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Alas, the only experience many folks have with propane is limited to the backyard barbecue and perhaps a Coleman lantern.  That tells me that if the stuff hit the fan, many of us would be lacking in the knowledge needed to use propane efficiently and safely.
Today I begin a series of articles titled Propane for Preppers.  This topic may sound familiar since I wrote about propane back in early 2013 but even so, the importance of this topic called for a focused update. Whether it’s a blackout or a race riot – and both have occurred in these United States during my lifetime – what’s the plan?
Not only is the audience hard to pin down, propane (the subject of this article) is so versatile that it’s hard to know where to begin.
If you bypass this safety feature and fill the tank 100% and leave it out in the sun, heat will make the liquid expand. In refining, distillation breaks or fractures the crude oil into groups of hydrocarbons with similar boiling points. Lamps that burn natural gas inside your home, common in the gay ’90s – the 1890’s – back when ‘gay’ meant happy – are still manufactured today. If you put in one of these wall-mounted lamps (and, personally, I think it’s a great idea to do so), I urge you to have it installed by a certified-licensed-authorized technician and not attempt the installation yourself.
Ethane (C2H6).  Ethane is used as a catalyst in other chemical processes, more so than as a fuel in and of itself. The skinny little propane cylinders sold for Bernz-O-Matic [3] (brand) soldering torches hold 14.1 oz. Can you hook up a propane camping lantern, [5] the kind that customarily runs on a one-pounder, to a 20 lb. Wall-mounted propane gas lamps (and other appliances such as refrigerators) are often employed in cottages and hunting camps located at a distance from both electricity and in-town natural gas lines. LPG and LNG lamps can look identical on the outside but propane is more highly pressurized.
It’s interesting that, given the right adapters, propane can be substituted in camping lanterns and stove burners originally designed for butane.
Butane is used in cigarette lighters, in pressurized cartridges for one-burner stoves, and in camping lanterns for backpackers. American Camper sells (1) a butane-only lantern as well as (2) a Multi Fuel Lantern that comes with an adapter; it will run on either the 8-ounce butane cartridges or propane one-pounders.
It is interesting, is it not, that propane (C3) can, given the right adapter, be burned in the same appliance that uses methane (C1).
Mini-lanterns and micro-stoves using butane cartridges (in 110-gram, 230-gram, and 450-gram sizes) are made for backpackers.
So wadda ya do when you have a lantern [11] or stove [12] made with the screw-type coupling but only have an 8-ounce cartridge of butane to use as fuel? Speaking of adapters, you can use an adapter to refill [17] a propane one-pounder from a 20-lb.
Given the right adapter (and there are several brands of adapters we’ll identify when we get to that part in an upcoming part of the series), we can refill a propane one-pounder. And, using the same adapter, we can refill the skinny Bernz-O-Matic-type soldering cylinders. When I first discussed this project with Ron, I had proposed a relatively simple rewrite of the articles posted in early 2013.  Somehow, however, as we got into the details, Propane for Preppers took on a life of its own and became something quite different. All that being said, I would like to thank Ron for sharing his time and patient research with us.  The complete series on Propane for Preppers consists of multiple parts that I will be posting over the next couple of months. If you enjoyed this article, consider voting for me daily at Top Prepper Websites!  In addition, SUBSCRIBE to email updates  and receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyer’s Guide.
Mac Coupler Propane Bottle Cap aka MacCaps: This ingenious device protects the threads of disposable 1 pound propane bottles and helps prevent thread damage and seals out dirt. Mag-Torch MT200C Propane Pencil Flame Burner Torch: Useful on leaky canisters, this small and inexpensive propane torch will also do a great job of starting campfires even in windy situations. Coleman PefectFlow 1-Burner Stove:  This Coleman One-burner Propane Stove is an easy-to-use portable stove that should meet almost any camp cooking need. Emergency Essentials carries a wide variety of equipment and supplies – all at competitive prices.
Food storage is 50 pound bags of dusty, weevil-infested wheat, stale rice, and rock hard beans that I would never eat in a million years. Food storage is exploding cans of tomatoes, fermented juices, and salt-ridden soda pops that have been in the basement for decades.
Food storage is stinky powdered milk that I wouldn’t eat in even the most desperate of circumstances. Food storage is countless glass jars full of unrecognizable, dull hues of putrid green, pale orange, and some other color that simply is not natural. Food storage is just one more thing to worry about and is probably created by some maniacal male who has no aesthetic taste for home decor whatsoever. Food storage is about as exciting to me as a scrapbooking convention would be to my husband—and probably just as painful too. I love that my pantry means comfort for just my husband and I or a hungry surprise visit from the local Scout troop.
I love going into my pantry and pulling out the ingredients I need for scrumptious Fantasy Fudge, Spiced Walnuts, and Mile High Lemon Pie.  Yum!
When I see my stores of wheat, I get hungry just thinking about the warm loaves of bread, hot scones, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, pizzas, and calzones that I’ll get to make with that freshly stored grain.
My mouth waters as I see the sprouts that will turn into fresh vegetables within a couple of days—accompanied by a homemade garlic dressing. I love the smell of my pantry as it exudes the fresh scents of chocolate, herbs, and spices that I have on hand.
I love walking into the pantry and smelling Parmesan, Reggiano, Gruyere, Swiss, and Cheddar cheeses hanging all neatly—promising something delicious in the near future. I love looking in my pantry—like a pallet of fresh paints, just waiting to be created into a comforting masterpiece on a canvas.
My pantry brings me great satisfaction and comfort—like being curled up in a fleece blanket with a cup of hot cocoa on a cold, brisk day. If you still associate your preparedness efforts as “food storage” then I suggest you alter the methods you’re presently using. You just want to make sure that it's not cold so that it doesn't create condensation between the coldness of the cheese and the hot cheese wax.
Just this evening for dinner I made my vegetarian daughter some sushi with my sprouted lentils. Claudia, I'm sure I made lots of beautiful friendships before I was born on earth when we were just hanging out in heaven, waiting for our turn to come down.
My Mom always stored food during the summer so we'd have something if thing got tough during the winter.
I love prepping because when a big bill comes up, I walk down to my basement and have food.
Patricia, so long as you credit Preparedness Pro and Kellene Bishop you are fine to repost it with the link.
What if you turn your food storage into a really big extension to your pantry (in other words, giving it a nice floor, drywall, and proper lighting.
Hi Kellene~ On the topic of "waxing cheese", do I need to buy "fancy" cheese from the gourmet section of the grocery store, or will regular "Kraft-type" packaged cheese work okay too?
Considering that the world of prepping can appear quite dominated by males, I'm actually tickled to see the wide demographic we've got here on all topics. Please note that the name you use in the "Name" field above will be the name displayed on your comment.
First item that needs to be considered in establishing a Prepper food storage plan is budget. Once the decision has been made about the budget and how much each week or month there is to spend the second thing to consider is where to store it. Make a Homemade Faraday Cage ~~Misinformation and Prepping SPAM as survival food 2 Focus Points for the New Prepper The Pantry Primer: Adding Larger Food Purchases to Your Emergency Long Term Stockpile Do You Really Believe in God? The guild unionized about 150 employees for Sharp, one of the largest nonfiction television production companies in New York, in February. Related Posts Create a Family Emergency & Survival Plan Anthony • Online Concealed Carry CourseLegally Carry in 28 States.
The task of gathering and storing large quantities of food can seem overwhelming and even a bit puzzling to some, but it does not have to be. First, you should note what items you and your family use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. After you determine which items you consume most you will then need to focus on building a stash of basic food staples such as sugar, flour, salt, grains, legumes, oil and honey to name a few.

Start with reasonable goals for your family such as building a stash of food to last for three days and then work up to building up your supply to last you two weeks, one month, six months and then a year or more. A common mistake novice preppers make is not having a plan in place to store all the extra food and supplies they are gathering. We would all love to have a large building dedicated exclusively to our stashes, but this is often not a reality for many.
Off-site rental storage units may seem like a viable option, but when you consider the amount of time to travel to a unit, plus gas required it quickly becomes obvious it is not.
Lisa Metheny is a published award-winning outdoor writer, photographer, speaker and outdoor skills instructor.
The mission of Cheaper Than Dirt!'s blog, "The Shooter's Log," is to provide information-not opinions-to our customers and the shooting community.
Being new to prepping I’m stockpiling water, medicines and first aid supplies, canned foods and dry food stuffs. I knew an old women back in the early 70,s that had lived through the depression, she would can small bream fish with the bones still in.
The ideal temperature for long term food storage is 60 degrees, but that’s not practical for most of us.
When I started prepping, I bought a couple cheap shoe storage bins that slide under the bed, and I packed them with longer dated items to get it out of sight.
Your discussions, feedback and comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful.
Get the latest articles and news delivered daily to your email inbox when you subscribe to our blog today. If your land has poor drainage, you can install a gas-fired toilet that will incinerate human waste after each deposit thereof. A lot of safety features have been engineered into propane devices – the storage tanks, for example, as well as BBQ grills and camping gear. When ‘full’ the bottom of the tank contains liquid propane and the top 20% of the tank contains propane in the gaseous state. Crude oil is refined into a whole range of products from gases (propane, butane) to liquids (gasoline, kerosene) to solids (paraffin wax). The five major fractions are (1) refinery gases, (2) gasoline, (3) kerosene, (4) diesel oil, and (5) residues. Methane is used as a fuel, commonly called natural gas, and is transported via pipeline in LNG form (liquefied natural gas). These appliances burn LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) rather than LNG (liquefied natural gas). Propane lamps therefore use a nozzle with a smaller orifice (the hole through which the gas comes) than do natural gas lamps. Butane is even called ‘Mexican gas.’ If you Google for images of butane tanks, you’ll find many pictures of large tanks (100-pounders and the like).
Toronto, Canada), one-burner stoves [9] that run on butane cartridges [10] are for sale in all the ethnic food stores. Why they’re not more popular with the state-park-camping crowd is no doubt their low-temperature limitations. Say you have a butane lantern or stove made with the screw-type coupling but you only have a propane one-pounder for fuel? MAPP originally stood for MethylAcetylene-Propadiene Propane although today (since 2008) products labeled MAPP are really MAPP substitutes. At the very least, the items on this list will reveal the terminology manufacturers themselves use in describing their products (e.g. The PerfectFlow regulator provides consistent cooking performance by producing a steady fuel stream, even in cold weather, high altitudes, or when fuel is low. Heater Portable “Big Buddy” Heater : A number of readers have mentioned this portable heater to me.
This Coleman compact lantern lights with matches and is pressure-regulated for consistent light, regardless of weather. I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here.
This is an easy tool for finding products that people are ‘wishing” for and in this way you know what the top products are.  All you need to do is select the category from the left hand side of the screen.
I have to admit that I feel a bit puffy-chested knowing that I can whip up some amazing Shepherds Pie, Fettuccine Alfredo, Green Beans Almondine, Chicken Poppy Seed Casserole, Clam Chowder, Big Beef Chili, Chunky Ratatouille, and so many other yummy dishes any day of the year without stepping one foot in a grocery store. They aren’t working for you and in fact, they are an obstacle to you being prepared in this particular aspect.
There is a sense of peace, serenity and even holiness because I know that God inspired me to prepare my family for whatever life brings.
I love reading your blog, for a beginner at this pantry collection task I feel faith and hope as I read your blogs, not fear. If the a€?one extra can each weeka€™ method is necessary then this question is not too difficult.
Make a plan to have as least one extra of something on your food and non-food list each week. Perhaps the simplest way to amass an emergency supply of food is to buy a pre-prepared one from one of the numerous survival supply vendors on the Web.
According to Hunt, providing a 2,200 calorie-per-day diet for an entire year requires about 700 pounds of food, or about 25 ounces per day. Both Hunt advises that preppers try as much as possible to replicate the sort of diets they consume in non-crisis situations.
In a crisis that causes transportation breakdowns and food shortages, it eventually may become difficult to obtain items that preppers can’t produce themselves. According to the American Millers Association, grains such whole wheat flour are excellent sources of a wide range of nutrients, from B vitamins and potassium. If you stock up on a lot of food but it spoils before you can use it, you’ve wasted your time. It reached several three-year master contract agreements in July 2012 with Lion Television and Optomen Prods, but saw a setback last year at Atlas Media, where the employees voted to de-certify the guild as its bargaining rep. It is satisfying to fill your shelves with cans of meat, fruits and veggies that will keep your family fed, happy and healthy when there are no grocery stores to head to when you are hungry. Veteran preppers will often warn novice people that trying to shop, store and label a year’s worth of food in a short time frame can become a daunting and intimidating task. For those new to the stockpiling world it is often easier to start with the non-perishable category first. Taking note of the items your family regularly consumes will be extremely helpful on your journey, as you would hate to stockpile a three-month supply of soup if you do not like soup.
The peace of mind that often comes from knowing you have enough food to feed your family for a year is often overshadowed when you find yourself trying to maneuver around cases of soup stacked in your hallway or tripping over mountains of five gallon buckets of sugar that line your kitchen walls.
Instead, you will need to look for extra space around your house and garage and make the most of what you have all while being mindful of potential safety or fire issues.
Not to mention the fact is you need to have quick and easy access to your stash in the event of an emergency.
Lisa holds several instructor certifications and conducts a number of women-focused outdoor seminars on topics such as archery and hunting throughout the year.
I then emptied out a closet under the stairs that was full of junk, and cleaned out the back of a coat closet to get more storage space. I have been tracking down recipes for canning meats, but as time has passed the ageing canners have been passing away. Join more than 1.4 million shooters, hunters, archers, outdoorsmen, survivalists and preppers now!
Not to mention furnaces and space heaters (both vented and unvented) and catalytic heaters, plus gas lamps, water heaters (with tanks and without), air conditioners (absorption chillers, by any other name, that work on the same principle as gas refrigerators), fireplaces, clothes dryers, kitchen stoves for cooking, salamanders for the construction site to keep the freshly poured concrete from freezing, and toilets.
If the blowout hole cannot accommodate the volume of propane trying to escape, the tank will burst, creating a propane cloud. If you move from city to country, or vice-versa, your gas clothes dryer presents exactly the same orifice problem. Note that the butane cartridge [8] must be turned upside down to fill the cigarette lighter. At the other end of the spectrum, propane (C3) can be burned in the same appliance that uses butane (C4). Butane lamp instructions (auto-translated from Chinese via computer) typically say ‘wicks’ or ‘gauze.’ Oops! The MAPP gas cylinders are the same size and have the same threads as the soldering cylinders (Bernz-O-Matic variety) that hold propane.

The Mac Caps makes a welcome addition to any camping gear, RV enthusiast, outdoorsmen, or home owner that needs to use a 1 lb. Using propane and safe for indoor use, the Big Buddy Heater features an automatic low-oxygen shut-off system that automatically turns the unit off before carbon monoxide fumes reach dangerous levels in home.  Now how good is it? Find a space or shelf where these a€?extraa€™ items can be placed away from the regular everyday use items.
A search using Google’s Shopping search engine reveals that complete 12-month food supplies are available prices ranging from around $1,000 to around $4,700 for a single person. Precisely how much storage space that will require depends upon the items you choose and their packaging. If you’re accustomed to eating a lot of meat, as most Americans are, suddenly switching to beans and rice is going to add to your stress, and eat away at your morale. In particular, they should stock up on items such as coffee, which has a global supply chain that easily could be disrupted by disaster or conflict.
The focus of this article will be on non-perishable food items only because non-perishable food items can be stored at room temperature thus eliminating the need for refrigeration or freezing.
If you know how to take the basic ingredients and create dishes, good for you and plan on such.
For many, the best option is simply a few stackable shelves in the corner of a laundry room, garage or closet.
She regularly teaches hunters education and archery classes and has become an advocate for promoting traditional outdoor recreation to families across the United States.
For example, if your family goes through 2 boxes of cereal a month and the expiration date is 9 months away, then buy 4 boxes the next time you go to the store.
We reserve the right to edit as appropriate, delete profane, harassing, abusive and spam comments or posts, and block repeat offenders. The fittings and extension hoses to do so are sold as a kit [6] under the Century brand name.
In your hands, you can feel the butane cartridge get cold as the transfer of gas takes place.
But before we embark upon the ‘how-to’ of refilling, we first need to understand some basic plumbing stuff – tanks and valves and such – so that we have our terminology straight.
Here are some suggestions for those who dona€™t know where to begin or see it as an impossible task. If you can always have one extra of the things you use on a regular basis then you have the beginnings of your storage.
High-end packages offer pre-cooked gourmet entrees such as pasta Alfredo or Beef Stroganoff, sealed in airtight nitrogen-filled pouches, while economy-minded food supplies tend toward dried beans, oatmeal, powdered eggs, canned fruit and vegetables, and bouillon cubes. And it’s important to maintain variety, which we’re used to in a society where supermarket aisles are brimming with foodstuffs. This is why preppers put such a heavy emphasis on storing enough food to last them at least a year. For example if you eat a lot of spaghetti with pasta sauce or you eat vegetables at every meal you want to focus on stockpiling dried pastas, canned or dried pasta sauces and canned vegetables. If you depend on boxed, pre-made meals and your cooking skills are minimal then you probably need to concentrate on buying pre-made meals to get you started and then focus on learning some of the basics of cooking a meal from scratch. For example instead of storing thirty boxes of dried cereal, consider combining the contents of all into one designated storage container. The time to figure out where you are going to put all this stuff should come before your first shopping trip so you can avoid headaches.
I just now discovered an adapter, for example, a wand-like tube with a fitting on one end, that converts an old-time Coleman liquid-fuel camp stove to propane. Boiling water being sterilized in a grid-down situation – let’s just hope the cat doesn’t jump on the table and knock anything over.
I think that in a power down situation, this is a great option for someone without a wood burning heat source. But I love having and confidently USING foods that I can store for years in my pantry, which I and my family love and enjoy. It can be as simple as buying one extra can of tuna fish or peanut butter each week when it is on sale. Decide that you will not use these foods for a year unless, of course, you get into a situation that you must, such as loss of a job.
Flour, sugar, salt, tuna, canned or dry beans, oatmeal, mayonnaise, ketchup, canned milk, etc, but ONLY things that are used regularly.
Hunt cautions that if you buy a pre-prepared food supply, you must make sure that it provides ample calories.
Hunt warns that people who are forced to eat the same foods continually can experience a phenomenon called appetite fatigue, in which they eventually will prefer hunger to eating another bite of a food that they’ve grown tired of. The goal of one year is flexible and some preppers will choose to store enough food for 6 months or several years.
She is a member of POMA and former Board of Directors member as well as a member of the NRA, RMEF, MDF and DU. What I’ve found to be affordable and I think practical are five gallon orange plastic buckets from The Home Depot. My sister has a backup system, a generator that runs on propane, that will support most of the electrical needs in her home – including the electric range in the kitchen.
And another adapter that allows you to run a BBQ grill from a little 400-gram Bernz-O-Matic soldering cylinder. Sometimes we need to be precise in our language so as to remove any confusion regarding which gas is under discussion.
Lamps burning natural gas are wall-mounted (or ceiling-mounted) and thus not portable.   Note that such lamps can readily be converted to propane.
Although mantles are beyond the scope of this discussion, it’s ‘mantles’ you need to ask for in the sporting goods department, not wicks or gauze.
From a technology point of view, it’s no more complicated than storing salt in a sugar canister.
Place bags of flour, sugar, rice, or similar loose type items in a zip lock bag to help keep them fresher and protected from small holes.
Always look at the store ads and see if any of your items are on sale and stock up as much as your budget allows. Though a brand may be touted as a one-year supply, a look at the fine print may reveal that it provides only 800 calories a day. Make a list of all you spend each week and figure out how much each week or month you have to spend on storage items. Powdered milk is a good storage item but if your family hasna€™t ever tried it then trying to get them to like it in an emergency situation will be very difficult.
What they have stored for one year is going to be different than what you or the other guy has stored. It may take a little time to figure out how much you have to spend however it will be well worth the effort. You might consider adding a quart of mixed powdered milk to a gallon of your regular milk just to see how they like it then work up to half powdered and half regular milk. She suggests stocking a large supply of food that you’ve either purchased in grocery stores or grown and canned or free-dried yourself, and then rotating in new food to replace what your family consumes. Family size, the ages of the people in your family and your expected work load will all factor into how much food you actually need to feed your family for an entire year.There are two main methods of determining how much food you need to store to last your family a year.
Bent cans can leak or let in air which will deteriorate the food inside and nobody wants to open a can of rotten food. This allows you to get used to the taste of powdered milk so that, if and when the time comes, it wona€™t be such a big adjustment. If larger canned storage items are in your budget then look around and see where there may be some a€?hiddena€™ spaces. Basic things we use might be toothpaste, tooth brushes, floss, denture cleanser, feminine hygiene products, shampoo, body wash or bar soap, contact solution, bandages, flashlights, batteries, candles, matches, etc. Under the beds, under a small cloth covered table or even in the corners of the bedroom closet. When you are eating for survival alone, you are focusing on the calories needed to keep your body in good condition. The more manual labor you do, the more calories you expend, which means you will need to replenish what you lost.So, with that information, you would look at that can of chili or that can of freeze-dried soup and determine how many calories are in a serving.

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