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Let’s take a look at the 25 Must Have Items to ensure your survival during a disaster – either at home or in the wild, in no particular order. Water Filters and Purifiers.  Stock up on these, as well as portable ones if you are forced to be on the move.
Guns, Ammo, Knives and Bats.  Be sure that you are comfortable using them and have adequate training. Charcoal, Lighters, and Matches.  These are must haves whether you are home bound or are on the move. Matches and Lighters.  Store strike anywhere matches in a waterproof container, as well as lighters.
Flashlights and Batteries.  These will also help you in a situation where you may need to signal for help. Flash Drive.  Store all your important personal documents for each family member on a flash drive, including medical records and birth certificates. Tinder and Kindling.  These are a must to quickly start fire and keep it going throughout the night. Portable Toilets.  While you can get by without it, it makes the list because it can be a great bartering item. Basic Tools.  Having basic tools like a saw, ax, and a hammer will be helpful in building a shelter if you need to do so with natural materials in the woods.
I decided to build this core set off a small bag, with a ton of options, the Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer. I could probably squeeze in a Multitool and a SAS Survival Guide Pocket edition, but I just leave both of those in my computer backpack, that I use for work, and carry on when I fly. If I need to use my Get Home bag, I slide this pouch or tools out of my Computer backpack and into my Get Home Bag, adding it’s tool set to my repertoire of gear. With this modular setup, I can use these core tools I have an EDC survival kit, that will help me get home or survive, even if I can’t get to my car to grab my Get Home Bag or any other gear. Purely from an EDC perspective, I’ve run into multiple situations where more than one screwdriver would be handy. I am not an expert with edged weapons, even though I have a trunk-load of them, including the old Buck hunting knife that my Dad gave me when I was a teenager many moons ago. So back to my ‘gift’… I have seen and held a few axes, including what are known as ‘battle axes’, which have little utility in survival situations.

But there’s more to this axe than meets the eye… the end of the handle has an ‘O’-ring sealed threaded cap complete with a very useful length of paracord.
Snugpak is well-known in the outdoor industry for their sleeping bags and insulated clothing. The Square Foot is 86 inches long (and 60 inches wide when opened as a blanket), so you have plenty of room if you’re tall. The side zipper is on the right side (as you’re laying in it), and as stated earlier it can be fully unzipped so you can use it flat like a blanket. On the coldest night I was able to test the Snugpak Square Foot one evening, the temperature got down to 43 degrees.
I have an older, bulky sleeping bag in the back of my SUV, which I keep there in case of breakdown or getting stuck in cold weather. If you’re in the market for a sleeping bag that will keep you plenty warm and can pack super-small, take a close look at the Snugpak Square Foot.
I know we need duplicates and backups of our key items, but putting that aside, I wanted to put together a core kit, that I could take from my commuter backpack, slide it into my Get Home Bag or my Airline Travel Get Home Kit and together I’ll have all the tools I need, for the purpose at hand. I tried the Condor Pocket Pouch, which is a great bag, but didn’t offer as many tool holders or pockets for my kit. I already EDC a Swiss Army Knife Trekker and a Becker BK11 Neck Knife to compensate, if you don’t EDC a knife, you should adjust your EDC kit accordingly.
Too many kits seem to end up as Rambo fantasies instead of something that will actually get some use. So with that said, I wanted to share my latest prize, which was a Christmas gift from my son-in-law who is a serving USMC Officer who enlisted in the Corps and became a sniper. The particular axe that is in the photos herein was designed and is built to USMC specs as a tactical survival axe by Elite Tactical. And when you remove this robust cap, set inside the heavy alloy handle cap is a high-quality compass! The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else. I’m always on the lookout for something a little better, lighter, smaller, has a better cold rating, etc. So a sleeping bag rating that may be comfortable for me down to 10 degrees may not be comfortable to you.

After his combat tour he was ‘mustang-ed’ into the officer’s program, and our entire family is very proud of him. The USMC Tactical Survival Axe is no ordinary survival axe… it carries in its design the experience of the USMC.
As I said, I’m not an expert in edged weapons, but I strongly suspect that this axe could be effectively used as a throwing weapon (with practice). Inside the axe handle is another spring-loaded container that protrudes when the cap is removed, and inside that cylinder are additional goodies; a stainless steel fishing hook, a nice long length of fishing line, a bandage, a striker and half-dozen waterproof matches. The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced.
As I get older, I don’t like packing any more weight than I have to, but I still want the gear to do the job for me. The lower rating is for you clothed, with some additional clothing, such as long underwear. I have no doubts whatsoever that this bag will easily keep me warm down to the 18-degree range and probably even a little colder.
It is built like a tank and utilizes a combination of a corrosion free heavy-duty nylon fiber handle and a special stainless steel alloy for the axe-head.
There was room, so I added a curved sewing needle and nylon thread suitable for suturing flesh wounds or mending clothing to my kit. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. In addition to the large edge for chopping and splitting wood (etc.), the opposite pick end is effective for a host of uses, including piercing light gauge steel. I’m told that a lot of our Special Forces guys like this bag and actually purchase it out of their own funds.

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