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Advantage First Aid Training and Safety, LLC understands and is dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients. This first aid powerpoint covers how to put someone into the recovery position if they are unconscious.
About usAll our first aid presentations are free to download & use when delivering first aid training or classes.
We believe everyone should have access to free online first aid information which is up-to-date and accurate. Similarly, casualty totals among the VC and NVA and the number of dead and wounded civilians in North Vietnam cannot be determined exactly. Vietnam has a long history of being ruled by foreign powers, and this led many Vietnamese to see the United States’ involvement in their country as neo-colonialism. France’s military involvement in Vietnam began when it sent warships in 1847, ostensibly to protect Christians from the ruling emperor Gia Long.
During the Second World War, Vichy France could do little to protect its colony from Japanese occupation. Some 80,000 Vietnamese from the south had moved to the north after the Geneva Agreements were signed. Diem fell from favor with his American patrons, partly over disagreements in how to handle the war against the VC and partly because of his unpopular suppression of religious sects and anyone he feared threatened his regime. The Kick-Off was the first step in our important process of strategic planning, a process that will culminate in a new five-year Strategic Plan for the Rossier School and the launch of our capital campaign in the spring. On September 27th a meeting of the full Rossier faculty was held to solicit additional input through both the large groups and the constituent sub groups.
We all know that the educational environment is changing rapidly – and that the status quo in K-12 schools, universities, and Schools of Education does not work. For those of you who are new to the school, our mission is strengthening urban education locally, nationally and globally. I would like to thank the planning committee that you see here, which has taken on the complex task of organizing the week to achieve the outcomes that will guide our future work. During Strategic Thinking Week, our challenge is to generate ideas and our vision of what an undisputed impactful school of education will look like in 2020, a School of Education that is innovative, transformative, leveraging our distinctiveness to be responsive to changes, and committed to and driven by BIG IDEAS.
The Rossier School has three transformative paths that constitute a foundation for our continued success.
These three pathways of activity and proven accomplishment… Graduates, Research, and Partnerships… will be the basis of new innovations in the future. Last March, as a result of a creative brainstorming session, Rossier’s Board of Councilors challenged us to identify our next “Moonshot”. To return to our work with shared enthusiasm and confidence in Rossier’s ability to have real impact on educational policy and practices. We realized that in order to have the kind of mission impact we wanted, we needed to focus our efforts and resources more strategically. We designed thematic dissertation groups and had students work with schools and districts so this research had immediate practical applications. There are 3.3 million teachers in public schools – the largest occupational category and yet we have lost 250,000 jobs in the last 18 months according to the USDOE. Last Friday I saw in the LA times, a repor issued stating the results of the new student tracking system.
The traditional model of college is changing, as a result of such forces as for-profit colleges.
Philanthrophic money is going to non-traditional teacher preparation programs: for instance Teach for America raised $200 million in 2010 alone, compared to the largest gift to any School of Education ever which was 10% of that.
Money is also coming from non-traditional providers to supply leaders and teacher development. Who we are as a School of Education is being directly challenged, as you can see from this quote from Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.
We have a diverse faculty – in multiple meanings of that term – and a rich cross-section of expertise in our faculty. Strategic Thinking Week is the next big event to move our planning forward.It will entail four half days brainstorming and idea generating sessions for the faculty members from each of the school’s four Concentration. I want to stress that your involvement in this process is not only welcomed, it is absolutely critical. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. As experienced firefighters, paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) nurses and other professionals, our team of highly qualified instructions can help you prepare for an emergency.
Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the American Heart Association, and any fees charged for such a course do not represent income to the Association. We’ve included a photo of the recovery position and listed the steps to place someone in it, however make sure students have a chance to practice. Usually, it refers to the period when the United States and other members of the SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization) joined the forces of the Republic of South Vietnam in contesting communist forces comprised of South Vietnamese guerrillas and regular-force units, generally known as Viet Cong (VC), and the North Vietnamese Army (NVA). China conquered the northern part of modern Vietnam in 111 BC and retained control until 938 AD; it continued to exert some control over the Vietnamese until 1885. Post-war, the French tried to re-establish control but faced organized opposition from the Viet Minh (short for Viet Nam Doc Lap Dong Minh Hoi, or League for the Independence of Vietnam), led by Ho Chi Minh and Giap.
When the time came, however, Diem resisted the elections; the more populous north would certainly win.
There is considerable debate over whether he was primarily nationalist or communist, but he was not especially anti-Western.

Buddhists, who comprised South Vietnam’s majority, claimed Diem, a Catholic, favored citizens of his religion in distributing aid.
The administration was caught by surprise, however, when Diem was murdered during the coup, which was led by General Duong Van Minh. On August 2, two North Vietnamese torpedo boats in broad daylight engaged USS Maddox, which was gathering communications intelligence in the Gulf of Tonkin.
I am eager for this discussion to begin about what will drive the Rossier School’s record of accomplishment. All of us care deeply about making a positive impact through our work, so it is imperative that we take notice of and respond to these changes as we did in 2006-07 when we developed and began to implement or current 5 year strategic plan.
Our five-page strategic plan includes fuller descriptions of our vision, our guiding values, and the 4 goals with accompanying strategies for accomplishing the goals.
That is, what was our next big idea, comparable to the creation and implementation of the EdD and the MAT.
We have proven that we are change agents, and that we respond to what education needs with work that has real impact on the field. So a few things to take away from this slide, in addition to our more than doubling our student body and increasing our faculty number substantially, include reducing our number of degree offerings and eliminating the undergraduate degree. We also know four out of 10 teachers hired since 2005 entered teaching through non-traditional programs.
For example, the Broad Superintendents Academy is training corporate CEOs, retired military personnel and other leaders to be school superintendents.
In order to change the public mindset about schools of education and their value, we need boldness, innovation and collaboration. In fact, close to 5 decades separates the youngest members of our Rossier faculty from the most senior. These meetings will serve as the foundation for the work of the Integration Meeting, which is Friday and half day Saturday.
Before we move on to our guest speaker, I’d like to share a two minute video clip which I think illustrates why we do what we do and why it is so important that the Rossier School of Education set a bold course and Succeed. Our students gain knowledge and understanding , preparing them for the reality of what they will see and need to do when faced with an emergency, allowing them to apply their skills with confidence. Originally, Vietnam ended at the 17th parallel, but it gradually conquered all the area southward along the coastline of the South China Sea and west to Cambodia.
In the early 20th century, Vietnamese nationalism began to rise, clashing with the French colonial rulers.
The French suffered a major defeat at Dien Bien Phu in 1954, leading to negotiations that ended with the Geneva Agreements, July 21, 1954. Hanoi re-activated the Viet Minh to conduct guerilla operations in the south, with the intent of destabilizing President Diem’s government.
The communist takeover of China and subsequent war in Korea (1950-53) against North Korean and Chinese troops had focused a great deal of attention on Southeast Asia as a place to take a strong stand against the spread of communism.
North Vietnam, had by then established a presence in Laos and developed the Ho Chi Minh Trail through that country in order to resupply and reinforce its forces in South Vietnam.
Two nights later, Maddox and the destroyer USS Turner Joy were on patrol in the Gulf and reported they were under attack. We have been successful and then some in achieving our goals, working together to use data to drive decisions, using shared governance and expecting a high touch service orientation. Joining us as facilitators, as they have in past planning endeavers, are Nancy Aronson and Rosi Barbeau.
To build it required long periods of painstaking trial and error and innovative thinking because no company had applied transistor technology to a consumer product before. Another accomplishment was to completely overhaul teacher preparation; by moving away from our undergraduate degree and taking our MAT program online with 2Tor, a for profit company.
The headlines about lay-offs and pink slips has had a different effect on educators and potential educators – they are not coming back to school, to ed schools, as they have in the past. While this is not a big trends right now, there is a bill before Congress to allow not university-based providers to grant masters level credential. We need to see the environment as providing an opportunity to distinguish ourselves as an innovation school. This characteristic is important to how and what we do and our next speaker can help us unpack this situation. That meeting will include faculty representatives as well as a diverse set of external stakeholders. Going forward, we will have a dedicated web site where people can post ideas and comments, and give us feedback. Population in the south was mostly clustered in a few areas along the coast; the north always enjoyed a larger population. By the time of World War II, a number of groups sought Vietnamese independence but as Vo Nguyen Giap—who would build Vietnam’s post–WWII army—expressed it, the communists were the best organized and most action-oriented of these groups. Under those agreements, Cambodia and Laos—which had been part of the French colony—received their independence. In July 1959, North Vietnam’s leaders passed an ordinance called for continued socialist revolution in the north and a simultaneous revolution in South Vietnam. The insurgency was called the National Liberation Front (PLF); however, its soldiers and operatives became more commonly known by their opponents as the Viet Cong (VC), short for Vietnamese Communists.
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) advised that was not the case—America had a strong military presence in the Pacific that would serve as a deterrent.
Kennedy saw American efforts in Southeast Asia almost as a crusade and believed increasing the military advisor program, coupled with political reform in South Vietnam, would strengthen the south and bring peace.

On June 11, 1963, an elderly Buddhist monk named Thich Quang Duc sat down in the street in front of a pagoda in Saigon to protest Diem’s policies. His political party, the Democrats, had been blamed for China falling to communism; withdrawing from Vietnam could hurt them in the 1964 elections. The pilot of an F-8E Crusader did not see any ships in the area where the enemy was reported, and years later crew members said they never saw attacking craft. In reading our current plan, I see the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes our programs in Rossier, and how these two attributes drive the impactful work of our research centers and degree programs. I show it not to imply that the BOC identified what our ideas should be, but to acknowledge the Board’s support for or next big ideas.
And not only our research centers have flourished, but we have 16 Rossier faculty who are not directly affiliated with a center but who are managing external funding.
Maybe not, because the latest Gallup Poll shows 70 percent of the respondents agreeing that teaching well is a result of natural talent, not something that can be taught in colleges and universities.
They will use the information from the Concentration Meetings as springboards for generating, exploring and beginning to develop our bold ideas for the future of Rossier. The two sections were not unlike North and South in the United States prior to the Civil War; their people did not fully trust each other.
The VC were often supplemented by units of the People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN), more often called simply the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) by those fighting against it.
Two younger monks poured a mix of gasoline and jet fuel over him and, as the three had planned, set fire to him. On the other hand, Congress had never declared war and so the president was limited in what he could do in Southeast Asia. An electrical storm was interfering with the ships’ radar and may have given the impression of approaching attack boats. Our past innovations like the EdD and our current faculty scholarship give me confidence and inspiration about Rossier’s future.
The Board has committed to helping us find the resources to make the next Moonshot a reality. Enrollment at for-profit colleges has shot-up up and the University of Phoenix has 400,000 students. Students will increasingly expect access to classes from cellular phones and other portable devises. We will follow Strategic Thinking Week with the Strategic Planning Process to develop and prioritize our bold ideas. It was a direct result of the First Indochina War (1946–1954) between France, which claimed Vietnam as a colony, and the communist forces then known as Viet Minh.
Ho Chi Minh led a communist government in the north (Democratic Republic of Vietnam) with its capital at Hanoi, and a new Republic of South Vietnam was established under President Ngo Dinh Diem, with its capital at Saigon. Following the Tet Offensive of 1968, the NVA had to assume the major combat role because the VC was decimated during the offensive. A lingering question of the war is what might have happened if Eisenhower and Ho had arranged a meeting; possibly, an accord could have been reached, or possibly Ho was simply seeking to limit American involvement, in order to more easily depose the Diem government. By now, all of you should know about the upcoming Rossier Strategic Thinking Week, which takes place September 19th through 24th. This strategic thinking process started at that Board retreat, continues today with our Kick-Off, and will continue into the official Strategic Thinking Week and beyond into the spring.
SONY engineers reveled in the idea of doing something deemed by outsiders as foolhardy for such a small company. Later this fall we will post to our website a summative document detailing our accomplishments from this current plan. But just in this last 24 months, the educational environment has changed dramatically, and most likely permanently.
So the MAT is assisting us in adjusting to a new status quo – fewer traditional students coming to us. Last, probably by 2020, minority student enrollments will outnumber white non-hispanic student numbers on college campuses. There will be multiple opportunities for you to give input on our new Strategic Plan as we build it.
But they succeeded and created a quality product that became pervasive and affordable worldwide and changed the perception of SONY and of Japanese products. Also California’s fiscal crisis has so severely damaged the pipeline for recruiting and training new teachers that the quality of the teacher workforce is likely to be at risk for many years to come. They were the only father-son pair to die in Vietnam.) In July 1959 Major Dale Buis and Master Sergeant Chester Ovnand were off duty when they were killed during an attack at Bien Hoa. Based on a program the British had employed successfully against insurgents in Malaya, it didn’t work in Vietnam. So the status quo is unsustainable and we are not likely to go back to the “good old days” either. The peasants resented being forced from their ancestral lands, and consolidating them gave the VC better targets.
The program, which had been poorly managed, was abandoned after about two years, following the coup that deposed Diem. However, within the context of the upcoming capital campaign we need to look forward, not backwards.

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