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It’s not often when worry is put to rest, especially when it comes from playing in water. After entering in your email, you’ll become a free member of the APN community and will receive ebooks, event listings and webinars in our weekly newsletter. Known online as Phil801, he is one of the co-owners of The APN and has been a professional software engineer for over 20 years. He was raised in a Preparedness Oriented family and lives a self-sustaining lifestyle as a third generation, LDS, Prepper. Prior to UtahPreppers, he had been actively blogging elsewhere about building his self-sustaining farm and raising his 8 children in a preparedness lifestyle. In 2011, Phil officially became a partner and Co-Owner of the APN and lead the technical restructing of the company. Also, I recommend carrying a tube of Hand Sanitizer for cleaning as well as an excellent fire starter.
Ecellent information,we all need to be ready at a moments notice,all signs point to something big soon and a little prepping is common sense,i see so many people who either dont have a clue or are in denial,the point of being ready should be on evetyones mind.Fact is if we dont make provisions for ourselves no one is going to do it for us,keep on prepping guys let others call us what they want,I have my supplies in order but there is always more to do,survival favors those that prepare and pay attention,good luck all keep on keeping on. In a Camelback hydration pack with 3 liter bladder I have 9 ramen noodle, 3 Mountain House breakfasts, 2 lbs. That’s about it at the moment but thing get added from time to time as my knowledge base grows.

One family in Phoenix, Arizona have converted their pool into a greenhouse that also has chickens, a pond that contains thousands of tilapia fish, and even two goats for milk.
With more and more people wanting to be better prepared for anything the demand for these types of supplies is up. This entry was posted in Disaster Preparedness, Survival and tagged Doomsday preppers, emergency preparedness, preppers by admin. A prime reason I chose my home was because it had a Water Well, a key item in maintaining independence from outside resource. I am partof a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) a Bench made 8 rescue hook with strap cutter,carbide glass breaker and O2 wrench and my altoids survival kit, a butane lighter, a windproof Zippo a K-Bar US Army fighting knife, a Glock 21 with 2 spare mags.
Some of the doomsday preppers believe certain events will be the downfall of mankind, while others prepare for anything.
Large distributors who normally sell to big businesses are now opening their doors to preppers who want to purchase foods in bulk that have high shelf lives. Some people just want to be cautious and have a food supply, while others stock up on guns to get ready for the zombie apocalypse.
They believe they must prepare for such disasters as an economic collapse, pandemics, nuclear disaster, and even a zombie apocalypse.
Some prepare their homes with a massive food and water supply, while others try to make their homes self sustaining.

While some, like the family in Arizona, prepare to be self sufficient, others stock up on food in case it is hard to come by for a few months. It is possible to buy prepackaged meals with hundreds of servings that you can store in the case of an emergency. If you are a prepper and need supplies, or are thinking of being a prepper, you can find everything you need online. Some preppers even have doomsday shelters that they have built underground as a place they can retreat to in the even of a national emergency. Solar powered generators, water barrels, water filters, and emergency radios are very popular items that can be found sold online. While what preppers do may seem a bit ridiculous, like they always say, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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