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In the show this week Lisa and I went over some overlooked areas of preparedness, and how even the smallest thing could become a game changer. This might not be “overlooked” but it is something that deserves more consideration than it gets. We take for granted how easily we can get support when we need it these days, but what would you do if there were no police to intervene?
Being honest with yourself means leaving your ego at the front door, knowing there is always someone better than us, and knowing there is always more we can learn.
Without our trash being taken away on a weekly basis, sanitation is bound to become an issue.
Like it or not all of our preparedness supplies are going to run out at one point or another.
We need to think about all the supplies and food we have stored as a buffer to get us through until we can figure out a long term solution. Most of us have a hammer and a couple of screwdrivers, but do you have something as simple as nails and screws?
Having manual tools like saws, hammers and drills are important, but not having the little things can make life pretty difficult. We all like to believe that we could do what it takes when push comes to shove (I do anyway) but in reality, the situation will play our far different in real life than it does in our heads. While life after SHTF is going to require more manual labor and work, there is bound to be down time…especially after the sun goes down. Having books, board games, musical instruments and even getting outside and doing some hard work are good ways of curing boredom. In a post SHTF situation cellphones might become non existent, or an unaffordable luxury, but we will still need a way to communicate when the family is separated. Also included in communication is talking to your family and educating them about safety and planning. We talked about a couple of articles in the podcast from Urban Survival Site that tie into life after SHTF & some overlooked problems pretty well.
In a total grid down event, the credit card companies may not come knocking on your door, but eventually they probably will. Also, when the food closet is bare, you will not be able to run to the store to buy dinner, you will need to have enough food to get through whatever situation you may have to face.
Once you begin to amass large quantities of food, it is easy to get complacent about your food storage. These are all possibilities, so think through and plan what you would do, and come up with what if’s for every area of your preparedness.
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I don't believe that the end of the world will be the "end of the world" I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it now. Enter your email address to subscribe to Survivalist Prepper and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Meal prepping is all the rage of late, and for good reason: It saves time and money, while helping you stick to your clean eating plan and stave off hanger. Luckily, meal prepping doesn’t have to be a daylong logistical nightmare, full of dirty dishes, spilled quinoa and mismatched food storage containers. A health, fitness and lifestyle site brought to you by Daily Burn, in partnership with Verywell.
Thanks for adding in the Presto canner I am always speaking up for my cheap but effective canner!
It’s not often when worry is put to rest, especially when it comes from playing in water. After entering in your email, you’ll become a free member of the APN community and will receive ebooks, event listings and webinars in our weekly newsletter. At a minimum your bug out bag should cover the 3 basic necessities you need to live; food, clothing and shelter.
For most people, I think a Bug Out Bag is more along the lines of a pre-packed suitcase so they can get out of dodge quickly without having to stop and pack. There are two main ways I can see how not thinking logically about your Bug Out Bag can end up hurting you. The second way I can see having a large pack could be dangerous is from the standpoint of a total collapse scenario where massive amounts of society are displaced, scared, hurting and desperate.
Pack Smarter – A bug out bag should be viewed as a life preserver in most situations, not a convenience store. There are ultra-light hiking fanatics that try to scrounge every single ounce of weight out of their packs in order to have a much lower weight pack and thus a happier hiking experience.
Blend In – Packing lighter can certainly help with weight and with less weight should come less bulk. It’s obvious you have already given some thought to reuse and re-purposing some of your gear to keep it light. 1 other topic I wish he would cover that ties in with this is, your vehicle can also lead to you getting killed. I completely agree with your motivation to stay put and actually plan to Bug In myself for anything short of a flood or something you can’t fight off. Thank you, what a good article reminding (or notifying, perhaps for the first time) us of what is really important. Yes, we took our kids backpacking for a couple of days to try the same things out you mentioned. A BOB should have enough gear in it to get you to your BOL (Bug Out Location) which is where your other supplies are.
And what makes you so sure that it would be a nuclear strike or an asteroid that would be “the end”? There are infinite possibilities of what could occur during our life time and preppers should take all things into consideration, be it a hurricane or home invasion. Also preppers are the least likely person to attempt to kill someone during a disaster due to the fact they are prepared and don’t need what others have!
It will be people like you who laugh at the idea and think its ridiculous that anything bad would happen to you, who will be going around killing people for scraps of food because your child is starving and you weren’t prepared so no, Shame on you. If I loose use of the vehicle, I simple put the knife, and machete on my belt, sling the shoulder pack, canteen kit, and bed role over my shoulders, pocket, the noodle packs, put on the boots, and change into needed approprate clothing, and I’m off toward my objective. The other shoulder pack, resides at home, along with the small back pack, unless I’m traveling more than tweny miles from home, in which case I takethem along. I find that distrubing the weight around my body is much less tiring than lugging a single huge back pack.
Sounds like good advice, but understand that human preditors exibit the same behaviors as animal preditors, they seek out the weak to pray upon.
If you’re talking about a 72 hour event, the chance of organized bands of preditors is very small. As a former Marine and retired professional firefighter, I would just like to make a few comments.
Information for preppers on all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and food storage. Lately I have seen some discussions on the long-term storage of brown rice.  Some people and websites have put forth antidotal evidence that it can be stored for as much as 10 years or so. While I agree completely with the idea that brown rice is superior in nutrition to white rice, the research that I have done points to a much shorter shelf life. The USA Rice federation has the following statement on their website, “The bran layer contains a small amount of oil, and so brown rice has a shorter shelf-life than white rice. The following is a research study performed by BYU (Brigham Young University) on regular and parboiled rice. Quality of regular and parboiled rice in long-term storage.
This shows that both regular white rice and parboiled rice can be stored for many years.  Now as a result of this study you have a better option than white rice, store parboiled rice. Because of the method by which it is processed, parboiled rice is a better source of fiber, calcium, potassium and vitamin B-6 than regular white rice.
According to Harvard Health Publications, it has a low glycemic score of 38, compared to white rice which has a score of 89.  This means that the carbohydrates in parboiled rice will not cause a large spike in blood sugar.
I strongly suggest that you avoid the long-term storage of brown rice and substitute parboiled rice.
First of all I do not consider your experience worthless and agree with you on the nutrition of parboiled brown rice. Does anyone have any information on how long brown rice pasta can be stored, and how it should be stored. Living near the ocean, we would sometimes go out to remote places where we could shoot into the water.
It was during this semester that I learned, in a more formal setting, the fundamentals of shooting, and how to effectively shoot shotguns and pistols. The muscle memory developed from dozens and dozens of hours of (mostly) handgun shooting remains with me and is ingrained in my body, even after all these years. This time it was, again, my buddy Paul who invited me to join him in an all-day class on a military base where he worked.
For the first time in my life, I was in a scenario in which live fire was being used and I wasn’t exactly behind the firing line. Initially, I had the jitters because this was very exciting to me and the setting unfamiliar. After a few minutes, my mind and body became accustomed to the adrenaline and excitement. My nerves calmed, my breathing slowed down and became more regulated, and I was able to make the quick decisions and reactions being demanded of me.

Without the many years of casual and formal practice and instruction, there’s no way I would have been ready for such an intense training experience. This entry was posted in security, self defense and tagged firearm, handgun, NRA, pistol, rifle, training.
Advanced shooting classes must deal with legal aspects of civilian intervention and the possible consequences. Here you can see the difference in size between the small Fresnel lens used in the survival kits and the big one.
A spot Fresnel lens uses multiple flat segments, arranged in a circle, thus focusing light on a small spot.
A linear Fresnel lens uses multiple flat segments, arranged linearly, thus focusing light on a narrow band. So far, we have been able to heat water on a cool sunny day just by setting a pan on the ground and focusing the lens on it.  In the next few days, we plan to build a frame to make it more practical to use. In the near future, we plan on doing a bit of experimenting with mine to determine the limits of it capabilities.  I can see possible use for them in solar cooking, purifying water and in melting glass and some metals such as lead and copper. We have replaced our windows in our house, with the old windows, how can they be useful for different projects. Thanks for the warning, i placed the windows against the house, not knowing what danger it will cause during the summer, maybe regular glass not, anyway i removed them, just to be on the safe side. I have fresnel lenses in my basement, my camping gear, my prepper gear and in my bug-out bag. Great – but frustrating that it is impossible to find out where such big lenses can be bought. Im making project on solar cooking using fresnel lens.what type lens should i use.linear or spot? By Dale Leave a Comment As preppers we are always looking for ways to improve our situation, and think about what live would be like after a SHTF event. While these might be the most important, there are a number of smaller situations that we don’t give a second thought to that could cause big problems when it comes to life after SHTF if we don’t know how to handle them.
Without police, the fire department and EMT’s we will be completely on our own when it comes to solving major problems.
But if we are not honest about how prepared we are, or how skilled we are, we are setting ourselves up to fail. Not only will the trash be building up, but cleaning the house will not be as easy as turning on the faucet, plugging in the vacuum, or even something as simple as flushing the toilet. Taking a hot shower will be a thing of the past unless you have a solar shower, and washing clothes means using an old school washboard, or using something like the Wonder Wash. If we need to do repairs on the home, or build something, there will be no hardware store to go to, what we have will be our hardware store. Making sure we have tapes and adhesives, enough screws and nails, automotive fluids, wrenches and sockets and maybe even some scrap wool laying around is a good idea. In today’s society we have a million distractions, but in a SHTF event that all goes away. This is especially important for anyone with children, because a bored child can make your life miserable.
Make sure everyone knows what to do in different situations, and make use of the down time by making sure everyone is on the same page. But there are modern conveniences that may not be available, like running water in your house, or electronic banking, or even your job. This is why it is important to not only continually add to our supplies, but also our skills.
The definition of a prepper is "An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances, without substantial resources from outside sources" Like the Government, police etc.
Yet, if you’ve thought about embracing this healthy eating habit, only to be derailed once you realize the time and effort — not to mention the Tupperware —involved, we don’t blame you. Cari spends her free time gardening, canning, testing products for review, helping others prepare. A prime reason I chose my home was because it had a Water Well, a key item in maintaining independence from outside resource. I read a lot of articles and watched a ton of YouTube videos about this subject and as you can imagine, there are as many bug out bag ideas as there are grains of sand at the beach.
A 72-hour bag or kit is usually listed as the standard we as preppers should aspire to and is actually what FEMA recommends on their website.
Your bug out bag should be pre-packed with the appropriate supplies and ready at a moment’s notice.
These types of bug out bags are very useful for people who may live in wildfire, flooding or hurricane areas although I would hazard to guess that not many people in today’s society would be able to have a wildfire, flood or hurricane sneak up on them. Not only that, but it can wear you out much faster and make running, something you may have to do when the zombies are hungry, very difficult to do.
When I see lists out there that have as their contents miscellaneous hardware and tools, saws and fishing gear I have to wonder what these people are going to do.
With less bulk you should have a smaller footprint for your supplies and may be able to pack everything you need to stay alive in a smaller backpack. The only suggestion is for readers to consider putting together mini-paks to grab as they go out the door to compensate for whatever immediate issues that they may be confronted with (i.e.
Could your Get Home Bag, which should have considerably less than most advertised Bug Out Bags do the same job with a fraction of the weight?
The diesel 4×4 with a warn winch and knobby tires filled to the brim with MREs would be a great target too. If you plan to fortify in place and bunker in, then all it takes is one out of control fire to destroy your entire set up leaving you destitute and starving…if not dead. I carry water and my BOB in my truck all the time, as well as walking shoes and extra socks.
Although there are a few tools in the Bug Out Bags, they are mainly clothing and food for 3 days. They are planning to walk out into the great wide open and live off the contents of their packs. Especially if you have stored supplies somewhere, you should be open the possibility that someone else has found it before you get there. The shoulder bag contains enough home assembled MREs to sustain me for six or seven days, three meals and snacks each. With the modular concept, If needed, I could stash parts of the system if needed for future recovery.
You may feel that striking out across country, and avoiding as much contact with other’s as possible is safer.
We’d throw empty gallon milk jugs into the water and then do our best to shoot at them while they were bobbing on the waves. I just went shooting for the pure fun of it and the personal challenge of getting better each time. Hill, with a background in the prison systems and the main firearms instructor for this shooting academy, and Mr.
Techniques I learned to improve my accuracy are still effective, and I’ve taught them to my wife and kids. I had always wanted to be in a scenario like this — but without being a target by a real criminal with a real gun! By the end of that day, even though I had been shooting for years and had received so much instruction and practice, I knew my shooting expertise had reached a new dimension.
A few of the Air Force guys in the group left that day realizing they needed more practice. In a real life situation in which self-defense is necessary, you need enough practice hours behind you so that muscle memory is there each and every time you pick up that gun. I happened to be at the right place and, apparently, had a connection or two that allowed some unique experiences to come my way.
The rocks heat up, but they don’t hold or radiate the immense heat more than a few minutes. It should not be your only primary fire starter, but is a great backup which will fit anywhere. Even if we have our food storage covered, our water storage covered and have plenty of guns and ammo, all it takes is one kink in the hose to mess up our preparedness plan. Even if nothing like this happens, eventually our food, our ammo, our supplies, and medication are going to run out.
If you prep for a year or longer, it is easy to think you are better off than your neighbors. We have an excellent opportunity right now to add to our skill set because we have practically everything at our finger tips.
The bags all share a common goal in that they are supposed to keep you alive if you have to leave your house for some period of time. Again, this means that your bug out bag should have enough supplies to get you through 72 hours.
Ideally you would have practice with your bug out bag and lugging it around through various terrain and experience actually living off the supplies that you have stored in there. If you are completely unaware of what is going on around you then you most likely won’t have any bag packed and ready to go in the first place.
Let’s assume that your bug out bag’s purpose of use is that you plan to walk out of town with it strapped to your back before the zombie hordes can breach the city.
Do you know how much 3 gallons of water, the recommended amount you need for each person – for 3 days, weighs?

Unless your bag is packed the right way, your center of balance will be off and you can just about forget doing any type of tactical movement with a heavy pack like this. If there are truly desperate people and they see you with a big pack full of supplies and goodies they may be more inclined to relieve you of that extra weight.
You can start with these tips, but even if you take 30 pounds out somewhere, you can’t start throwing other items like your books on edible plants in your pack and still save weight. This will help you look like everyone else out there and not like you are hiking the Appalachian Trail. We can hold off a small army and can last 3 weeks in complete isolation and never have to leave the house.
Even if you only going a short distance, packs that are too heavy can be a big detriment to your success. Any savage group who wants to take what you have and realizes that you aren’t giving up, may just decide to burn you out. Now, our kids have experience lugging some weight around so the concept isn’t new and we had a great time.
Their primary mission would be to throw in the vehicle if we had to evacuate out home ahead of a storm, or chemical spill on the highway. I also carry a fold up luggage size hand truck in the vehicle, which I can pull behind me to litten my load on the road. The back pack has a complete Hammock system, My Henry AR7 and 100 rounds of .22 ammo, a larger water purification system, crank flashlight, and radio, a sleeping bag, and a larger tarp.
There may be a very few desprate guys as the day devlops who may try to steal your transport, or grab your water off your body, but viewing this as a military Special Operations Mission is off base in my opinion. If so, vacuum packing the rice or packing it with oxygen absorbers might significantly prolong its storage life. However, during my high school years, two of my older buddies were finally of age and could legally go through the process to purchase firearms. That changed during my college years, though, when I was allowed, as a civilian, to participate in a semester-long police firearms training academy.
I feel very, very comfortable with a firearm in my hands, but it wasn’t until I took another class many years later that I was challenged on a whole other level. I would be spending the day with a group of Air Force combat personnel who were preparing to be deployed and were required to take this class in urban warfare.
We performed exercises in which we were constantly moving and engaging targets, tactical reloading while moving, maintaining communications with team members, and doing all of this under non-stop pressure by the instructors who were screaming and cussing and deriding us.
When I think about the low training requirements of nearly all law enforcement officers — this is what they actually need, each and every year as our cities and streets become more dangerous and hostile to police officers, in particular. You won’t be standing behind a line with your pistol on a bench and with a motionless paper target. However, a good shooting range will offer advanced classes, and I encourage you to take as many as possible. The big one is out of a 50-inch TV and on a hot summer day, it will make blacktop bubble in just a few seconds. But remember people are greedy, they will figure out a way to get what they feel is owed to them, this includes your mortgage company. I do some of my carrots in small dice, using the onion chopper gizmo, and they dry quickly, they are uniform size (mostly) and take up very little space. Not only could this seriously slow you down at the precise time you need to be light on your feet, but having a bag that is overloaded with a lot of stuff you could live without or which, more likely, couldn’t help you at all but could get you killed. A bug out bag is different in  scope from a Get Home Bag, but you may have some of the same types of contents in both. The first type is the bag that you plan to strap on and head out into the woods or use to hike to a remote location. For the rest of us, fires, hurricanes and floods are generally forecast and announced with more than ample time to prepare, pack and get out of the way.
This will be your bedroom dresser, kitchen pantry, shelter, entertainment center and medicine cabinet all rolled into one tidy package.
If their children are freezing or starving and you are walking around with the WalMart camping section attached in a big bright orange pack, they may decide that you need that less than they do.
Just for the record, I am not recommending that all you need is one seriously packed survival Altoids can, but we can think about the bag that we are using to save our lives in a logical way. The only way we are leaving is if the house becomes unlivable; then pack the Suburban and run over anything or anyone in the way. If you are holed up in a bunker and the burb is scavanged for fuel and parts when the house becomes compromised are you able to run? If I had small children I’d worry about them making noise and alerting potentially unfriendly passer-bys to our presence. Show, where Danel Boone sets out on a long journey with nothing but his rifle, and a nap sack, the real Boone would have been riding a horse, and leading a couple of pack horses loaded down with provisions.
At other times, we went out into the boonies and shoot at anything we could: soda cans, bowling pins, and even lizards. Those were not easy to hit!
We spent 8 hours on the range, getting about an hour of instruction and then 6-7 hours of shooting drills. One guy’s gun jammed and the diatribe by the instructor was merciless and, I have to admit, very funny at the time. You need to spend hours under some kind of pressure, so you become comfortable with all aspects of shooting.
If you have, be prepared that if things get really bad, they are going to think of coming to your house as their salvation.
If you have considered whether you will bug out or hunker down, preparing a bug out bag could be the next step in the process. This might be your retreat hidden away in the woods in a small town somewhere away from your home.
The average weight guidelines for a fully loaded backpack are no more than 25% of your overall body weight.
We have jobs where we sit at a desk most days and aren’t training daily with 50 pound packs like the 10th Mountain division. I only carry that much because I am often out and about with my kids, (I have 5) and I want to be able to get back home without having them go hungry. The Survival Backpacks contain mainly camping items that would be required for an extended stay outdoors.
Native Americans learned over the centuries the locations at various times of the year where food resouces could be found, and moved around from place to place to take advantage. Classes you might consider are concealed carry classes (if allowed in your state), defensive handgun, defensive shotgun, and tactical firearm classes. If your Bug Out Bag contents look more like what you would pack in a suitcase for a vacation, you may want to reconsider your options. This could also be for those who figure they are just going to hike deep into a national forest and live off the land until whatever crisis they are avoiding has passed. Think smart about your bag and what needs to go in there.  If all hell breaks loose in your town, what will you really need to survive?
If you have a bug out bag and you are leaving your world behind, you won’t be staying at the Ritz. There is a reason that the Army was very strict about keeping us physically fit all the time.
Both these instructors lived to shoot — maybe they were married and had families, but guns and shooting seemed to be their first loves.
Everything about shooting, from stance to grip to aim should all be so familiar that the only decision to make is whether or not to pull the trigger. Will a change of clothes, something to shelter you from the elements and a means to make a fire be most of what you need? There is a Fire Kit, is a Hygene Kit, a Money Kit, with enough cash, and a few silver coins to get me home.
A person simply can’t survive the rigors of a catastrophic situation without at least a basic level of health and fitness. Add in some food and a little water with a backup to get filtered water elsewhere, simple first aid and you have the basics covered. I take the jars, removed the lids and put the jars of parboiled brown rice in an oven that has been briefly brought to about 175 and then turned off.
Aside from ammo, they contain a multi-tool, folding knife, space blanket, water storage, fire making essentials and SOS food bars. Any miles you can put behind you and toward your goal without walking is a load and time off your back. The Ball jar with a canning lid and ring keeps any moisture from the air from entering the jar of rice. There is a Military Compas, and a poncho There are a couple of survival blankets, several large trash bags, Chemical Hand Warmers, a hundred feet of para cord, tissue packs for toilet paper, and, some tuna, salmon, and Spam envelopes. I keep a Military Canteen Kit in my vehicle, with a cup, and lid to cook in, and a stove attachment.
There is a pair of leather work gloves, extra clothing, military boots, and a bed roll, with wool blanket, ground pad, tarp, and tent stakes. There are a couple of packs of flavored noodle dishes as well to use with the meat packets to make meals.

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