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Please use the member login link in the main navigation bar to access the members sections. Tyler Smith stands back with two of his sons as wife Katie blasts pumpkins Friday at their home in Buckley. As part of his strategy, Smith and Pedrini are developing a suit of armor to wear on his foraging forays. Smith used bathroom tiles wrapped in woven fiberglass and coated in roofing tar as one of the bullet-stopping layers. So, Tyler’s gonna be the APEX PREDATOR with his 80-pound homemade suit of armor made from fiberglass, roofing tar and used bathroom tiles. The problem is, Smith is a felon, convicted of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes and theft. He also bragged for the camera about his plans to raid and loot other doomsday preppers’ supplies when the end times came. Pierce county investigators say it was those claims, and Smith’s brazen use of firearms on camera that landed him back in jail. Smith is a level one sex offender following his conviction in King county in 2009, but he has not registered with law enforcement since his move to Pierce county.
This idiot is the reason I got off the couch and learned how to shoot like a Rifleman at Appleseed. I’m not a Rifleman yet, but I shoot 100% better than I did before my first Appleseed.
If that disgusting fatbody comes towards me and mine dressed like the Michelin Man in his bathroom tile suit, we’ll test how bullet resistant it is with my CMP Garand. Like ^^ I’m glad I better know how to use *my* guns to defend the missus and me thanks to training.
If we are willing to accept tyranny for things we dislike then how much tyranny will we put up with? He knew that one of the punishments for his felony convictions was that he had lost the right to possess a gun. He chose to violate that condition, proving that he remains a criminal in act as well as thought.
This bag of garbage was convicted of trying to molest a child less than 5 years ago so why is he out on the street ? Information for preppers on all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and food storage.
In today’s society, I see large numbers of bicyclists riding around every weekend when the weather is nice.  They are all wearing the tight bright colored outfits that seem to be mandatory for bike riders today. My bicycle riding days are long past, although I have been giving some thought to starting again and I even have a couple of bikes. If you are a dedicated rider, you will know more about what to do than me, but if not, here are a few suggestions.  Check the general condition of the bike. It may pay to take your bike to a bike repair shop and have it serviced and see if they will let you watch so that you have the opportunity to learn. How about one of those kiddie carriers you use to pull your little ones or grandkids.  They can be used to carry all kinds of things. If you haven’t ridden your bike, in years get going and practice.  Whether you are using your bike for daily transportation or as survival bike, it can be a very useful tool.
This has onboard electronic device charging ability, water purification and a maximum cargo load limit of 250 pounds. There’s controversy, just like everything else nowadays of course, on whether the 5 W’s is enough to keep you alive and the answer to that is obviously not.
They’re not meant to be the end all conversation on wilderness survival like many armchair experts make them out to be, but instead you’re supposed to take them for what they are – an easy way to remember some very important wilderness survival lessons. Bad: Wet areas, wet or rotten wood, barren places with little wood or only fast burning brush, and setups that make a wildfire likely or easy to start. This is one of those times where your location dictates your actions, but chances are you will most likely use wood to build your survival shelter.

For that reason you’re going to need to find a location with ample wood that’s suitable for shelter making. Even if you happen to be near an overhang or cave you can always use wood to make your shelter more comfortable.
Pro Tip: If you do find yourself above the tree line on a mountain ridge or in the middle of an open desert you should keep moving.
Using 550 paracord or some DIY bushcraft cordage, you can lash branches and trees together or you may choose to build a tent-style shelter where the wood supports itself. If you were smart enough to bring one, a thermal reflective blanket can be used as a tarp to build a shelter or you can lay it on the ground to reflect your body heat. Good: Keep an eye out for changing weather, and find or build shelter before the weather gets bad. Bad: Large open areas, windy hills and valleys, low dips in the elevation, under lone trees or dead trees, avalanche prone areas.
In warm weather you may not need much shelter at all but you may feel a chill at night, especially if you’re sleeping on the ground. In cold weather you have to think about the weather at all times and never take it for granted. Keeping an eye on the weather will help you predict issues ahead of time so you can be proactive instead of reactive. Good: Setting up near average sized live trees in a thick-growth forest, looking up before picking a place to bed down for the night.
The term usually refers to dead trees or even large boulders that could fall without warning. If you are in the way of a windowmaker you won’t have time to react, especially if you’re asleep. Having an encounter with bears, big cats, wolves, and moose are about the closest you’ll ever come to needing a change of pants. If you’re not paying attention or don’t know what to look for you’ll easily set up camp right in the middle of some large animals territory. Look for tracks, scat, and territorial markers of these animals and stay far far away.
Learn about the available game as well as dangerous animals indigenous to your area or any area you’re visiting ahead of time so you will know what to look out for. Snakes, spiders, centipedes, or really anything that creeps, crawls, or slithers around are another problem. Some insects like mosquitoes, ticks, and gnats will be more of an irritating nuisance and the worst of course would be venomous creatures like snakes, spiders and scorpions. A good fire and some smoke will keep away many, if not most all, flying insects because they are programmed to avoid it, and you can also rub mud or certain plants on exposed skin to stop them from annoying you. There are dozens of plants that can be used, wild onion, sagebrush, wormwood, and mugwort are good plant examples. If you’re lost (or frogs are falling from the sky) and there is no water source nearby you will have to find civilization or some water source within 2-3 days.
Water you find in the wilderness will need to be purified before it’s used. If you have a fireproof container, you can purify the water by boiling, but this doesn’t remove chemicals and in fact concentrates them.
If you study up on the 5 W’s of survival for the environment you plan to be in you’ll be better prepared if you get lost or if the SHTF. Pass it on, I believe once you learn something you should teach it to someone that doesn’t know so they are better prepared and in that way the world becomes a better place. Smith started the survivalist group Spartan Survival to protect his family from a doomsday event. Smith says his homemade protection will be bulletproof, lightweight and stronger than anything sold in a store.
He founded the organization in 2005 to train and prepare others for various doomsday scenarios. On the show, he is seen firing several rifles to test his home made body armor, claiming it is superior to professionally made bullet resistant vests. This is just proof that it is better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are an idiot, than open your mouth and remove all doubt. A case for the bicycle as a survival vehicle  FYI I am always willing to post articles submitted by readers.

Us humans can survive about 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. You might have to use snow, rocks, metal, a cave, an old car… but 8 times out of 10 you’ll have to use wood. If you’re deep in a forest then you’re good to go, but if you’re above the tree line in the snow covered mountains or in the smack middle of the salt flats you’ll have to look elsewhere. Those are some of the hardest places to survive and trying to shelter down in such a place will usually make your situation worse. The medium sized branches will be the main fuel on the fire, and the larger logs are for when you go to sleep or need to make a bed of coals for cooking. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the desert, on top of a mountain, lost in the woods, or hiding under a dumpster from an alley full of zombies (any Walking Dead fans around here?) you will be dealing with the weather. A 70F night feels colder than a 70F sunny day, mostly because cold air and water vapor in the air are sinking back down to the ground level and you don’t have uv rays to heat your skin. You can’t see what’s going on inside of a dead tree and a few pushes with your hand doesn’t equal the power of a gust of wind. It’s practically life changing and there’s nothing scarier than staring down a bear or knowing you’re being hunted by a big cat. Don’t sleep directly on the ground or near rocks or rotten wood and if you see signs of big predators make some quick bushcraft weapons, keep them handy, and get the hell out of dodge. Make a point to know the location of the nearest water source, even if you don’t plan to be anywhere near it, and have a way to collect and purify it. Having a lightweight and simple to use water filter such as a lifestraw or sawyer will purify the water of chemicals and bacteria. Smith, 26, shoots at targets and tests homemade body armor while narrating his exploits for the camera. He put himself on TV and in newspaper articles and he did things that scared the neighbor,” said Troyer. That said… Please remember that before the 1930 Unifrom Federal Firearms Act and the 1968 GCA this man would not be denied his 2A rights.
To continue his punishemnt after his incarceration is a form of slavery and violates sovereignty.
It’s a good idea to carry a small hatchet and a foldable saw in your bug out bag, that way you have options.
Before you go to bed throw a few large logs on the fire and it will smolder all night, otherwise you might wake up to nothing but ash and have to start all over again. If you need a certain tool but it broke or you forgot to pack it for instance, simply make a new one out of wood.
If you have no shelter and thin clothes you’ll be happy to see the warm sun come up the next day. Brings a coat and a change of pants (pants that zip off into shorts are awesome) with you and if possible find shelter at night. Build or bring a thoroughly insulated shelter that can block the wind and rain, and hold in heat from your body and a fire at the door.
You can also burn many plants or even animal dung to repel insects, much like a bushcraft citronella candle.
Wear loose clothing, bring a hat, drink as much water as you can spare, and try to do most of your work or traveling around dusk and dawn. If your willing to except tyranny for something you dont like, then how much tyranny are you willing to except?
If you have a flashlight you should travel as long as possible at night and sleep in the shade during the day.

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