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The first sign of trouble was when I grabbed some condiments from the top shelf and noticed I had mayonnaise that was 2 years past its expiration. Here I was, mid-way through a Saturday afternoon, my house was in chaos due to all of my food storage being distributed around the rooms and I was finding more and more food that was out of date or inedible in some fashion. So after I had all of the food out and verified what was really expired I realized that it wasn’t too bad.
There were two other contributing factors to our food use and one was the way my wife shopped.
Also, we eat most of our meals from fresh ingredients and my wife cooks from scratch a lot.
So I had the semblance of a system now and I started filling it in with the cans according to expiration date. When we go grocery shopping now, my wife can easily see what we have left and fill that up.
This exercise taught me a few other lessons that weekend; actually it was a weird weekend because I spent both days doing similar things.
That situation made me think of a point some may not realize about water storage, so I thought I’d throw it out there. To avoid this, always place it on a shelf or at least on a wooden or plastic pallet to raise it off the floor. Looking in on all of the cans of food, bags of rice, beans and jugs of water gives me a sense of accomplishment and a certain satisfaction in all of our prepping efforts to date.
I started going further and this was the same case with pickles and some soups, even canned fruit. It was a good idea to do this though because I wouldn’t have found that rice probably until it was too late. She is excellent at clipping coupons and always has her coupon book out when she goes shopping.
This in combination with my daughter’s gluten intolerance caused the biggest stockpile of food we had (pasta and canned tomato sauces) to be virtually ignored for many months. The cans that were the closest to expiration went at the front of one row and it wrapped around to two or three rows if needed. We are also trying to cook more according to what we have and purchase what we ate, as opposed to what we want, to eat to keep the pantry stocked.

That reminds me now that you mentioned it that the water smelled pretty rank so we emptied and refilled them all. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else. For some reason I got it into my head to arrange things because the pantry had gotten a little disorganized over time. Now I was worried because it was obvious my brilliant solution to all of my family’s food problems had failed miserably. I grabbed one of the bags off the top shelf to lift it up and noticed the bottom was a funny color. I started thinking about what all could have gone wrong with food and how foolish I would have felt if we had some crisis and I went to grab the food that was supposed to feed my family and it was all rotten.
What really stunk is that my super awesome system for rotating groceries was not working and again, that was my fault for assuming this was being used.
The first reason is that our pantry shelves didn’t really have any rhyme or reason to how food was stored. The problem was that she would buy whatever she had coupons for and didn’t take into account whether or not we needed it.
The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced.
Just this past weekend I went to the grocery store and saw hamburger for $4.99 per pound – on sale!!! Shopping a warehouse club has paid off as I have found better deals than shopping my local grocery store. The next order of business was to grab one of my kids and have them check every label on every product. Visions of my family staring at me with angry expressions on their sunken faces started to appear.
We have a decent amount of pantry space but cans of beans were mixed in with cans of fruit and for some reason we had jars and jars of jelly that nobody was eating.
For example, we had a ton of jelly like I said because they were buy one get one free so she stocked up.
I didn’t throw everything out that had expired because I know you can go past the dates on most things.

This also manifested itself into a good ammo inventory but I’ll write about that on another day. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. This is the same store brand hamburger I bought a year ago on sale for a tad over $3.00 a pound. There were bottles all over the place of dressing –  cans of beans and tomatoes took over the kitchen table and pasta galore spilled onto the kitchen counters.
When groceries got put away, there was no predetermined place or order for them to go in so they went where ever was easiest. All of that jelly kept sitting in the pantry and items we do use, but didn’t get the same coupon attention were lacking. I started clockwise in our pantry and put canned meat, then beans, soups, fruit, coffee, tomatoes, sauces, mixes and then baking items like flour, sugar and other sundries. Now we have a better system for storing and rotating food and a different strategy for filling our pantry. Someone, maybe I placed a one gallon jug of water on the top shelf and at some point it had leaked. Pasta went into the kitchen and placed in one spot and the hard to reach containers of condiments were placed back down on eye level so they could be used.
That type of understanding is extremely beneficial and ensures that you aren’t just buying a ton of supplies and shoving them in a dark corner.
Another aspect of this is that we weren’t using the time tested FIFO system (First In First Out) so food wasn’t getting rotated like it should. Fortunately for us, this didn’t get too far out of control, but we did have to throw away some jars of food. I know that I would have been fine if I just stored all of the rice in 5 gallon buckets, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet and we do eat off of our rice weekly.

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