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Learn how to use what nature has provided to make primitive tools that are better than today’s technology. Learning how to build primitive survival shelters can literally save your life if you ever find yourself lost in the middle of the wilderness without any supplies.
If you are lost and it is dark in the wilderness you should first understand your immediate surroundings. Remember you want to build a primitive survival shelter which basically means you need a small space covered that you can fit in to for protection from the weather. Take the largest branch that you have found and lean it at an angle against the tree or rocks that you have chosen for a base for your primitive survival shelter. Wilderness survival skills safe wilderness travel, Learn wilderness survival skills and ensure you can take care of yourself and your loved ones on your next wilderness excursion..
Wilderness survival tips outdoor skills, Wilderness survival tips help people survive in the outdoors weather the aftermath of natural disasters and build greater connections with the natural world.. Offgrid survival – wilderness & urban survival skills, An online resource for survival information.

Although it seems unlikely but it can happen, to almost anybody that enjoys hiking or backpacking in the outdoors. Take a look around and try not to wander far off as you want to avoid getting injured if it is dark. The most basic design of using a few tree branches leaning against a large tree trunk or rock can provide a basic frame.
It does not matter what shape they are in as you will need to drag them to your base location. A primitive survival shelter is put together with anything that you can find around you to protect yourself from the snow, rain, wind or heat.
Look for large trees, rocks and other natural formations that you can use to start building your primitive survival shelter. You basically need to use these large natural items as the base for your primitive survival shelter.
The more wooden branches that you can find the better your primitive survival shelter will be.

Once completed make sure you have enough space to either sit or sleep under these branches. If you want to build a primitive survival shelter then you can follow some easy guidelines to help you get started.
Once you have found a spot then start to clear away the brush or grass to make some room for yourself.
Do not worry about the size of the wooden tree branches as you can always lean the smaller ones up against large branches to fill in the gaps. Also, make sure that the branches are angled properly and are sitting against the tree or rocks properly as you do not want them to slip down and fall on you.

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