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Bunkers can be many things to different people, but according to Webster it is a ship’s storage place or an underground bombproof shelter.
With that in mind let’s look at some different types of bunkers, then you can decide if one is right for you. Drawbacks include cost (while they can be cheaper than you think) and the conversion work involved. A manhole doesn’t lead to an underground city but is a nice hole in the ground if you need it.
Civil defense plans give good advice about turning your car into a bunker in the event of a nuclear attack.

As you can see bunkers don’t need to be expensive to be attainable for the everyday prepper. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. They make good bunkers since they were hardened to withstand enemy attack and still function.
And to answer the original question…in my opinion, yes you do need a bunker of some sort, even if it is just to be used as a tornado shelter to ride out a natural disaster. I like the idea of using a shipping container if possible, but the basement is oftentimes more workable if you can find a house with one already there.

We believe that being prepared is important for any family and we want to see preparedness become a mainstream conversation. This will save you quite a bit over a prefab unit but will take much more work and time to complete. If you live in the country you should have a root cellar anyway so this is a good way to go.

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