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As you might know, I write mostly about how to deal with medical issues in situations where modern medical facilities and care don’t exist. Years ago, I wrote the first physician article about aquarium and avian antibiotics as a way to stockpile medications for the uncertain future. One of the most important things to know is that it is easy for other microbes to contaminate your penicillium culture, so use sterile techniques at all times or you will likely wind up with something entirely different (and, possibly, harmful). Expose a slice of bread or citrus peel or a cantaloupe rind to the air in a dark place at 70 deg. Cut two fresh slices of whole wheat bread into ½ inch cubes and place in a 750ml Erlenmeyer flask with a non-absorbent plug. In a sterile fashion, transfer the fungus from the bread or fruit peel into the flask containing the bread cubes.
Dissolve the ingredients in the order listed in 500ml of cold tap water and then add more cold water to complete a liter (1000 ml). Sterilize the containers and solution in a pressure cooker or stove just like you did before.
Drain the ethyl acetate (which should be on the bottom) into a beaker which has been placed in an ice bath and repeat the process. There you have it, you have put together a laboratory and made Penicillin!  You are now officially a mad scientist.
If you are concerned about a collapse-level event, it may be wise to consider stockpiling some veterinary equivalents.
If you don’t want to buy fish medicine, at least grow plants that might have some antibacterial action.
Also, summer is here and a murderous heat wave has gripped the Nation’s East, Midwest, and Southwest, causing at least 6 deaths and cause the heat index to feel like 100 degrees or more in locations that are used to much milder weather.
Just because there is a currency collapse, martial law, or a natural disaster, that does not mean you can ignore medical needs. What will you do when there are no bandages, no medications, and no way to get help?
Learning how to recognize natures medical resources is a very important part of preparing for a crisis.
As someone with a keen interest in herbal remedies and natural medicines, I concluded long ago that it is truly difficult to remember all the incredible healing resources in nature. In time of need, you would truly be amazed at how confusing a sketch or even a photo may look when compared to a specimen that you can see and touch for a closer comparison. Taking courses in how to use natural medicines is critical if you expect to know what you are doing in time of need and be successful. Most preppers already know that good quality medical care is essential for preserving health, managing injuries, and ensuring that the next generation of humans can be born and grow to maturity. Many people also realize that in a major crisis or social collapse, medical care will be unavailable. Consider a situation where you have been growing garlic, ginger, turmeric, and other herbs that can be used as herbal antibiotics. Get a field guide that features pictures and descriptions of medicinal herbs in your local area.
Find a local herbal specialist or Cooperative extension and ask an expert to confirm that you have all the plants labeled correctly. Once you have confirmed that your listings are all correct, you can begin looking for other places where these herbs grow well, and also start learning how to prepare them for medicinal needs. In a major crisis, it is entirely possible that you will wind up traveling hundreds of miles as part of a massive evacuation form a dangerous area. No matter whether you are trying to find your way out of the city, navigate through a woods, or move objects from one place to another, injuries are bound to happen. To make bandages, non-poisonous leaves can be used to put pressure on the cut, and also to protect it from the elements.
Try to avoid branches that show signs of fungal growth, insect damage, or anything else that might increase the risk of developing an infection. If soft, absorbent leaves such as mullein are available, use them close to the wound, and then stiffer ones on the outer layer. Once you are able to make needles in a wilderness setting, do not overlook applications other than injecting medicines. As long as you know how to sterilize the makeshift needles and where to apply them, there are plenty of ways you can use this remedy as part of your wilderness survival kit.
Unfortunately, in nature, there are not many ways to reduce friction on the bottom of the litter where it can catch on rocks, stumps, and many other things that will make it harder to drag along. Study  Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to learn how to prepare medicines from these animals. Gila Monster – if you happen to be in the desert and need a stimulant to produce insulin, venom from these lizards may be of some use.
Spider Venom – some species of spiders and tarantulas produce venom that can treat cancer, reduce pain,and relax muscles. Spider webs – as fragile as spider webs look, they can act as a strong, gentle network that allows flesh to grow back into place. Cone snail – if you are near a body of saltwater or near the ocean, cone snail venom may be an option for treating pain, managing heart disease and preventing epileptic seizures. Chances are, you already know that activated charcoal is one of the best antidotes for swallowed poisons. If you already know how to hunt these animals and use them for food, then you may already be on your way to an important natural  remedy for venomous bites.
You can still try to mitigate the effects of some poisons if you know what you came in contact with and how it affects your body.
For example, if you know that you have been bitten by a snake whose venom acts as an anti-coagulant, it may be possible to wash the site with some herb that has the opposite effect, but will not interact in ways that multiply the effects of other parts of the venom.
If you can generate heat and suction as in fire cupping, then you may be able to create a makeshift venom removal kit. If you are going to keep an open flame on the cup while in use, it should be non-flammable.
When you pour water onto hot rocks, the sudden changes in temperature can also cause the rock to fracture or explode. As hot water seeps into the rock, it can mix with other chemicals hidden deep in the pores.
Because rocks very so much in composition and formation, you need to work with a reputable geologist in your local area in order to help reduce the risk of choosing rocks that can cause more harm than good. Tagged Alternative Medicine, Bushcraft, GENERAL PREP., natural agents, survival gear, Survival skills. Don’t forget to check out our brand new Third Edition of the Survival Medicine Handbook, as well as our Zika Virus Handbook, both available on Amazon. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
Having in your survival bag a versatile item like a tarp will come in handy during an emergency situation.
A polyethylene tarp will go a long way and you should definitely get one for your bug out bag.
In their usual fingers-in-ears-la-la-la fashion, the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton supporters are all in denial that there is an issue with the Democratic nominee’s health, despite mounting evidence that something is seriously wrong. This weekend, a photo began to go viral of HRC being helped up the stairs and looking pretty darned frail. While the photos are making the rounds like the event just happened, it was actually snapped about six months ago, when she slipped going up some stairs in South Carolina last February. She only made it 4 blocks in the Gay Pride parade last June before she was apparently too tired to continue. No matter what your feelings are about her opponent, anyone should be able to realize that efforts to hide her health condition are failing and that means her health condition is quite serious. In conspiratorial corners of the conservative media, doubts about Clinton’s health and stamina have persisted ever since she had a health scare in 2012. But given all the past chatter about her physical condition, the message from the pro-Trump accounts was clear: Clinton can barely walk. A right-wing blog called The American Mirror picked up on the tweets and published a short story on Sunday.
Notice that the article doesn’t address, the coughing, the seizing, the double vision, the anger, or the confusion.
The Washington Post goes even further, casting insults and offering their opinions on the issues mentioned by conservative outlets. Regardless of the coverup, we do have the right to know the truth about Hillary Clinton’s health, but truth and HRC never seem to be close companions. Frankly, I’m not even sure Hillary Clinton is healthy enough to make it through the election, more less, run the country. Please feel free to share any information from this site in part or in full, leaving all links intact, giving credit to the author and including a link to this website and the following bio. Daisy Luther is a single mom who lives in a small village in the mountains of Northern California, where she homeschools her youngest daughter and raises veggies, chickens, and a motley assortment of dogs and cats. Daisy is a prolific blogger who has been widely republished throughout alternative media. On her website, The Organic Prepper, Daisy uses her background in alternative journalism to provide a unique perspective on health, self-reliance, personal liberty, and preparedness. Information for preppers on all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and food storage. If you are watching the news and following events you know that the country could be in major crisis with very little notice. An economic collapse, an EMP, war — these worst case scenarios are part of the reason we all prep, so that we can handle the unexpected. These 10 last minute things can be accomplished in a short period of time if you do a bit of pre-planning. If you have more than one vehicle and multiple drivers, you’ll be able to simultaneously pick up the kids, get the cars gassed up, run by the grocery store, and be on the road quickly.
This entry was posted in bugging out, security, self defense, Self sufficiency and tagged collapse, economy, EMP, preparedness, TEOTWAWKI. Most people can’t afford to home school, or send their kids to a private school- no matter how much they want to.
The list of benefits of homeschooling is endless and I would recommend it if it’s at all possible.
Of four children, all successful in their chosen fields, the one we homeschooled had the smoothest transition into adulthood and independent living. You should keep a minimum amount of very necessary things to keep from having to get in that line or risk it being cleaned out before you get there.
Time spent on water, the freezer, and packing would be better spent if one is prepared with supplies.
I try and keep three months of food, bottled water, meds and pet needs and a little cash on hand. Howard wrote this list for those who are paying close attention to the signs of the times, not those who have been oblivious and rush out to the store at the very last minute.

I HAVE BEEEN PREPARING FOR A YEAR AND TOLD A LOT OF PEOPLE TO GET READY –OF COURSE THE LAUGHED ND MADE FUN OF ME. I think that trying to go to the store, any store, at the last minute, is undertaking a fool’s errand which will put you in the middle of the unprepared horde in denial.
If you don’t already have your preps, a load-out plan for your vehicles, extra gas in jerricans and pre-planned routes and comms, it is a bit late once the hurricane is bearing down upon you.
When I see and hear about terrorist attacks, in particular, in countries where people are not allowed to have any weapons, it makes me angry.
We have friends in Europe and I’ve wondered how they might possibly defend themselves in a terrorist attack.
At the most basic level of self-defense, situational awareness can keep you out of a lot of trouble.
Being aware of surroundings is important, but there may come a time when you have no choice but to physically defend yourself.
It can make you crazy sometimes to think like this, but mental rehearsal is part of physical training.
Martial arts, such as jujitsu or taekwando, are other options that will train you to defend yourself and you’ll learn how to control your own fear and aggression.
Tactical pens are another choice and one that I happen to know is used by many, many guys in my particular line of work.
Depending on a country’s laws, using even something like a tactical pen for defense can land you in hot water. Asian women, particularly in Korea and Japan, traditionally conceal their bamboo chopsticks in their fans.
I am always annoyed by the zapping noises of personal tazers, but perhaps I should look more closely at them, or mace. Attach a short length of pet leash to your key ring and on the ring put one or more heavy legal objects, such as a Leatherman micra in addition to your keys. Here in the UK it is illegal to carry any weapon, even keeping something in easy reach while driving is an offence.
2) when dealing with said enraged individual, you will now be on the receiving end of second hand Mace.
Make a list of your favorite healthy foods, choose simple recipes that can be made quickly or in bulk, and decide what you’ll eat for every snack and meal. Roasting vegetables, sweet potatoes, and even chicken breasts all at once will save you time, and cut down on your utility bill. Inside, is a compilation of the top 21 habits and actions that are responsible for helping thousands of others, just like you, completely revamp their bodies and change their lives.
Mason jar salads are the darlings of Pinterest and Instagram because they’re pretty, but they’re also very practical.
A small investment in food containers of various sizes to suit your needs will make a world of difference.
Cool down your body temperature by dipping the shemagh into some cool water and place over your head.
To the opposite of that you can warm yourself up using a shemagh by placing under your hat or cap. The shemagh is also an awesome piece of DIY survival gear because you can use it to shield your face in colder temperatures. Shemaghs can also be used as a face mask to protect yourself from debris or dust in the air.
If someone’s arm is broken or maybe pierced with something the shemagh can be used as a piece of DIY survival gear by using it as an arm sling. Along the same lines of using the shemagh as an arm sling it can also be used as a tourniquet to apply pressure to a wound until you are able to get appropriate medical attention.
Shemaghs not only can keep you warm and cool but can also provide sunshade by wrapping it around your head or neck. Integrating into the community, the father (a paramedic) takes to gardening and other survival-type activities.
It’s next to impossible, honestly, to get all the chemicals needed to produce it safely. When it cools, scrape up about a tablespoon of the fungus from the bread cubes and throw it into the solution.
You might read about producing penicillin teas, but the issue is that you might have contamination by other molds that could be hazardous to your health. Aside from simply reading a few books and going on a few field trips, take the time now to make sure you know how to prepare specific treatments in a range of situations. No matter whether you study online or actually attend wilderness medical excursions, do not simply put the materials aside once you are done with the courses.
Critical medications such as antibiotics and other drugs will be even more important in the post-collapse world. The guide should give you full details about where they grow and also how to recognize them. Once you find a good sized patch of herbs to work with, take samples of leaves, stems, roots, flowers, and any fruit the plants may bear.
Since there is no telling where you will wind up, you will need to use some additional methods for spotting medicinal herbs.
During a major crisis, you can also expect infectious diseases to increase because of poor sanitation and increased risk of exposure to infected individuals. Sphagnum Moss – Since sphagnum moss contains iodine, it will work well as an antibiotic. Salt Water – If you are near an ocean coastline or other source of salt water, you can spray salt water onto wounds as a form of antibacterial. As with locating and identifying useful herbal remedies in a woods or field, be sure to take samples and photos for your journal of useful organisms as well as ones that it may be confused with. In order to avoid friction burns and abrasions, use mullein leaves (or any other non-toxic leaf) as a cushion between the splint and the the body part being immobilized. Pressure Bandages – If you have an abdominal wound, or some other wound that cannot be isolated using a tourniquet, you will need to make a pressure bandage. It should be noted that there are a number of newer drugs based on compounds found within these animals, however it may be difficult to find out how the important molecules are isolated.
As with heating rocks to cauterize wounds, you need to be very careful about which rocks you use and how you use them. Bones and Nurse Amy, Tom Martin of American Preppers Network joins us to talk about his new show, plus a serious look at the recent shooter events and when violence is the answer to stop the fatalities. It will help you gather water, camouflage your supplies and it will provide a good shelter in case nothing else is available.
In fact, they’re trying to manipulate the issue to make those who are concerned look like they are the ones with problems because only crazy right-wing conspiracy theorists would say otherwise. The mainstream delightedly jumped on the date of the photo as proof that everything is rosy in Clintonland. These glasses correct double vision (often due to a traumatic brain injury.)  The Fresnels reappeared on the campaign trail about the time of the fall pictured above. How will one of those bouts of rage go over if the next time she throws a Bible at someone, she whacks Vladimir Putin upside the head?
Some armchair commentators even predicted Clinton wouldn’t be able to run for president in 2016.
Her personal physician said one year ago that she was physically fit to serve as president. All I need is an email address, and a link to the newest articles will come right to your inbox. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of sponsors or firms affiliated with the author(s).
The average citizen in Venezuela had little time to prepare for the collapse of their economy, and the author of this book lived through Argentina’s multiple collapses and can give you tips for preparing and surviving. If you are bugging out to a stocked retreat, load the car, fuel up, gather extra gas cans, and leave now. If it appears the power will go out, get your generators or other sources of off-grid power ready. If the weather is cold and you will lose heat, get your blankets, sleeping bags and cold weather clothes ready. For instance, if you are familiar with the layout of your nearest grocery store and where the important items are, you may be able to gather things up quickly. Initially, his mom and I were nervous at the prospect but we soon learned it was less difficult than we imagined.
I get small bills and save them because if theres a cash shortage most people are going to have big bills and there will be no change.
And, whether or not a person feels safe leaving their home depends entirely on where they live. Protecting yourself, protecting your family and your home — isn’t that a God-given right? One fellow in England worries about sharps — knives, machetes, even swords, as attack weapons.
Israelis have been living under the very real threat of terrorism for decades and the Israelis I know have a sixth sense when it comes to noticing anything out of place — people, clothing, eye contact, movement. A fat cop chasing a 20-something, strong young man will be lucky if he doesn’t keel over with a heart attack, and the thug will go on to victimize others again and again.
He happens to use a tripod bag for transporting his bow and arrows and made that choice because it’s innocuous looking.
Many years ago, an Arizona man had to appear in a British court because he defended himself from an attack by using a pocket knife he had with him. I was at a park in the city the other day with the kids, and a friendly guy came up and started talking to me. My first thought on that was why do I care if the attacker has asthma; but I presume you meant that the spray fallout could affect the user.
I know that is bizarre to Americans but i don’t think i could leave the house if i stayed there with all the gun related crime you have.
How many times have you finished work and thought, “I’m too tired to cook and there’s nothing in the fridge. Once you have a few meal prep menus in your arsenal, you can rotate them to keep things interesting. They cost about R20 a piece, are microwave safe (just remember to remove the lid), and can be used for so many different types of meals.
Meal prep master Amanda Meixner recommends at least two lunch options and two dinner options. When clean eating is as simple as reaching into the fridge for your lunch or dinner, you’ll be less tempted to stop for fast food or order takeout. If at any point in the first 30 days of your membership you are not satisfied with your investment, we will promptly issue you a full refund.

Instead of carrying a face mask or baklava you can keep your pack light by carrying the shemagh. Now this won’t completely protect you from pollutants but can reduce the risk of being exposed. You can either fold it up so that you can place items inside of it or you can just spread it flat, place the items in, ball it up and tie it around a stick. The great thing about the shemagh is that they are typically 100% percent cotton which means you are able to filter the water better than you are with a bandana.  You will still want to run the water through the shemagh a couple of times to thoroughly filter the water. If you are desperate for you tinder you could cut a small piece to start a fire with by sparking it.
Ideally in a survival situation you will want to have a more durable belt.  However, if you are stuck with a broken belt you can substitute it with the shemagh.
Luckily if you are close to some body of water you can utilize the shemagh as a fishing net.  It wouldn’t be the greatest or most proficient way to catch fish but it is better than nothing.
Having antibiotics readily available would allow them to deal with the issue until medical help (if available at all) arrives.
There are some veterinary antibiotics, like Fish-Mox, that are only produced in human dosages and appear identical to human pharmaceuticals, down to the identification numbers on the capsules. Besides the legal issues, home laboratories are dicey at best (just ask a local Meth dealer). Learn all the latest about how to deal with a snakebite when modern medical help is not available, plus how to use an epi-pen to treat severe allergic reactions like anaphylactic shock. Always make the information part of your personal wilderness medicine journal and try to practice making medicines and equipment as much as possible. Even though you, and others may already know about herbal remedies and may also know how to grow and prepare them, that does not mean your work is done. The guide should also give you a listing of plants that are commonly mistaken for the plants you will need for medicinal purposes. If you have to bug out or move to another area, you can try planting these seeds indoors and see if you can get them to grow.
If you chew on the leaves to release liquid from within the leaves, you will also have a natural antibiotic in the form of mashed leaves to put on the wound. Once again, just about anything will do as long as you can apply pressure without completely stopping blood flow.
While some require more preparation than others, at least you will have some options to choose from based on the materials available. Given that the Chinese traditional healers, Indian practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine, and Native American medicine people may have been using these animals to reliably treat illness, they are your best source of information on this matter. Improvising a basic tarp shelter can keep your head dry, it will help you conserve heat and it provides a sense of comfort and safety.
Aside from a few influential media outlets like Drudge Report, Zero Hedge, and Breitbart, you are only hearing this from bloggers who are screaming it from the rafters. We can voice our doubts and make sure that people can’t ignore these photos and videos of what are most certainly serious symptoms. The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. Get the kids out of school, get home from work, in other words get your group together in one location. Buy items that you are short of, but at the very least, grab useful items like batteries, candles, matches and all the canned meats you can carry. It should be done even if you will be using kerosene lanterns, a propane cooker, or anything else that doesn’t rely on generator power.
If this is going to take some time, wrapping your freezer in blankets can help keep your food frozen for a longer period.
If it is hot, make sure that your group is dressed appropriately for the weather and has plenty of water to drink and battery-operated fans to help avoid heat-stroke. If you are wrong and nothing happens, you won’t have lost much and you will have had a good drill.
People spend a couple hundred dollars on school clothes, shoes and supplies when they could be investing it in work books. We spent four hours per day, four days per week, allowing for vacation time, and working around our normal work schedules. Many detractors will claim the kids are not properly socialized but that’s easily remedied by enrolling them in Scouting, FFA, 4H, Little League and other local sports activities, as well as social or hobby groups.
I won’t be anywhere near a grocery store, gas station or the pharmacy when it hits the fan! There are many places where I would immediately lock my door and hunker down, but we now live in an area that is small, more in the country, and I’d feel safe making a few last minute adjustments to my preps. Some things, such as prescription meds, for example, may have to wait until the last minute. If a government takes away your right to protect your own body, then what other rights, really, do you have?
Remember that criminals and terrorists have watched and planned and played out in their minds over and over just how, when, and where they will attack.
If you have it in hand and know how to use it, it can be a handy weapon, and better than nothing. This can be as simple as choosing different proteins for your salads each day, or eating chicken with vegetables three nights of the week, and fish or tofu with vegetables the other two. If you choose plastic containers, make sure they are BPA-free and that they won’t melt in the microwave or dishwasher.
Whether you do your meal prep for the week all ahead of time or just a few days at a time, doing so will help you stick to your meal plan and give you even more time to Push Play! Unfortunately, no antibiotics are available and he slowly succumbs to the infection despite knowing exactly what’s happening to him. Filter the mixture through a coffee filter or something similar, plug the bottles, and refrigerate immediately. This is a reasonable concern, but restrictions will probably involve drugs for food animals first.
Until now, all cases were from people who returned from the epidemic zone in the Caribbean and Latin America. In these situations, not knowing about the local wild plants in your area can spell disaster. In your journal, also make note of the spot where they are growing and the basic characteristics of the area. You can try taking several leaves from safe plants and roll them up to form a pad large enough to cover the wound. Even though you may not have access to metal in the woods, you can still build a fire and heat up rocks (after you remove soil and debris from them)  that can be applied to the wound. Nurse Amy continues her discussion of natural remedies that will help for orthopedic injuries.
Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. You may need that generator in the middle of the night, so test it and have it ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you own a Yeti cooler, as your freezer begins to warm up, keep as much meat as possible in the Yeti. He entered our local community college at 15 and had his associates degree at the same time his contemporaries were getting their high school diplomas. I also once lived on an island for many years and knew all the shady characters and their neighborhoods. How do you protect yourself when the law denies you the right to have a weapon of any kind? I’ve played this game many times myself and look for not only weapons but exits, places to conceal or cover, in the case of gunfire. Hard to think of anything more messed up than that, but the last thing you want is to end up in prison when there may have been other ways to avoid a dangerous situation, such as situational awareness, not getting drunk in foreign bars at 2 in the morning.
Since the dressing is at the bottom of the jar, and the greens are at the top, nothing gets soggy! Be very careful about the rocks you choose, as they can explode when heated, or just as bad, have poisonous chemicals that will get into the wound.
If you don’t have a waterBOB, fill your bathtub and all extra containers that you have on hand.
During his schooling he held a steady part-time job, as well as working on our farm, instilling a solid work ethic at an early age and from which he has benefited greatly as an adult. I’ve measured the thickness of a table top with my eyes — could I pick it up and throw it?
Common sense first and maybe, just maybe, you won’t have to worry about remembering your jujitsu moves or fumbling for the tactical pen in your pocket. Definitely getting things done during quietest points of the day, Avoid heavy crowds, and being alert & prepared.
And most of th e people I know who do carry are responsible and you would never I know they are carrying. Preheat your oven to 160°, then put your eggs in a muffin tin and bake them for 30 minutes. If you decide to go all-in on the meal prep lifestyle, you might want to think about getting an cooler bag to carry your meals everywhere you go.
Bones also talks about what the medic’s priorities should be when under fire in hostile survival scenarios. Sad part is my 17 yr old just graduated from homeschooling and now shes headed to college 2,000 miles away which worries me but its her choice. One of his shop projects was a ground up restoration of a classic pickup truck, a lot more impressive than the dust pan and ashtray I made in school.
It takes time to be prepared but I do have all of my packs done and the others almost done.
But in my lifetime, and I’m well over 40, I have seen some spectacularly foolish and dangerous things done by people whose judgement and physical abilities were impaired by alcohol. By sticking to your list and by minimizing the impulse buys, you’ll help yourself save money. If you have a concern about crime and terrorism, why increase the size of the target on your back by staggering down the sidewalk, barely able to stay upright, much less notice warning signs that something bad could be going down?

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