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Before reading this feature, be sure to check this story and others in June's issue of our digital magazine.
Before reading this feature, be sure to check this story and others in June's issue of our digital magazine.
To borrow a phrase from the movie Armageddon, the Japan disasters have the global supply chain exhibiting the behavior from the worst parts of the Bible. Despite all of this, however, one supply chain expert thinks the effects will be felt for a relatively short period of time.
Automobile and electronics manufacturers have seen shockwaves sent through their supply chain as companies scramble to find alternative sources for their parts. Lawler thinks planning goes a long way to managing risk within your supply chain, and a good lawyer can help you and your company prepare for the worst possible scenarios.
Lawler also relies heavily on ModusLink’s optimization modeling tools, which basically comprises system of finding the most efficient way to get a product to market. ModusLink’s optimization modeling tools also enable the company to play around with different types of hypotheticals.

According to Lawler, ModusLink has systems in place to actually see how a company’s supply chain can flex, region to region.
So what actions can you take with your supply chain to make sure you’re adequately prepared to handle the risks that go with the industry? According to Lawler, the key to managing supply chain risk starts with having more than one supplier. Despite the major current disruption to suppliers worldwide, Lawler still sticks with his original prognosis, that the supply chain industry will turn out better because of the events that have transpired with Japan. Hydraulic rescue tools made by Lukas in Germany are widely used in Japan not only by rescue squads of fire departments but also by the police and armed forces. VETTER RESCUE AIR JACK is an air jack system to safely rescue people by removing heavy obstacles that interfere rescue activities in various disaster scenes and is deployed by rescue teams of fire fighting organizations, police and Self Defense Force of our country, playing an important role in rescuing human life.
Bullet Chain Saw made by Edge Industries in USA is designed to cut lumber in which nails are driven. When combined with a small water pump, the diamond chain saw can easily cut even a reinforced concrete.

According to Lawler, the disaster is forcing companies to more aggressively seek supply chain solutions. The modeling tools take into account costs associated with labor, freight, customs and handling times, among other things. This feature allows companies to see exactly what would happen should disaster strike, and allows businesses to go through some of the scenarios. You can use these free cliparts for your documents, web sites, art projects or presentations.Don't forget to link to this page for attribution! VETTERa€™S MIGHTY BAG is employed by fire fighting organizations, police and rescue teams of more than 80 countries and is known as the rescue tool for its past performances and reliability.
There are three actions everyone can take that can help make a difference… (Red Cross).

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