral environment. When a visceral threat is imposed on an emotionally sympathetic character, it elicits the sensation of COMPASSION.
They are treated as strategic, rational-minded business moves, binding this world by intellect as well.
Presented with this scenario, we as viewers have our intellects piqued by curiosity (Where are the guards? Great films provide constant conflict, not just on the screen, but within the heads of those watching. But unless people feel safe enough to speak the truth, they will only tell you what they think you want to hear. Daniel Amen at UCI shows how even damaged brains can recover retraiing, exercise, and proper diet.
A leader in the most traditional view was a person who lived to protect and serve their community. It is about the Union of the Divine Universal Unconscious (which is a state of conscious energy) and our very own personal conscious, i.e. The hand of God is a title also know to be that  of Moses, who led his people out of the desert into the promised land. They instead engage the audience on a higher level by taking advantages of a certain phenomenon within the workings of the human mind.
Mystery triggers the intellectual sensation of curiosity – the impulse to learn more so the situation will make sense. When resolved, the tension is released, resulting in an experience of psychological pleasure.
To see how emotional needs operate within this model, let us examine at a more appropriate example. This premise establishes a conflict on the story situation plane between the emotional and the visceral.
Like watching an animal caught in a trap, we pity Rocky and hope he will find the means to escape.
However, time spent in college and the military have given Michael an intellectually-based set of ethics with which he must wrestle as events unfold.
It is by recognizing the audience’s psychological needs, triggering them through story action, and then ultimately fulfilling them through dramatic resolution that a storyteller turns a film into the ultimate tool of audience satisfaction. We don’t have a choice about our feelings, but we do have a choice about how we respond to them. This is why #1 is such a valuable lesson – it allows us to create space between the stimulus and our reactivity to give us time to remember what is most important. I’m excited that thought-leaders like the three of you are spreading awareness to the rest of the leadership community. Here the Esoteric meaning of the Hermit card seems to suggest that we need to first withdraw from the extremes of society and practice asceticism as an advance towards perfection.
This is the Metaphysical knowledge that has come through the centuries from the legendary Ilse of Mu  to the present day.
My previous article referred the “triune brain” theory as developed by neuroscientist Paul D.
When Rocky succeeds in the end, the audience feels a satisfaction that comes not only from the fulfillment of their emotional desires, nor the defeat of visceral fears, but something greater from the combination.
Rocky’s interest in Adrian is based in both a healthy sexual desire (a visceral impulse) as well as an emotional need for warmth and companionship. Characters love and respect each other in ways rarely seen in more traditional gangster films, further complicating the story situation.
They’re coming to kill you!), and our heartstrings pulled by compassion (We see that Michael loves his father and understand his urge to protect him). The more the storyteller exploits the working of the human mind, the more pleasure the story will provide. Thankfully today there are a group of writers and thinkers that are bring us back to the true basics about life and leadership.
Which is appropriate since all though-forms come from Binah, the Great Mother Ocean of Conscious. But, the funny thing is, he actually works for Outdoor Channel a€“ Americaa€™s Leader in Outdoor TV. Visceral instincts tell us to look away, while intellectual desire compels us keep watching. Characters must continually choose whether to put their faith in their supposedly superior ability to think and reason or their visceral instincts for survival. However, this drama is far more complex since both sides of the conflict are motivated by intense psychological dilemmas fighting within them. However, if he pursues his visceral need too strongly, he may scare Adrian away and his emotional needs will never be fulfilled. But if you’re coming from a place of caring for the other person (otherwise, why on earth would you have this person on your team??), then not only are you able to use this teaching moment as a chance to build that person up; you are also giving yourself a neuro-chemical reward! The Path of Caph runs from Chesed (Mercy) to Netzach (Victory) on the Qabbalist Tree of Life (can be spelled, Kabbalist, Cabbalist, etc) and it is the Path between the Personality and the Higher Self. Here the word desert suggests a crystallization of idea out of Binah's (Mother God) vast Ocean, a kind of island in a wine-dark sea. The Lion, represents the Strength of the Solar Power or Spiritual fire which is also the Kundalini Serpent Force at the root of the Spine.
This theory states that the human brain evolved in three layers, one that houses instinct (Reptilian), one that governs emotions (Paleo-Mammalian), and one that manages cognitive intellect (Neo-Mammalian).

Though, for example, or instinctual fear tells us Alien’s crew should not to investigate the dark, forbidding planet at the end of the first act, that Kane should turn back when he finds the chamber filled with alien eggs, that he should run like a frightened animal when one of the eggs open, both Kane and the audience choose to push onward despite the obvious danger. On the other hand, if he holds too far back, it may allow this one opportunity for physical love to slip away. Since we have become emotionally attached to these characters, we experience visceral panic over the potential outcome, and at the same time intellectual curiosity over how the situation will be resolved.
In the Thirty two paths of Wisdom it is called the Intelligence of Conciliation because it has a meditative function and that Meditative function belongs to the Soul. But these explanations are as dry as the desert and need more intimacy to internalize them. So in the imagery of this card, we see the lion body of Leo the Sun and the haloed serpent tail (Kundalini) on the beast. This fear has created a strong pulse of paranoia unlike anything I have seen in the US for years. Since these layers are separate and function with relative independence, the mind often creates impulses that conflict. Ellen Ripley gets out alive only by finally surrendering to her survival impulses at the cost of everything else. As a result, our minds “lock up” as we try to process so many contradictory psychological impulses and remain captivated by the action until those conflicts are resolved. Behind the figure are the Elemental Tablets  of Gnostic Alchemy, that sums up all Nature. The Word Caph is of a double meaning--Riches and Poverty, and as a Gate Way of the Soul, this means riches and poverty of the Soul.
So no matter how the Hermit is described, it is communion,a preeminent union of Fiery Father Force from Kether (the Crown) with Binah, the Waters of  conscious form Crystallization and the birthing of Form as Beauty (Tiphareth- the Christ-Buddha center) From the first point of awareness by the Higher Self of the Supreme Spiritual Self can only be explained in the most erotic imagery. The Many heads on the Lion, represent the Realm of Archetypes, that have been given Form by Binah, using the Solar Emanations (serpentine rays) ofof the Father (Chokmah-Kether) as the Material of construction. This creates psychological tension – and as any storyteller should know, psychological tension is what a good cinematic experience is all about. In this way, Alien provides a unified viewing experience as every narrative plane is powered by the same psychological conflict. Will she not?) is merely the physical manifestation of these two internal dilemmas colliding in search of a resolution. A Soul is Rich in Personality creation and growth, when it expands and liberates personality from Survival thinking but impoverished when survival thinking runs the body. Great storytellers intensify the viewing experience by intentionally contriving scenarios to create conflicts within the viewer’s mind, between their various intellectual, emotional, and visceral impulses. The visceral says to pull back, while the intellectual demands that we step even closer to what we fear. Torn between three sets of conflicting impulses, Michael must decide at each turn which urge to follow, which to ignore, and which to compromise. When that Gate Way of Caph is open and Higher Self knowledge is free flowing into the Personality (built of many personalities over time and stored  in the Soul) the Personality is expanded and liberated from the Karmic Wheel of survival thinking which is often shown by remembering Past Lives.
Even though the Brain will have and has had one life and no other, the software created by the Soul to operated an Alive being in the name of Life, is kept and passed on to the next body!
The spermatozoa is shown on this card, next to the light of the Lantern that is held by the Hermit, suggesting this very interpretation.
This card has layers upon layers of mystical meaning just like that represented by the Maternal Water of Consciousness.
With the knowledge of the natural flow of Adjustment we know that balance will be made so that energy will always flow to the living Spirit (Spiral Energy-Entity) through the balance of Spirit-Mind,-Body  union.
This part of the Great Work involves psychological re-orientation where there is a perceptual change about the nature of reality and about what constitutes Self. It is the Duality, of Female and Male forces that spin this wheel, and that is why the Greek Sphinx is shown sitting atop the wheel, as it is a androgynous figure.
By these two internal resolutions, the external conflict is resolved and the characters end up in each other’s arms. The Will is Spirit, and it must be Love of Mind and Body to keep the balance that is Loving from the Mother. One of the profound meanings of the Lust card is that prolonged practice, pursued for months or years , without Lust for result, will actually effect changes and liberate their subconscious from the survival mind of the animal. The Hermit card is also considered the Bridge between the gab of Macrocosm  (Macroprosopus) and Microcosm (Microprosopus) which simply means between the Invisible and Visible cosmos.
Because of this Faithful Love of Her Children, we may decide to bring ourselves in to balance, but if we do not, it will be done for us! When the Personality can successfully conciliate between opposites, it is a keeper and is then passed through the Gate of Life and Death, keeping full memory of its past and moving forward into the present. Here the temporary nature of the sensory illusion that the personality thinks it is, is correctly self-perceived.
Much like driving a vehicle that has an automated correction system on board, if the driver won't adjust the steering wheel to stay on the road, the Natural Automated system will! Who is in a vast desert of its own reality while floating in the Great Sea of Conscious energy that is Real----no one is there but your own self-conceptions! One of the Principles of this card is that of the greatest evil concealing the greatest good.
Rotation of the Wheel, is then considered a  sequence, something which begins and ends and begins again. If you let unknown ambitious programmers write your software for you-----the odds are you'll regret it because the software is designed to keep you from knowing you power to be.
This is rhythm, a kind of periodicity that is cause and effect  and can be considered the domain of the Causal Intelligence (Causal body of the Human Aura). We may react to their thought, but that is us thinking about the meaning of their Words and reacting to our own thought----not  a truth, not a real, just a self-centered perception of ourselves!
The Gnostic knows that the seemingly evil of the body which is reflected light, conceals the Goodness Within, i.e.
In truth, you are so valuable to the Goddess Mother of Souls, that she'll do what is necessary, even harsh, to get you back home! So being Faithful Intelligence The Divine Mother of You will always make the adjustments necessary to get you on the right track, whether you like it or not! If we fear (fear failure, fear inferiority, fear ability etc) more than love ourselves, we are living in Hell! Now we know the body is a electro- magnetic- bio- chemical machine, that has amazing creative potential but like all power tools----it depends on the software operating it! This also means, such a personality begins operating more than just five senses, but also is endowed with the Soul Senses, which we often call Psychic abilities.
Know this self-love must be virginal, pure and innocent without narcissism which is a superiority complex; another domain of Hell. The Soul is an old and powerful I AM who knows why the body exists and the purpose for it-----that's the one that should be programing the Brain.
Lucky for us, Death intervenes, and frees us from the self- inflicted tyranny of survival thinking and we realize that the enemy we seek to conquer has always been ourselves! Thus being able to take full responsibility for your actions or inaction, whatever they may be, and expand and liberate your very own personal software from dysfunction. So once again, we must know ourselves, for in truth, we can only see ourselves projected as a reflection in the Mirror of Binah's Vast wine dark Sea of consciousness-----we are transmitting our reality upon another. If you will examine the Death card, you will notice that at the end of the Scythe swing, bubbles of new life are forming showing us that The Transformation is not an end, it is a beginning into a new and greater adventure! We are lost to our Spirit-Programmer and wander about the desolate land of survival thinking seeking approval. Not knowing that because you exist as a Self-Image of Divinity---------you had to be already approved of---your presence proves it! So once again the old axiom," Above all things Know thyself" rears its bright and liberating head!

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